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  1. That's why I was asking. And what happens when you include shipping charges? Personally, if I'm ordering a bunch of pistol bullets, I may be inclined to throw a k of their .223 in my cart as well for the $82.00. I think per/k they're reasonably competitive for paper punchers. Not everyone buys 6k at a time. Shipping included in prices/per bullet costs I gave. RMR > 10c each, even non-sale Midsouth Hornady 55gr FMJBT come out to ~8.x c/each or so shipped (assuming not shipping to AK ). True, prices change if only buying 500-1K at a time - guess that's how Xtreme and others manage to sell some of their bullets. Nothing wrong with trying some new brand or projectile out, which I do occasionally too, but once you know what works for you, buying in < case quantity is false economy unless it just can't be helped. I get your point on throwing a few on top of a pistol bullet order - why not? Let us know how they do.
  2. At what price? I'm seeing $468 for 6k, which is 7.8c each. I like RMR, but their 'branded' bullets are coming in at the same price or above where I can get known quality for the same or less, e.g.: http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/001532266B/22-Caliber-224-Diameter-55-Grain-Soft-Point-W-Cannelure-Approximately-6-and-000Case or wait for cabbalas or brown ells to run a sale, or: http://ammunitionstore.com/products/223-rem-55gr-fmj-bullets-224-dia-wolf-performance-4000-piece-case.html at 6.8c each (shipped). Why would you use RMR for that $ ?
  3. For 100yds .223, almost anything. One of the best buys going is the Wolf 55gr FMJ - seem to shoot well for the $ out to 100yards, not sure if anyone's taken 'em out further. Beyond that, bulk Hornady 55gr FMJBT or SPs - cases can get you down to ~7.x cents each on sale. http://ammunitionstore.com/products/223-rem-55gr-fmj-bullets-224-dia-wolf-performance-4000-piece-case.html?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=d6ae1b2fb0-Xmas_201512_16_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7093f43801-d6ae1b2fb0-424422821 I haven't really found a 'cheap' .308 load, so I just buy up Nosler CC, SMK, M118LR and Hornady 175 BTHPs and 178gr BTHPs when I see them go on sale, as seconds, etc.
  4. If you are thinking of any in particular I would appreciate the titles. Sure - ABCs of reloading + Lyman's latest. Both have good sections on the fundamentals of reloading/the why and how, etc., that are relevant no matter which press you choose. If you plan to load a lot of Hornady, their latest book is pretty good as well, while you can use online resources + various mfgr 'mini-magazines' for additional or confirming powder charges for specific bullets. e.g. if buying powder (or anything else) from Powder Valley, you can pick up a printed mag across Hodgdon/Winchester/IMR, VV, Alliant and others for 1cent each added to the order. They don't replace the loading books, but often have info on updated powders + another load reference.
  5. OP - are you starting to see a trend yet? Sure, some who have been loading for a while and now (rarely have people started on a 1050, let alone an automated one) own a 1050 may be forgetting what their first reloading sessions were like, but you've also got a good # of experienced reloaders telling you - no way in hell. Pick up a Lee Classic Cast Turret, Dillon 550 or LnL AP if you 'must' be progressive...and learn how to reload (let's say 10K flawless rounds as a good 'target') before evaluating (and thinking about what you've learned) before moving on from there.
  6. 1. How many reloading books do you have and have read end to end so far? If < 2, go do that first. 2. A 1050 + auto-drive is a huge mistake for most people as a first press. A turret is OK, as are some progressives if someone is truly cautious and careful, and starts loading 1 round at a time. Expecting to jump into an automated system with no prior experience is just a recipe for disaster, IMO. Maybe it will 'only' be thousands of rounds loaded that don't cycle your gun, maybe it will be only one of a thousand loaded too hot that makes the difference. Learn to reload before automation. Scales - Pick up an RCBS 505, 1010, or an electronic like the Gempro 250 (or higher $ - the electronics aren't all they're expected to be until you get into some $$).
  7. Perfect - this is exactly what I wanted to know, whether they hold comparable to Hornady out to 300yds/ > 100yd. For me to date, few other 'bulk' bullets hold their own vs the Hornadys, making it effectively just not worth buying others or I'd have to relegate them to 'hoser stages only.' Seems like they do, so they become a good alternate to H55grs. I'm a little less thrilled they jacked the price up by 25%, but will pick some up if/when they go on sale and confirm in my rifles.
  8. ^This. Like I said, I load JHPs for a Walther as well, and I have to seat them at 1.08 or shorter (1.075 for MG JHPs) in order to get them to plunk and spin properly. Depending on the brass and bullet profile in question, once you get them short enough to plunk & spin, you may run into some that give you the issue I described above. Seconding/thirding - just saw the thread title and was about to post the same - my PPQ needs to be loaded shorter than my CZ does....load to ~1.07" with MG 124gr JHPs..
  9. I've been in there before. Powder is way overpriced. Good price on CCI SPP though $26.95. I can't believe anyone uses them, unless their in-store prices at 50% less. 8# of Win 748 for $200. http://www.brunoshooters.com/category/powder_winchester.html Their powder and price prices were even worse when powder was more scarce. They're on my 'never buy from' list; YMMV.
