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  1. RiggerJJ

    New XL650 - 5.56 Prep & Reloading Questions

    I don't wet tumble, again, I find the time involved is too great. I clean (by dry tumble) 223 prior to each head. Once to get it all cleaned up before running it. And again after processing so it's not all slimy from the lube after loading... I also clean pistol brass twice, because I use lube. (I like the reduction in effort and the consistent ammo I get, it's another controversy like wet vs dry tumbling) Once before running it to clean it, and again after loading to remove the lube. (tumbling loaded ammo causes no problems) jj
  2. RiggerJJ

    New XL650 - 5.56 Prep & Reloading Questions

    Cool, I think you will like it. Disclamer; I'm not saying I am the end all for reloading, I just have been doing it for a while and have been there, done that on a lot of stuff. You are the ultimate decision maker for your set up... That being said, I for one don't think you need another press, even with the volume you do. I do similar volumes of 9mm, 40, 45, 223, and 308 on one 1050, and have gotten good at reducing press time. I am not automated and don't have a bullet feeder... Now let's look at your process, again, you can do what you want, I'm just saying what I have figured out over years of trial and error. Processing 9mm (or any pistol brass) is a total waste of the time you are spending processing it. Clean the brass, and load it. Pistol primer pockets do not need to be cleaned after decapping. One pass is all you need to produce excellent ammo. 1.Decap/size 2. Swage/expand 3. Primer 4. Powder. 5. Empty or bullet feeder 6. Seat 7. Crimp. You can run over 1k rounds an hour just coasting on pistol ammo this way. For 223, you will need to process, and end up cleaning the primer pockets after processing, but that is not the porpose of processing. It's actually because you will need to trim, and the head won't allow for enough dies because the size of the trimmer will not allow dies to be placed in the positions next to it. Also, you MUST lube rifle brass, and you will need to remove the lube after processing. As I indicated before, glock023 has the right idea for the 2 different heads used to end up with loaded 223 ammo, everyone has their own tweeks they do. For example, I use the swage hold down die for case mouth expansion instead of a Mdie. jmho...enjoy jj
  3. RiggerJJ

    2011 Open gun holster for 3 gun

    Ghost, CR Speed, AA, Safariland, and a couple more that I have forgotten. Personally I use a Ghost, most of these you cannot remove the gun from the holster until you release it by way of the retention device built into the holster...
  4. RiggerJJ

    Open Rifle red dot

    Oh, I have confidence in Jeremy...
  5. RiggerJJ

    Open Rifle red dot

    Oh yeah, I put my dot as close to my eye as possible, that way the "window" I am looking thru is as large as possible. Same for the dot on my shotgun...
  6. RiggerJJ

    New XL650 - 5.56 Prep & Reloading Questions

    Why do you need to prep 9mm? You can swaged it on your 1050 if it's mil brass, and it should not need trimming. Just clean it and run it thru the 1050, it's got more than enough die spots for one pass. I just do one pass on all my pistol ammo. As for 556, glock021 has the answer above...don't forget to use lube on the 1st pass and tumble/remove it before the 2nd pass...
  7. RiggerJJ

    Open Rifle red dot

    Jer, Some will say you don't need a dot with the 1-6s &8s, but I think it's nice to have. I run a 8moa jpoint on a JP mount. Works great. Don't need a tiny dot (2-4moa) cause it's usually used for pistol distance targets. Enjoy the dark side! jj
  8. Oh yeah, when set correctly all the primers are all properly stacked in the tube.
  9. Yea, just a tiny bit, so it picks up the primer, and goes maybe a 10th of an inch or less past.
  10. RiggerJJ

    XL650 Case Chute Extension

    I have thought about doing something for my setup, but then I remembered that the bin holds about 100 rounds, and that's about as many as I am willing to pull the bullet from if I discover that I have made a drastic mistake...
  11. Yes, 2 minutes to load a tray of 100. Ater you set up the RF, you dump a tray and go back to loading, so those 2 minutes are not taken away from loading time. You do not need to load 10 tubes at a time, one at a time is actually faster.
  12. Ahhh, the 1050 primer system...my experience with a new 1050 was, at first, a hateful time. But now, after 100s of thousands of rounds later, I seem to nearly never have problems with the primer system. Maybe it needed to be broken in??? I used to replace the primer mag tube tip a lot...can't remember when i last replaced either the blue or red tip. Removing the rubber tubing from the primer slide was a big help, but had to adjust the arm. After that it seemed to work better. Adjust the slide so that on the backstroke it is straight under the tube but just a tiny bit past is necessary, and can't be stressed enough. Clean the tube amd slide area often, primer dust is very nasty, having it in the slide area or in the tube can mean the difference between a single primer igniting and the entire tube igniting. RF100: Again, a wonder machine, but frustrating at first. Level the RF so it's plumb, but leaning forward just a smidge. Keep it turned down so that it takes the entire 2 minutes to load the whole tray, so you can eliminate flipped primers. Watch a few hundred drop into the tube. If they don't flip at the top as they drop, they can't flip at all until they are in the slide and being pushed into the case. Keep the metal top of the RF and the tube clean of primer dust, and keep the clear plastic top guard installed. There is probably other stuff I have missed, but those are the main points I can remember ... jj
  13. Shouldn't need a clear tube. Just adjust the rf100 properly so it doesn't flip primers and you should be golden. Once the RF is set right and you don't see any primers flip as the enter the top of the tube, they cannot flip while in the tube. The only other place they can flip is while in the 650s primer wheel or at the primer punch, and the main cause of flipped primers here is the shell plate not being tight enough against the primer wheel.
  14. Just proves how silly the box is... And there is nothing at all wrong with open division, that's what it's for, new innovations. The other divisions are equipment restricted for several reasons, one being to keep from having to upgrade equipment every 3 months