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  1. I have two 9mm single stacks with different ramp types and haven't experienced any feeding issues with 10 round mags and 147 rn. One of these is an older bull barreled commander Rock Island that I consider a gem considering it was inexpensive and runs really well. Almost switched .40 bullets to a round nose when the other gun was given me fits but a good local smith got it all sorted out.
  2. It's a common problem more to do with the feeding geometry than any type of mag. Google around and you'll find better descriptions than I can muster here. I have a set of 10mm Tripp mags I use for a .40 that used to have this problem. I had a gunsmith recut the feed ramp and after a fresh spring the gun was running fine with 10 rnds and truncated nose bullets. EGW makes a raised mag catch that is another commonly suggested fix. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  3. Fwiw I just got back from chronoing 180 xtreme with the flat tip from a 5" 1911 with Titegroup. 4.2 was avg 841 fps 4.5 was avg 893 fps 4.6 was avg 923 fps which is close to 165 I'll end up settling around 4.7 most likely. My gun has a tighter chamber so I also used a slightly tighter crimp.
  4. There's a choice between two pains in life. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
  5. Clinton county farmers and sportsmen's in Wilmington also does a monthly 3 gun.
  6. ...No I didn't do it. I've been reading through load data on here, and there's some accepted loads then you get into the grey area where one guy/gal is shooting something that another guy says is unsafe. I'm OK with moving slightly and slowly outside of book max loads and looking for pressure signs, but I'm very curious as to what anecdotal or actually tested data where individuals have actually blown up guns (typical competition handguns, not magnum revolvers) from a strictly overpressure situations. Has anybody witnessed this happening or even heard about it happening unintentionally? Has anybody witnessed or heard about any controlled tests where guns were intentionally blown up?
  7. Thanks. I'll be checking this one out.
  8. Everything makes sense. I was mainly interested in figuring out how consistent the timers are and if there is an "industry standard" so to speak. I take away that there is a bit of an ad-hoc standard, but nothing formalized.
  9. Is the length of the beep generally consistent for all shot timers? Do they all begin counting at the start of the beep? Does USPSA have an official list of allowed timers?
  10. For me, the irony of this discussion is that a few years ago there was one or two Olympic shooters who were disqualified because they were using performance enhancing drugs: tranquilizers. It slowed their heartrate so they could shoot more accurately. This was probably the only time a shooter has ever been disqualified for performance enhancement, and it was for the opposite effect than what we're discussing!It's an interesting question. For the small bore events where you're trying to hold to an X ring the beta blockers or whatever they use may help. I think a modest dose of caffeine is probably not a bad choice for USPSA, but not at a dosage level that would trigger a failed test.Another interesting fact is that nicotine accelerates the rate that the body processes caffeine. I think it may even be an antidote for caffeine overdose.
  11. mattx

    Tite group

    I use 3.1 @ 1.14 with the 147gr extremes out of a 34. I did a pretty comprehensive search on here and this is what most were using.
  12. Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug in WADA tested events. There's an upper limit on how much they are allowed to detect before it becomes performance enhancing. Nicotine might be the same way.
  13. Sounds a bit overdramatic to me, was only looking to see if the caffeine made your hands shake enough to affect accuracy. Overdramatic is right. I still laughed at them.
  14. Shoot the gun you like shooting. I'd really be surprised if you find you are a better shooter with a gun you don't really enjoy shooting.
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