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  1. I think you have to decide what you want to do with the rifle. 1,000 yd Benchrest, Palma matches, tactical matches, hunting (prairie dogs or elk?), or just a range toy. Then decide how much you want to spend. If you aren't sure about these things try to find a match near you and go observe, talk to the shooters.
  2. Brazos, very happy with both my Limited and Open guns.
  3. It makes a huge difference with Netflix movies. With the satellite it would give a super grainy/pixilated picture, and have to stop multiple times to buffer. Couldn't watch too many because the usage restrictions would kick in and they'd slow my service down to a crawl. Tried a movie today and it was much better picture quality and no buffer stops. Jake, I may have fast internet, but I've watched your El Pres videos. It is I, sir, who hate you!
  4. I moved out of town a few years ago, and the only thing I have been missing is fast internet. My workplace has fast connections and it spoiled me. Unfortunately the only way out in the sticks was dial up or satellite. Went with sat, but it was still pretty slow and would randomly cut out in high winds (which is about all the time in Wyoming). They finally put up a tower where I can get wireless internet, it is faster, cheaper, and doesn't have the bandwidth limitations I had with the satellite. Life is good. It is a small thing, but now I don't have to hesitate clicking on a photo thread because I dread the long download time.
  5. I love old folks who don't give a crap anymore and will tell you exactly what's on their mind.
  6. Sorry, man, but I agree with you. Life is too short to tolerate liars and cheaters.
  7. They come with the rheostat built in now.
  8. Heard of one guy permabanned around here for getting mad and throwing a loaded handgun downrange. Some folks have no business shooting around other people.
  9. I don't know the shooters personally, but there are ITRC teams that have used those type pistols at the ITRC and have done better than a bunch of the rifle teams. Don't think they've ever won it, though.
  10. Got the LaRue rifle in, only it took so long they changed the name to OBR from OSR. I'll try to post a range report when warmer weather comes along, I have a DPMS .308 I can compare it to. It does look nice, but pretty is as pretty does.
  11. Osculatory...check out the brain on Josh! Had to look that one up!
  12. David Tubb loads on a progressive and in one of his books he describes how he modifies his Dillon toolhead and die lock rings so that the dies are not not screwed down tight so they can "float" while not unscrewing. Sounds like a different product to achieve the same thing.
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