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  1. Kingman

    Knife Snobs

    Pick up a Medford once and you will know. We are dealers for many many higher end pocket knives. I will Only sell what i truly Believe in.
  2. We have been selling a good number of the Cheely E2 grip in stell and aluminum. Steel adds the weight and texture, while aluminum adds the texture, it may be a bit heavier. I have now put 3 on various 2011's for friends. So far they have fit right onto every STI frame we have worked with. The only part that needs fitting is the beavertail around the tangs on the back of the frame. Technically you could go without fitting this, but I wouldn't. They have a great feeling to them, and the weight is pretty nice since it is right where you typically want it.
  3. You can step up the Dawson or Techwell, both are about the biggest on the market that still will fit.
  4. Ok. Will need one. Very interesting how some companies are targeting competition type builds more.
  5. Changed some trigger guard widths also.
  6. Nice. This gun is one of the hardest to get a good mold on.
  7. Sorry. Not on here often. Yep. Order with the threaded barrel option and we open it up. We then clean it all up nice.
  8. Tighten the bottom screw until its 1/8". That will be we're it touches the gun. Then adjust the top screw for retention
  9. Thanks everyone. Yes ours will shave off some. It is the nature of why we do what we do. We use many guns in the building. I'm sorry but I'm not filling a $1500 gun with epoxy to block it out. So cocking serrations etc will shave. I have started including very very clear directions on adjustment. There has been one holster come back that didn't get fixed with actual correct adjustment. Our spacer is 1/8". All holsters need adjusted 1/8" approximately at the bottom screw. This is difficult for most as I use 1/4" rubber washers so they don't wear out. If you have a problem send it back. I'm happy to look. Its interesting how negative 1911builder is, yet I don't recall anyone returning two, but since it's anonymous profile I can't check.
  10. We are a forum sponsor and make many holsters for most cz firearms.
  11. Kingman

    320 x-vtac

    Ok. Sorry been swamped on the business end. At area 8 all this weekend. I'll get it Sunday.
  12. Kingman

    320 x-vtac

    What do you need on it?
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