  10. Has anyone shot the Wolf 55gr FMJ bullets (in their reloads, not Wolf Gold ammo) out to 300yds? Results? Results vs Hornady 55gr FMJBT or SPs?
  11. The coatings will/should smoke less than bare lead, but otherwise this is spot on - use slower powders if your combo of coated bullet + powder is 'too smoky.' I use TG + various 124gr coated bullets, including for some indoor matches, and it's just not bothered me much, but YMMV as always.
  12. I've either got an eBay $8 light strip or the Hornady $14 one - basically identical. The Inline Fab skylight setup is certainly nice, but at 5x the cost of a strip, I haven't jumped on board w/it, and the strip light works well. YMMV as usual.
  13. I would (and have) skipped the $$$ carbide sizing die, but would be interested in experiences with it. Forster > Redding and at lower cost for the seating die.
  14. What I wanted was a video of an ammo plant running like the 650 in the video below.All of the ammo plant videos I can find are spitting out cases and/or bullets or only show a few rounds being loaded. Just looking for one that runs. Got it. I'm slowly contemplating adding a MBF to my LnL AP + case feeder. Would that 'qualify' or you're really looking for an 'out of box' or out of box + tuned Ammo Plant? It will likely be Xmas or later, but if I go that route, I don't mind doing a video..
  15. Another LnL AP + case feeder owner weighing in. Overall, I like the press, and would buy one again, loading 9mm, .223, .308 currently on it. I've made variations of the various tweaks many of us have posted - for the press itself, it's mainly down to the priming system and proper timing. Polish the primer shuttles, bevel the leading edge, slightly chamfer the primer hole in the shuttle with a VLD or drill bit. Adjust the primer cam wire correctly and occasionally blow off the press/shuttle channel = very few issues at all. Hornady has made numerous changes to the priming system over time - breakaway cam wire, now changing the primer seater from a 'T' to a solid column as someone mentioned above, improved the situation further, although I think I only once ever had to pull the old ones out to blow out... The case feeder...was more work, but now happy...mostly. Timing, polishing in some WS2/tungsten disulfide on moving parts(dropper bottom mainly), extending the drop tube to cover down to the case shuttle (greatly reduces chance of tilting over rifle cases). The collator is fine, and the feed plates interchange across Hornady and Dillon. The feed path into the funnel needed more help - incorrect height on the overall tube can position rifle shells that 'jam' the drop sensor in some conditions, but once set properly - done. Small pistol cases like 9mm can jam front to back, so I cut an insert from a primer tray that reduces the front to back spacing, while .223 could sometimes manage to jam sideways, so another primer tray insert for the side of the funnel gives rifle cases no way to go but down into the funnel properly. I generally leave both in place now - looks funny, and maybe one day I'll make something 'cleaner,' but it's been working for thousands of rounds now. I do agree with a prior poster that this would be a trivial thing for Hornady to make in bulk, just a molded plastic funnel insert would solve most of the issues for a few cents...a rounded 'funnel' vs the flat front on the feeders today would also likely solve the pair of issues. It is probably worth noting that Hornady has also made silent case feeder changes over the years - original/early feeders had some issues on the 'gate opening' from the collator position vs the funnel position, so people were sometimes 're-clocking' things - this hasn't been needed as of at least the past few years AFAIK, with the newer/current gen case feeders. Short of trying to make a rounded funnel vs the flat one they ship with today, I'll eventually add a 'wiper' by making a small slot in the side of the collator, and using a spring, pair of washers and screw, or a small screw + washers/nut. I love the Hornady PM + micrometer inserts, and if at some future date I pick up a used 650 or 1050, I'd be more than happy running a Hornady PM over the Dillons there. The cost of the LnL bushings is trivial - just buy 10 packs when on sale. Like someone else said, the LnL lock rings are the best out there, and I'd be buying them for any/all presses/dies regardless. There is a small amount of side to side play in the long linkage arms, which imparts a tiny amount of rotational movement at full downward stroke, at least on my press - it has no impact on ammo quality/runout as it doesn't happen on the upstroke with a loaded plate, but I may eventually try throwing some thin washers between the inside of the linkage arms and the press, and the linkage arms and the ram/handle casting. RE: bullet feeder. I don't like Hornady's and won't be going down that path. I do have a Hornady die, and will eventually get around to opening up the collet slightly for feeding 9mm coated via a tube, or just go with an MBF for 9mm and some .223. I'd never favor the LnL AP over a 1050, but I'd never trade it for a 550. One of these days I'll probably have a 1050 alongside it, most likely for running bulk .223. Maybe I'll add an RCBS Pro-Chucker and dedicate one press per caliber - we'll see, but I'm also fine with swapping across calibers quickly enough on the LnL AP. @jmorris - I'm assuming you may have an idea for producing something to 'fix' some perceived AP issue, or an add-on? If so, I'd be interested in a pistol/rifle capable bullet feeder above all else, and might have interest in a replacement case feeder w/caliber specific bits - I bet others who don't own the Hornady case feeder might be on that one.
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