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  1. Not to state the obvious, but it's minor. They're all soft shooting!!! Lol. (I'm all about n320).
  2. I only count extras if I blow a mag change or miss a reload.
  3. I consider the time between filling primer tubes the opportunity to double check my powder drop and bullet length.
  4. I'm not there yet. Don't really want one.
  5. Their warranty is top shelf. Shouldn't be a problem...
  6. Their warranty is top shelf. Shouldn't be a problem...
  7. Nice! I just came of the Hot Rod Mag Power Tour with my 53. Drove her 800 miles in 3 days and 1000 total last week. 350/350 12 bolt.
  8. U die is perfect for my schuemann barrels.
  9. It's best that the guy with balance and inner ear issues not run around with a loaded handgun.
  10. And they didn't even ask me to do it again! Can you imagine?
  11. I believe chrono will never be run like I did it last year.
  12. Where's super face now?! Too many safe loads these days. Where's the risk?
  13. I'm most accurate and fastest with all black sights.
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