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  1. Toolguy

    Round count question

    I would get another Smith. The trigger on any Ruger is way different. I think that would throw you off during a match if you had to switch over. Ruger is a good quality gun, just different. The grip, the balance, the weight are all different. I think trying to go back and forth would be hard to do and still shoot well.
  2. Toolguy

    UH-OH.... leftover part

    That is the internal trigger stop that goes in the middle of the rebound spring. They are all too short to do anything, I just throw them out.
  3. Toolguy

    S&W revolver barrels

    How many is a batch? Just round barrels or look like S&W factory or something else?
  4. Toolguy

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    A good Ruger revo guy can make a Ruger action pretty liveable, but it will never be like a good Smith action. Still, some Rugers are a viable competition gun.
  5. It depends on whether they used Federal or CCI primers when they loaded them. ATK owns both companies, I don't know if they mix primers between brands. If they are Federal primers, you can get a reliable 6 to 6.5 pound pull fairly easily. Every gun is an individual, as well. No 2 DA trigger pulls will be exactly alike, although they can be very similar.
  6. Toolguy

    686 cylinder pin keeps loosening.

    You can make your own tool. All you need is 2 3/8" square bars 4 to 6 inches long each. Put them together, one on top of the other and line up the ends. Drill a 13/64" hole about 1/2" from one end, through both of them. Drill another hole 1-1/2" from the same end through both so the 2 sets of holes line up. Take them apart and tap the e holes in one bar with 1/4-20 tap and drill out the holes in the other bar with a 17/64" drill. Bolt the 2 bars together with 1/4-20 x 1" long bolts with a thin cardboard shim in the middle. Drill a 1/4" hole 1" from the end where the 2 bars come together so 1/2 the hole is in each bar. Deburr, remove the cardboard and your new ejector rod tool is done. To use, unscrew the bolts enough to get the ejector rod through the 1/4" hole, then tighten the bolts to clamp the bars tight on the ejector rod. When tightening, don't overdo it, or you can strip out the threads. A bit of blue or purple Loctite will help so you don't have to tighten as hard, but still easy to get apart without any heat.
  7. Toolguy

    IDPA Revolver??

    Amazing photography! Very cool.
  8. Toolguy

    Round count question

    That's pretty much it.
  9. Toolguy

    Round count question

    Agreed about the rough handling.
  10. Toolguy

    Round count question

    The standard one, "The S&W Revolver - a shop manual" by Jerry Kuhnhausen.
  11. Toolguy

    Round count question

    If the endshake is good to begin with, around 10 to 15 thou., then reset it. Some new guns aren't in spec. right out of the box. Ratchets will wear eventually, cylinder stop slots will get peened. Most of the wear items have to do with the cylinder.You can peen the slot material back where it came from with a punch and hammer in 10 minutes. You can replace the extractor (with ratchets ) in 15 minutes. I usually expect 50 to 100 thou. rounds out of a gun, depending on how hard you thrash it. When it's worn out, you can put a new barrel and cylinder on it and start over. All these are a maintenance item like points and plugs or brake pads on a car.. It takes me about 5 or 10 minutes to reset it. No big deal
  12. Toolguy

    Round count question

    Depends on the frame and caliber. A .45 ACP N frame with 230 gr. bullets will go way longer than a .357 K frame with any weight bullets.
  13. Toolguy

    929 sudden light strikes

    I just seat them on the Dillon 550 till I can feel them firmly bottom out, usually around .005 or .006 below flush. No need to crush them.
  14. Toolguy

    929 sudden light strikes

    Swordfish - did you ever get your gun running? If so, what was the problem?
  15. Toolguy

    Need higher front sight.

    We can make you one.