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  1. RiggerJJ

    RF 100 vs. Mr. Bullet Feeder?

    Personally I think you are on the right track, rf100 will decrease your tol significantly. (Time on loader) I'm loading pistol ammo close to 1k per hour on a 650 with a rf and without a bullet feeder... Clean brass, lube, one pass on the loader, tumble to remove lube.
  2. RiggerJJ

    3 gun shotgun, buy now or wait?

    There's no such thing at upper or lower categories. If you want to start in open, go for it. Mag fed shotguns will be open only for quite a while I suspect, so if you want to start in tac irons or tac scope, get a tube fed.
  3. RiggerJJ

    650 Case Chute Extension

    I've thought a couple of times about building something that holds more than the 650 hopper, but right about that time I, for an example, find my powder hopper empty and don't know how many I loaded without powder. Sucks to have to pull bullets on a whole 5 gallon bucket of ammo, but just a small hopper full, no problem... And right about the time I say I won't do something that silly, I do it... Pretty easy to pause every 100 rounds to fill primer mag, empty ammo hopper, fill powder and bullets and brass...
  4. Good grief, you guys must be retired and have all the time in the world to make super shiny brass! (Which doesn't affect pistol ammo accuracy at all...) Just clean it first, lube it, load it on one pass thru your progressive, and then dry tumble for at least 15 minutes after. Perfect ammo ready to shoot and minimal handling...
  5. RiggerJJ


    The Harris has it's place, mostly with bench or simple flat prone shooting. But where the Atlas and others with more features shine is with odd positions and the like. For PRS shooting, I would consider the Atlas a minimum requirement. You also have to consider durability, both are very durable. A Caldwell and the like ($50range) are a waste of money and time as they won't likely last long...
  6. RiggerJJ

    Confirm my case trimmer info

    Dillon trimmer is the only way to go for bulk processing. Don't need to chamfer/deburr after trimming if you use a Mdie to expand and a crimp die after seating. jmho...
  7. I clean brass before running, but find that processing pistol brass before loading a total waste of time and extra wear and tear on the reloader. And cleaning primer pockets before loading? No need... So what you can process 2k an hour? You still have run it thru again to load it, so your time on machine has doubled...so you are only "loading" at 1k per hour, the very same rate I can do without automation or even a bullet feeder.... rifle brass, different story...
  8. RiggerJJ

    Dillon lubed cases sticking?

    A lot of time the Dillon lube will separate with the lanolin forming a layer at the bottom of the bottle, even standing overnite. It's hard to see too, but it's there. If you don't shake the bottle a bunch all you will get is alcohol on the brass. I find when shaken well and allowed to dry on the brass before using the Dillon lube is way superior to one shot. I won't use anything but Dillon lube on pistol and rifle brass.
  9. With trimming and all that is involved with rifle reloading, including lubing before sizing and removing that lube before loading, I don't see any other way than to use two heads; one for processing, and one for loading.
  10. RiggerJJ

    308 case trimmer

    I don't think the RT is imprecise, that's all I use... Get a 308 trim die and try it out, don't think you will be disappointed.
  11. RiggerJJ

    Lubing 223 Cases Question

    I just put a couple hundred in a Tupperware containers, spray in 10-15 pumps of Dillon lube, and the inside of the necks always got enough that way. Never had very good luck with OS and rifle brass, always had problems with an occasional stuck case in the size die...I tumble after processing before loading anway, so I prefer the slicker Dillon lube. jj
  12. RiggerJJ

    New XL650 - 5.56 Prep & Reloading Questions

    I dry tumble loaded pistol ammo because I use Dillon lube and only one pass on one head. With rifle ammo, I tumble to clean it before processing the brass, lube it for sizing, then tumble it again to remove the lube before running the brass thru the loading head. No need to tumble it after loading cause it's already clean and no lube is needed just to put primer powder and bullet in the sized and prepped brass.
  13. RiggerJJ


    ThunderBeast Ultra 7 or 9
  14. RiggerJJ

    Versamax rebuild or retire?

    Don't use steel hulls is the 1st lesson learned... 2nd lesson, how could you have gotten by for 4 years without a rear sight for slugs in the 3gun game??? Sound like a tune up is in order, but if ya wanna buy another shotgun, whos to say no???
  15. RiggerJJ

    Your thoughts on the 450 bushmaster

    Great gun, great caliber for whitetails!