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End of a Long Break


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So, after not firing a shot in 2010, and yet to fire one in 2011, I have decided I am going to shoot a Thursday night match. 3 stages, typically long field courses about 36 rounds.

Got some dry firing to work on before Thursday

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Thanks everyone

Unfortunately, we have a very big hurricane headed our way, another reason to dry fire tho ;)

Aren't you going to leave ? :unsure:


We are watching it closely, but as of now it is looking like going about 100 miles to the east of us in South Florida. Decision will be made on Wednesday

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Hey Z! Nice to see you back! I have been MIA for a bit too. I have always enjoyed your posts and insight to the female phyche! I'm on the way back too. Two new cars a new house a new fiance.... then something's a missing.... wonder what that is?!

It's my shooting homies and comaraderie! Look forward to coming back! I actually have a new trigger job coming up sans JoJo from a good friend hook up! I broke my sear spring and been dealing with a 3 1/2 pound trigger on an open gun for too long at the public ranges.

Time to develop a new load again :rolleyes:

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