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  1. I have very large hands....and this thingy is called thumb-rest....my thumb gets rest using this piece of hardware.
  2. schmitz

    Texas Tan Line

    When this walks we call it Two-Stroke
  3. There's a translation available, check: http://savedynamicshooting.jouwweb.nl/our-cause This is what it's all about. Thanks for your support on behalf of IPSC in the Netherlands, we really appreciate your concern!
  4. Two of my friends faced/are facing great difficulties with their 9Major guns. For me it's .38 Super for an Open gun: Infinity. Reliable caliber since 1929!
  5. For shure, I witnessed his performance in Cheval Blanc (France) and Philippsburg (Germany), just cool!
  6. As always I like to watch your high quality vids, so no critique from this side of the big pond. Thanks for sharing and good luck.
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