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  1. Congrats on your hi lady HeMan finish!!!
  2. Rock and roll time, 0700 tomorrow (Thurs)...ROs are shooting Thurs & fri, give them space, please don't try to walk stages they are shooting. I am sure they would be glad to have reset help thou... jj
  3. RiggerJJ

    Chamber flags in bulk

    Ask Ralph Arredondo about using random pieces of plastic in hot barrels for chamber flags...not a good idea.
  4. Here we go!!! staff starts arriving tonite and shoots thurs-fri. Weekend shooters register Fri noon - 5pm, late registration 0615 Saturday. Shooters brief 0645 Saturday. HeMan side-shootoff on the high-power range saturday afternoon after last stage, $20 buy-in, winner take all. See everyone soon! jj
  5. Like I have said before, there is a reason Dillon didn't thread that position. Primer hold down is not necessary because the two positions on either side of #3 hold the shell plate down just fine. Powder die in #3? No way!
  6. Only about 6 weeks out, get those apps in asap! We have a great set of stages for y'all this year! jj
  7. RiggerJJ

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    Opinions are like, well, you know the drill...and I'm not really interested in opinions on this. Unless you have actually had a primer det with a die over the case, you are just speculating. A primer is not a nuke, but they do have enough force to punch a bullet well into a pistol barrel. All I would like to know is, (and I will re-phrase) what HAPPENED when a primer detonated with a die over the case?
  8. RiggerJJ

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    All I asked was what happens when a primer goes off with a die on top of the case. Doesn't have anything to do with the cnc head, the set up you have, how you reload or your vast experience in reloading, or my experience for that matter... I realize that the cnc toolhead doesn't increase the chances of a primer det, but putting a die over a case that has a primer det is what I am concerned about. Where does the pressure/flash go? If it goes down, (which I think is the only direction it would go, but what kind of shrapnel will happen?) I would also think it would increase the chance of having an entire primer tube go off, not good...been there done that, don't want to do it again. If it goes up, what could it do to the die? Maybe there is a reason Dillon didn't thread that position... Just wondering...
  9. RiggerJJ

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    No need to insult... Had it happen or just speculating?
  10. RiggerJJ

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    Wow...so many words, still doesn't answer the question...
  11. RiggerJJ

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    What happens when you have a primer go off with that die in #3? jj
  12. And to be pc, they are called yoga ladders...😂
  13. They all use walkers for rifle rests...😂
  14. Wynn, you will be happy to know that we decided to put out super senior shooting positions. Everyone will be using them thou... There ya go. jj