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  1. The pins in the rebound spring are worthless, they're always too short. To get one of those to work, it has to be within about .002 of optimal length. Very finicky to fit. Sometimes they can bend the pin that holds in the spring. The factory ones on the back of the trigger are always too short, too. You can replace it with a longer one that you fit yourself, but sometimes that causes other problems, as mentioned above. I don't use trigger stops anymore, either.
  2. Yes, a pin sticking out the back of the trigger.
  3. Does anyone know the status of the Doodieproject Forum? It's no longer working on my computer. I was wondering if the problem is just here or somewhere else?
  4. Roundabout- take out the firing pin and spring. Make sure neither is broken and that the firing pin channel is clean and dry. You can clean it with a Q-Tip. Put the firing pin in the fp hole from the front to make sure the hole isn't too tight on the fp nose. It needs to be a free slip fit. If you have a trigger stop, make sure that the bottom of the hammer isn't contacting the rebound slide any at all when it's all the way down on the firing pin. A shorter trigger pull (trigger stop) means the rebound slide is not going all the way back. If the hammer can touch the rbs, it acts as a shock absorber and dampens the hammer blow.
  5. Hi Ed- I would enjoy meeting you and seeing your sight base. If there is anything I can do to help make sure you can go next year, let me know. Best Regards- Warren
  6. This was one of the best Bianchi Cups in a long time. Attendance was low because of Covid, we missed all our International friends, who are normally a large part of the match. Still, it was very well done by people who know the ropes. Everyone there had a great time. The prize table was amazing. Many, many thanks to the Green Valley crew, who know what Bianchi is all about, and worked very hard to do it right and make it good for everyone! We are all looking forward to next year's match, in the hopes that all the regulars may once again share in the festivities! Hope everyone has a good year in the meantime. (Thanks for the pics, Blade).
  7. Also, make sure your firing pin is .495 or longer. A short firing pin requires a harder hammer fall.
  8. First off, you can't get a reliable number from pulling the trigger. That includes a lot of variables, the main one being the rebound spring. You need to hook the trigger pull gage on the hammer, while holding the trigger back, let it down gently, then see what the reading is just as the hook on the gage comes off the frame. Then you will have a repeatable way of measuring just the spring tension on the hammer. On my 627s, I'm getting reliable ignition around 32 ounces, measured as above. The best way to get the lightest pull is to start around 24 oz. and raise the level 1/8 turn at a time (about 4 oz.) until you are getting 100% reliable. You need to have low or med. strength Loctite (#222 or #242) on the screw before you do this, so it will stay where you leave it. Once you have that, put in the lightest rebound spring that works like you want it to, and that's your lightest reliable action. You can also measure the trigger pull weight on just the rebound spring with the hammer out. It will be somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds, depending on what spring is in there.
  9. Sights, trigger, and grips are the main things. Those are the interface between gun and shooter. You can get 44 cal. moonclips now, but I don't think that is needed unless you will have to do reloads on the clock at a match. TK Custom is making them for Starline 44 brass. They will probably fit Russian, Special, Magnum, and any other 44 from Starline. You WILL love that one.
  10. Make sure that the firing pin is at least .500 long. Most factory ones are borderline too short. A shorter pin requires a harder hit to be reliable. I would go with a Wolff #2 mainspring and 11# rebound. A #8-32 x 1/2" long setscrew for the strain screw with some #222 (grade H now) low strength Loctite will keep it in place, but still be adjustable with an allen wrench. I make a small access hole in the grip for easy adjusting. All the above still applies.
  11. It seems like that would make it even harder to pull?
  12. Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.
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