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  1. Another MS Classic is history. It was fun, and it was good to see all the people there that I have known over the years. Yes it rained. A lot. At least on the day I shot. Steve and crew put on another good one, this match has been on my short list since 2003.
  2. It's not a modification if it is a factory offered part, which this is.
  3. If I thought running 25 miles twice a day carrying all my gear wouldn't hurt my performance I would be all over that ha.
  4. Haha and you scare me anyway. Stalker. Problem solved got a ride thanks guys.
  5. I am needing a ride to the range all 3 days so my wife and kids can use the rental car. I am staying at the holiday inn Express in Lake Wales but I don't know what rotation I am on until tonight at registration. Any tentative drivers? Thanks
  6. I have fielded quite a few questions and thought to add to the info: You don't have to stay in Hot Springs, you could stay in the Benton/Bryant area, it will be just as close and probably cheaper. Yes, we provide lunch and drinks all day! Just bring your shooting gear and ammo. I will have ammunition available for purchase. 9mm for sure, and other calibers if I have enough advance heads up. 9mm will be $190/K for 115/124, 147 may be a little higher. Yes we still have seats available. This will be a warmup for USPSA Nationals, although you don't have to be shooting Nationals to take the class. It will be applicable to shooting in general and you will learn a lot. The general format will be basic fundamentals and drills, speed shoots and classifiers on day 1, followed by advanced techniques and field courses day 2. Thanks to everyone that has already signed up and we are looking forward to meeting new faces! We are going to have a lot of fun!
  7. Considering who posted that, I was frightened that he was shooting for us now.
  8. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Yes Tamiflu works, we have all been on it for about a week. Madeline is already well and back in school, she had a mild case, as did I a few weeks back. Later all...
  9. That wasn't planned, he didn't hit the trigger hard enough and gun didn't go bang, he was already committed to moving so he just one handed a shot and went on. Looked pretty cool, but some of us gave him a pretty good ribbing, imagine that.
  10. The cocobolo and walnut grips are plenty strong, matter of fact I have been cutting out the insides of the grips to help make IDPA weight lately and they have been holding up. Dennis makes great grips, thats about the only other option I know.
  11. Definitely go with the full auto AR-15/M-16, many more choices in uppers and calibers. Plus it is user friendly and ergonomic. The MP5 has the cool factor, but the controls are horrible.
  12. SSP = No full length dust cover restriction.
  13. This may be the long awaited IDPA SSP pistol from CZ, at least for those that prefer something else besides a standard CZ 75/85...
  14. Actually, the correct answer to the survey above is no. The Constitution does not grant us any rights whatsoever. If the Constitution did not exist we would still have the same basic rights. Our rights were given to us by our Creator, the Constitution merely enumerates them.
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