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  1. Every gun is an individual entity. No 2 will be just alike without going through each one and entirely blueprinting it to make every part to the optimum dimension and shape.
  2. I would think you could just order the kit and not have to ship your gun out?
  3. The only thing it would take would be a different cylinder and a modified hand. That is assuming the cylinder is a big enough diameter to begin with.
  4. No. The frames are already like that from the factory.
  5. After sleeping on it, I am retracting everything I said. TK Custom is a top drawer company, and their products have always been best of show. This hammer probably is too. It should be judged on it's own merits over the course of time, not just one person's first impression. I wish them All the Best.
  6. They should have made that one an 8 shooter.
  7. The old hammer nose style is supposed to be flush and flat, the newer pin in frame style has a slight crown to it. This makes sure that no fired primers stick out and drag on the recoil shield.
  8. The computer figures out how much bigger to make the mold so that the end product is exactly net size and shape when finished in most cases. Sometimes there is finish machining required, depending on the geometry of the part and what it is used for. The S&W parts don't require any 2nd operations.
  9. In the metal injection molding process, the part is initially a mix of metal particles and plastic binder. When the formed part is sintered, the heat melts out all the plastic binder material and melts the metal particles together to form a solid part. The green part shrinks to 80% of it's original size as the binder burns off. What is left is a solid metal part. In the case of S&W lockworks, the parts are a heat treated metal that can be polished, welded, cut, or ground, the same as any other metal.
  10. It depends on whether it's a rimmed or rimless case. Rimmed headspace on the rim, rimless headspace on the case mouth. For rimless in a barrel chamber, you want a sharp shoulder for the case mouth to run up against, then a taper in the rifling just ahead of the case mouth. In both, the case diameter is larger than the bullet diameter. In the revolver cylinder, the first part is case diam.+, taper, then bullet diameter for the throat. In the barrel, there is case diam.+, then rifling, with a taper in the rifling from groove diam. to land diam. You need a reamer with a land diam.- for the p
  11. Nice to meet you, Mr. Weinstein! (I wonder if he's Jewish?)
  12. Eight shots of 9mm/ 357 won't fit in a smaller frame. They do have a 7 shot 9mm L frame.
  13. Best Wishes for a happy and prosperous and preposterous New Year to all my BE Forum friends!
  14. Thanks for showing us all that! Most people would never get to see the inside otherwise. I like the concept of the Rhinos, probably will never afford one.
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