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Birthday pics!

B.J. Norris

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Nice photo of you two! I did a double take when I saw you in something other than jeans & a Shooters Paradise red/white/blue match shirt. You look like a man and not that "kid" I met a few years ago at North Mountain. D.

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" since I met her shooting! "

Good point BJ. Lucielle (forgive me if my spelling is way off) is not only an accomplished USPSA shooter in Area 8, she is also a published author of at least one article appearing in past issues of FrontSight. D.

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When the kid gets to be my age, he'll just be satisified with a woman with a steady pulse. Preferably one that was actually born a woman.

Unless of course he's really smart and plays his cards right over the next few years. If he maintains a relationship with the nice young lady long enough, it may be too late before she realizes he's a "guy" (and shares all of our traits), at which point it will be too much trouble to trade him in.


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