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  1. I cannot speak to the acceptance part but I have been through a recent loss of one of my best friends. He was overseas at the time and I was the one to deliver the news to his wife and daughter. I try not to think about it but the thoughts of what I had to tell them is still gut wrenching. I speak to them often and try to never say sorry when they are telling me what they are going through because I know that is a word they are tired of. I feel so selfish at times for hurting when they are going through so much more, but damn I am still having a hard time with this.
  2. Yep-finger in the trigger-yer outta here! You must be really tall, I can't see nothing below the knuckles.
  3. The Brazo thumbshield has worked great for me. The swensons difficult to fit and have been known to break.
  4. Should be back late April or early May

  5. when you coming home...buttmonkey

  6. I really think that is against the law in Az, if not it should be a requirement to shoot a bada$$ gun. Did I see that for sale recently?
  7. Hey Buddy, How ya been? All is well, Im living in Dubai now doing the same ole shit.

  8. whats up shit head? Hope your doing well


  9. Martin, Thats just sick! I'm just going to show up with just my belt and holster next time I'm in town.
  10. John, I am so very sorry. Debi was one of the people that I always looked for at matches. She was always helpfull and just fun to be around. If there is anything at all I can do please just let me know.
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