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  1. RiggerJJ

    RF-100 totally worth it

    90% of the primers I use are Winchester, they work in the RF just fine...LR, SR, LP, SP no problems.
  2. RiggerJJ

    RF-100 totally worth it

    The primers cannot flip once they are in the tube. Watching a load dropping will confirm that you don't have the vibration too high. If they are upside down in the tube, it happened before it went in the top. Take the tray from the primers you just dropped into the RF, position your loaded tube right on it at a empty hole. Pull the pin and move the tube along the holes dropping one at a time back into the tray. Keep it just close enough to drop one and move on. I'll bet none of them are flipped...
  3. RiggerJJ

    RF-100 totally worth it

    Once the primer drops into the tube it's nearly impossible for it to flip 180 degrees, at 90 degrees it would jam in the tube and not drop any further. That is of course if using the proper size tube... The only way a primer can be 180 out is if it first went into the top of the tube that way, you would see it happening if you watch the primers drop into the tube. You problem is more likely to be press related, and more often than not it because the shell plate is too loose.
  4. RiggerJJ

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    Now that's honesty at it's best...
  5. RiggerJJ

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    Need to check, but I'll bet that automating a 650 will null the warranty...
  6. RiggerJJ

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    I ALWAYS use Dillon case lube and U-dies with all pistol ammo, after CasePro rolling. Drop in the tumbler to remove the lube for 20-30 minutes and check the primers. Then into the ammo can... Lube makes reloading life soooo much easier... jj
  7. RiggerJJ

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Every pistol round I fire goes thru a CasePro 100. Nothing fails to gauge, all I check is for a proper primer, and off to a match it goes...
  8. RiggerJJ

    XL 650 case drop

    Another thought, the tube length is pretty tight between the case feeder and the red plastic. Should not allow the red piece to come out of it's fitting. If it does you may need to lower the case feeder.
  9. RiggerJJ

    XL 650 case drop

    At the bottom the tube slides into the red piece (45cal I think). The red piece should stay in place as it fits pretty tight. If it doesn't stay I would order another.
  10. RiggerJJ

    XL 650 case drop

    No, there is metal clip on the case feeder that the tube snaps into at the top.
  11. RiggerJJ

    9 major

    Do what everyone else has to; Read a whole lot of posts here using search. Get a crono. Start low using published data, and work up. Be careful.
  12. RiggerJJ

    non-competition shotgun question

    If you look at 20ga ammo, it's nearly the same as 12ga. 1oz @ 2 3/4 Dr and such. So recoil will be about the same as a 12ga, plus the ammo is waaaaaay more expensive. I would look at over/unders and use some extra lite rounds (2.5 in 7/8 oz) on a skeet field first. Why skeet? The distance shot is much shorter than trap or sporting clays, so using the extra lite ammo won't be petering out on the longer shots. jmho...
  13. RiggerJJ

    Eye Pro question

    Then get a pair of 100 dollar safety glasses. Keeping your vision is worth it.
  14. ::Whew:: We pulled it off even with having to move the stages 20 miles... Thanks to all the shooters, ROs, staff, sponsors, and especially my Benelli Chick!!! Time to rest a bit, then get RM3G going... jj
  15. RiggerJJ

    223 brass

    Not sure about volume, but the FC will have a tendency to not hold primers if loaded close to hot, even once fired. I use it for low power hoser loads...and leave it.