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  1. Kingman

    Ready to Ship

    I am Posting a pile of stuff that is ready to go. Check out our Facebook page.
  2. Kingman

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    We have been selling a good number of the Cheely E2 grip in stell and aluminum. Steel adds the weight and texture, while aluminum adds the texture, it may be a bit heavier. I have now put 3 on various 2011's for friends. So far they have fit right onto every STI frame we have worked with. The only part that needs fitting is the beavertail around the tangs on the back of the frame. Technically you could go without fitting this, but I wouldn't. They have a great feeling to them, and the weight is pretty nice since it is right where you typically want it.
  3. Kingman

    Les Baer Ultimate Master

    You can step up the Dawson or Techwell, both are about the biggest on the market that still will fit.
  4. Kingman

    RHT 3gun Holster

    Good deal.
  5. Kingman

    Boondock Saints

    We are now licensed to use Boondock Saints imagery.
  6. Kingman

    RHT 3gun Holster

    Thank you.
  7. Kingman

    The VP9L is coming!!!

    Ok. Will need one. Very interesting how some companies are targeting competition type builds more.
  8. Kingman

    Sales Issue - discount

    On June 28 our email forwarding crashed at some point. This did not get rectified until last night when a customer emailed us and said his email kept bouncing back. For that we created a code "sorry" that will get you 15% off until saturday.
  9. Kingman

    SSI Grips

    I have A ton in stock including 3 pairs of the brass 2.0.
  10. Kingman

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    Changed some trigger guard widths also.
  11. Kingman

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    Nice. This gun is one of the hardest to get a good mold on.
  12. Kingman

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    Thank you
  13. Kingman

    open bottom limited/stock 2 holster

    Sorry. Not on here often. Yep. Order with the threaded barrel option and we open it up. We then clean it all up nice.