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  1. Oh yea, and besides, the original A2 sights I started with DID have a BDC of sorts. All you had to do was twist the elevation on your rear sight! Built in BDC!
  2. Have a day dude...Or as my British friend says, "fill yer boots..." The only swage rod I have broken was from swaging mixed brass. I now only buy and swage same headstamp brass. "cleaning up" a primer pocket is much different than 1st pass swaging. When I "clean up" primer pockets the swage rod isn't set as deep. "thousands"???? I doubt it... And yes, I do sort by headstamp. It's the only way to get a consistent result in finished ammo.
  3. Not a good idea... The swage hold down rod will meet different resistances as the bottom inside of cases made by different manufacturers are different thicknesses and profiles between the primer pocket and the inside bottom.
  4. That will work great, until you get a swarf clog... I get them occasionally with the vacuum flex tube, but I can usually squeeze the clog and get it moving...
  5. Mray, The Dillon trimmer is press mounted, so you don't have to handle the brass to trim, and when you set up a processing head on a progressive with the RT, you can do multitudes of brass thru sizing and trim dies to end up with rifle brass that is all ready to load, WITHOUT having to handle each piece of brass. I hate the pencil sharpener type trimmers, they take extra time and work for what can be accomplished on a progressive press, and they aggravate my carpal tunnel. jj
  6. You will need to expand the mouth a bit after the RT die anyway, so an expansion die will do so just fine
  7. Lee quick trim die does not size the case, size first then trim...
  8. Do yourself a favor and get the 1050. 308 sizing (and 223 to some extent) is really hard on the shoulder and elbow in the 650. Really spendy as the toolheads are over $200 each, but your RA will thank you for it.
  9. Like I said, with a processing head, and a loading head. The processing head has a neck die, a body die, and the trimmer. I use the Lee hand crank trimmer, but the other one made for a power screwdriver will work as well. The loading head has a powder funnel that I dump the trickled powder thru, and a seat die. Primer is seated at the usual station. For 223 and 308 3gun ammo, I run both the same general way, but use the 1200 trimmer, and a powder hopper. Because both these are run in an AR, I also crimp, which removes any outside edges. Inside edges are removed by a expansion die, as the 1200 trimmer squeezes the neck a bit much. Like you I tumble the lube off after processing, which also will remove the burrs left behind by the 1200. jj
  10. Yep, loading my 260 ammo on a 650 with a processing head and a loading head set up. I trickle the powder charge thou...
  11. https://leeprecision.com/case-conditioning-tools/case-trimming-tools/ Way under $100, and it's a triway cutter, and it's done on the press...no carpal tunnel from pencil sharpener trimmers...
  12. Nothing beats the Dillon RF for speed. You spend maybe 5 seconds dumping a tray in and go back to loading. When you need another tube of primers they are waiting.
  13. No lube prior to rolling, lube before loading, then tumble again to remove lube, you won't see the marring after the final tumble.
  14. A 50 yard zero will get you just that, accurate at 50 yards... Use at least 100 yard zero, (some use 200) and verify ballistics at all distances. Crono, crono, crono...and make a chart for all distances for come ups. Hopefully you have a external turrent scope so you can dial distances. Tripods, yes Rear bag, yes Pump pillow, yes
  15. Are you sure the RF is dropping upside down primers, as in, can you see it happening as they go into the top of the tube? If so, turn the reostat down until they don't flip. It's pretty easy to adjust... If not, it's doing it job and your primers are flipping on the press. (Which is usually the case) Once the primers are in the tube they cannot flip...just an fyi
  16. Anchor the casefeeder to the wall. It's moving too much
  17. I think saying ammo cost is the reason is a cop out, because it's really not that much more expensive if you reload your 308. Is about .45 cents a round for me, compared to .28 cents for 223...and that's using good bullets. Commercial ammo? Yea, a bit more, $1.25 or so for 308 vs .60 cents for 223. But that's really not that bad, compared to the total cost of competing in a match...so saying ammo cost isnt really the reason...
  18. Burris made one for a while, a 1x with a etched reticle with a BDC, wasn't very popular...I tried it and really couldn't use the BDC levels on the clock cause they were so close together. The Spitfire works extremely well, has a dialable turrent with yardage marks on it...
  19. Add a 2nd optic like a reddot= open division. Which means you can use a Reddot on your pistol and shotgun. And use a boxmag fed shotgun, no mag size limits on any guns. Or you can learn to use your 1x8, which is really a lot of scope for 400 (which isn't really long range, just seems like it to a lot of 3gunners that shoot in square berms) and in. Quite a few shooters use 1x4 Scopes and do fine with them. Also, a downside to a higher magnification is the field of view is smaller, making finding targets a bit tougher and sequencing to the next tougher... My open AR15 has a 1x8 and a Reddot, and a rarely use 8x...my HeMan scope AR10 has a 1x6, my HeMan irons has a 1x, and my wife uses a 1x4 AR15. Just for examples...
  20. For a bolt gun or an auto loader? For autoloader guns best is to full length size each loading... necksizing only is fine for a bolt gun for 2-3 reloads, but will then probably need the shoulder bumped. I use body die after a neck die and bump the shoulder back each time.
  21. Wow, what a bunch of fluff just to load 9mm... All I have ever used is a U die size/decap in #1, Swage in 2, and prime and load all in one pass. Never had a primer pull back problem, maybe cause I dry tumble? Technically, my one pass, manual system is faster than a 2 pass automated setup, cause I load 900-1000rph...the 2 pass automated is maybe doing 1500rph divided by 2, = 750rph to get completed ammo. Plus the twice the handling of the brass... Oh yea, to answer the OP, putting a size die on the swage station will not allow the swage to work correctly. It needs the holding down action of the hold down die. A size die will let the swage push the case up further into the die, resulting in an incomplete swage.
  22. POI will change no matter what when adding weight to the end of the rifle.
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