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  1. Did any of you guys ever shoot in the Golden Eagle match near Evansville, Indiana? My brother and some of our friends used to do that one. I know one who won a Springfield M1A that turned out to be a sweet, sweet shooter out of the box! The only "big name" that I know used to shoot the match was Mr. Barnhart. There had to have been some others!
  2. I want to hear more about the money changing hands! It's my understanding that at some clubs in the 80s, there was always money on the line, even at club matches! Nowadays, unless there is a side bet, the idea of cash prizes at a club match are foreign to us around here!
  3. As it should be! Amen! If I had some fancy commemorative gun, the first thing I'd do is make sure it was clean enough to shoot, lubed, and then load it and shoot it.
  4. "Hot" means your can should be in whatever condition it needs to be in to fire. Typically that's cocked'n'locked for a single action gun, or hammer down on a loaded chamber for a double action. "Hot" is how we carry in real life! The real world is a hot range.
  5. I don't obssess over it, but I would never knowingly delcare major if it didn't make it. Jakester and Sunny ... thanks for the feedback on hot ranges!
  6. Just wanting to know how common it was. I'm getting some e-mail from some people who have shot ISPC since the late 70s who never saw a hot range. I still think hot ranges are at least as safe as cold ranges, perhaps more so in a lot of situations.
  7. OKay ... did any of you old timers ever shoot at clubs at that ran their ranges hot in the old days? If so, were there any problems?
  8. Gamer! My brother's old faithful load is 5.8gr of WW231 under the same bullet.
  9. My brother tells me of the days when the eight round magazines were for gamers! The martial artists all used seven rounders, usually with 200gr LSWC loaded to whatever was major back then. Should we blame Devel for creating the equipment race?
  10. I'm going under seven seconds this year ... I will!
  11. Today I'm going to go with "So I Married an Axe Murderer" with Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Mike Myers, Anthony Lapaglia, etc.
  12. We just don't know how to have fun anymore.
  13. Hah! The increased HHF did not affect me. My score was already below 2%!
  14. I'd better shoot it again before it gets changed!
  15. It's my understanding that my Kentucky buddies now build props to accomodate and withstand moi for big matches. At the 2003 Kentucky State Match, they rebuilt the operating room table to hold me. At the 2004 Area 5, they made sure the seatbelt on one stage was long enough for me to use just like everyone else. I think it's very cool that they show that much concern for me specifically and I am very grateful. The side benefit is that if it will handle me, then it's likely to handle just about anyone. I'm not sure what "they" might have done in the old days. I suspect LTC Cooper would have
  16. I hereby declare this classifier OFFICIALLY EVIL.® I hereby forbid its use at any club where I have any control whatsoever in the selection of stages. I hereby announce that I zeroed it today, and I didn't even do it with style. Five misses and three no-shoots. ARGH! I did fine on the freestyle parts, okay strong hand (one mike/no-shoot), and then the weak hand was a debacle. The sad thing is that I used to be most accurate (of the three) shooting weak hand only. Since I'm back in the gym and aggravating an old shoulder injury, I can't hold the gun steady AND control the trigger at the
  17. What about if someone, oh, I dunno who, just ran through the wall and left one of those cartoon-physics holes shaped like their body as they went through it? Procedural?
  18. I like hearing about the lunatic stuff, but I don't think I would have enjoyed climbing and non-rhino-recommended activities. What did people do if they couldn't get over the walls, etc.? Were they just screwed, or was a penalty assessed or what?
  19. We have a guy who is a regular at my home club in Terre Haute (WVPPS) whose number is in the low A6xx. That's not six thousand, but six HUNDRED and something.
  20. We shot this today ... I took my time so I'd get the hits. It worked great on the freestyle, then we had some problems on the strong hand only. In a blistering 13.63 seconds, I scored 43 points, minus 30 for the no-shoot and two misses, for a hit factor of 0.9538!
  21. We had a guy in our match today wearing a Chapman High Ride holster! That's old school, baby!
  22. That excuse should be a the source of amusement! But you really can't say much to THAT!
  23. Not interested. I'm talking about 170mm Para tubes made by Para-Ordnance or someone else that makes them that will hold a similar number of rounds.
  24. I'm lucky because I don't technically "need" any more Para mags, but it would be nice to have a few more to account for attrition by wear and tear and for any political unpleasantness coming down the pike. Maybe they'll make some 140 and 170mm tubes some day. Or even a 30rd for use with a Mech Tech conversion!
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