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  1. I use Dawn liquid dish washing detergent ( 2 tbsp. ) with Lemi Shine ( 1/4 teaspoon ) for three hrs. your right, it's too clean, and will stick. can't be any cleaner though. I then follow up with 10-20 mins. with corn cob and Nu Finish at 50/50 with mineral spirits. NO STICKING after that. good luck
  2. I used PP/N340/Univ. for my smoke test. For a quick update, the N340 smoked by far the least. the other two were about the same. I had some rounds with TG, and as you can imagine, it smoked the most. I went from 3.4 to 4.3 of the N340 with a 145 gr. LRN. The difference between the 3.4 - 4.3 as far as smoke, wasn't that much. So if you have lots of blue lube cast bullets you need to shoot, and want to use them for a match, the N340 is a good starter for smoke control. I will load up some RD tomorrow and see what happens, and report.
  3. Well as luck would have it, I have some RD and will try that at some point here soon. I also saw the 3.4 in the Lyman. Thanks guys I'll get to work and report soon.
  4. I will brother, and report tomorrow M&P Pro
  5. thanks I have to correct myself. I have 9K 145gr. bullets ( with blue lube ). I also have 8# of N340. VV has date for my bullet at 3.9 start charge. I'm loading up 50 tonight and will see how much or little she smokes in the morning and report./ I'll load some at 3.9/4.1/ and 4.3 (max) Sorry guys, but weather is super tomorrow.
  6. I have 9K of the blue lube, not coated, 147 lead bullets. So I need to see if there is a powder that might produce less smoke than TG. I guess I need someone who has had the same experience as myself, and switched to another powder that in fact produced less smoke. All I know is my TG supply will only be used for plated or FMJ from now on. Thanks
  7. I know that a lead, blue lubed bullet will smoke a lot with TG. If you can take a second and share, what powder have your found that produces less smoke with like bullet in a 9MM. I load mostly 147"s and some 124's. I know a " cooler " powder is the right direction, but what has worked for you. Thanks
  8. I haven't used Unique in over ten years. One question is, would Universal be cleaner burning, I know it meters well.
  9. Which of these two do you use and your point of view. Of course I'm loading for .45 ACP Thanks in advance
  10. I found half a box in the cabinet that I picked up at an estate sale. Has anyone loaded these puppies for the 1911.
  11. I no longer have my 550. I sold it and got a 650 this past winter. When my first clip broke, I had about 7-8K rounds on it. I then scratched my head over the fact that two more snapped before I got another 2K rounds loaded, then the last one lasted until I sold the press to a buddy. As of today he's loaded about 10K on this last clip I installed. Who know when------
  12. Update, and yes I can't spell. Knurled knobs that came in the EBay kit ( detent ball, powder knob, bolts with finger knurled knobs, shell plate bolt bearing washer ). I have 0 snap with the shell plate. I took BeerBaron's advice and played with the adjustment until I felt I got it just right. I loaded up some 9MM's for a test with powder close to the top ( not a real load ) and ran them through with no spillage of powder. 2K rounds as of this week and no issues ------ Yea It sure is a lot smoother and faster than my 550. I'll have a few pics. next week here.
  13. voltage levels fluctuate, florescent lights, as you know stated above can cause inconsistence readings. I turn my Dillon scale on for at least a hour before I use it and turn my florescent shop light off while setting up my charge weight. Dillon adds a weight with their scale for calibration. The only issue I have ever encountered was using 700-X for 9MM's. My readings were all over the place. +/- .04. I bought a aquarium pump off EBay for a few bucks and taped it to the hopper. That got me down to +/- .01. On my second Dillon scale and love it. I run mine off the plug instead of batteries.
  14. just got it set up and now ordering some bullets and will be reloading Monday. To much going on now. I do have the knurled knobs. I got the " kit " that's sold on EBay. Detent ball/ washer bearing / knobs and bolts. BeerBaron I'll keep that in mind
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