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  1. Jeff ran a very smooth match on Saturday. The stages were short, but did test some different skill sets, like rollover prone, and a 40-ish yard swinger with a rifle. I had a great time, and it was pretty nice to not spend 4 or 5 days to shoot a match. I'll be back if they have the match next year!
  2. How often would you say you notice the flickering with the MK6? Does it happen often? Not too often, and it's mostly while trying to run while shooting at low-power, since everything is bouncing around. When I'm in the eye-box with the magnification cranked up, I've never noticed any flickering. ETA: I'm using the CMR-W 7.62 reticle with 77 Gr loads.
  3. I think the answer depends a lot on the type of matches you're shooting. After the FB3G last year, I decided to start looking into FFP, as the match was very long-range rifle heavy, with big swings across the stages. I've been running a Leupold Mark 6 this season and love it for distance, shooting wide spread targets at 3-400 with the scope on 3-4X is awesome. That being said, I just mounted a VX-6 on the rifle I use for the Pro Series, because its SFP. SFP is better suited to for super-fast, bay style matches, since the center dot isn't near as sensitive to head position and you don't lose the illumination as easy. IF I had to pick one scope and use it exclusively, I'd pick the Mark 6.
  4. I'm pretty certain that I'm the mentioned 3GN Pro who ran the house twice(not like there were a ton of us there), so I'll chime in. The fault lines in the house were there, but weren't mentioned in the posted WSB, the quick brief I got before shooting, nor did they look freshly painted(at least when I was there). I can't recall ever being in a shoot house that had fault lines, and I know they use it quite a bit at the range, so I honestly didn't pay much attention to them. When I finished my first run (about 17.5), I was told I had to shoot from two ports... They had to go ask the RM for clarification, which is when I re-shot it, ending up with a time about 4 seconds slower than the first. I think there we some serious issues with the WSBs that led to the problems. As most everybody has mentioned, I want to shoot the same match as everybody else. I certainly don't want to have an unfair advantage over anybody because of physical changes in the course. I strive to hold myself to a certain level of personal responsibility, and I want the score that I earned/shot, good, bad and sometimes ugly. My suggestion is that the stages need more time to be de-bugged and more people reading the WSB before anybody is allowed to shoot them. A few good RO's and shooters walking the stages can solve the majority of potential issues, just because it's a different set of eyes than the people who designed/built them. I've designed quite a few stages for USPSA matches, and no matter how hard you try, you always have a certain way you want/imagine people will shoot the stage. Sometimes, this allows for a loophole or two in the course and/or WSB that people from the outside looking in can spot in a heartbeat. I wasn't able to make it back for the prize table, but I understand STI and the other sponsors had an awesome show of support for the sport! Thanks to everybody who made the match happen!
  5. Overall, the match was great. I really enjoyed the mix of stages, the weather (TFD anybody? ), the schedule and everybody who was out on the range, staff and shooters alike. Huge thanks to all of the match sponsors, and my own sponsors for helping me bring home my first major Tac Scope title! My take on the MG abandonment. It was different from last year, and it wasn't necessarily made totally, painfully obvious that it was. The biggest confusion comes from the fact that dumping a locked open pistol or rifle happens so seldom. Most people probably never really think through that part of the rules, and just defaulted back on last year's experience. IMHO, instead of just quoting the rule over and over, the WSB should have really included language to the effect of "I know how we did it last year, but this year is totally different". I'm not trying to point fingers or assign blame, I just really hated to see so many people get sent packing. Hopefully everybody can take it in stride, and make some improvements for next year's match!
  6. Hey guys, if you're ready to start taking the next step, check out the video I just uploaded.
  7. Jeremy, Unless things have changed for 2014, the $1300 Tour Fee included all 4 match fees. They paid a minimum of $250 to every competitor who finished the match, at every match, along with some pretty good product based prizes if you were in the Top 30-ish. For me, it was well worth the fee.
  8. For the most part, changing rules in response to innovation only stifles innovation IMHO.
  9. Thanks for posting that, BJ! I'm hoping to see you shoot next week at Steel Challenge. I'll be there bringing up the rear of the scoring since it will be only my third Steel Challenge Match (It made sense at the time when I signed up, but now I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking). What pistol are you using in this video? I couldn't get the video paused in the right position to figure out what it was. Hey Eric, It's a 6" 9MM Sight Tracker STI, built by Cameron's Custom Guns. We built it with Steel Challenge and 3 Gun in mind, but it worked awesome for Pro-Am, and it was also perfect for Bianchi Cup, as it groups about 2.5" at 50 yards!
  10. Scott, I don't think they're posted anywhere yet, but the Top 3 in Limited for the Pros was Matt Sweeney, Bob Vogel and myself. Not sure about the Open, I know they had some rain delay... Here's a little bit of headcam footage.
  11. I agree with Noah, 7625 and N320 are quite different in terms of burn rate, volume and shape. If you're looking for a cheaper option than N320, look at Titegroup and HP38. Those burn rates are very close to N320 and I've seen the same charge weight give the exact same PF.
  12. Just to throw something else into the mix. 300 Win Mag from NEMO Arms. http://nemoarms.com/portfolio/omen-match-300-win-mag-ar/
  13. How will the "prizes in main division only" rule be applied to SteelMaster? I'll already be in San Antonio on the 26th, so I'm thinking of coming down for Sunday, but wondering if I need to bring all of my stuff...
  14. Dan, For me it comes down to consistency. Shooting it 4-3-1-2-S may be a tenth or so faster if you have a good draw, but it was harder to put 5 runs together under pressure. I can run 1.9's all day long shooting 1-2-4-3-S, whereas the other way I really feel like I have to push my draw to get down into the 1.8's, and it just didn't work in the match for me.
  15. Thanks to Sheldon, all of the staff and sponsors for an awesome event!
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