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Coolest Thing Ever ( ok beer is better)


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Wow, I just got a prototype of a new product from North Mountain. It is a North Mountain style holder for DS-10 speed loaders. It holds 5 DS-10's and also acts as a loading block. It is pretty slick. I can't wait for the next steel match.

Check it out.


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And I just lost out on a 617 on Gunbroker by $25 :angry2:


I think you need to resize your photos and make an appointment for your next

waxing :sick:


I have no idea how to resize a picture. It tool me an hour to get them from the camera to the forum.

Computers are not my thing.

Feel free to resize them and repost.

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Dang it Cliff! :sick: I don't think I have enough beer at home right now to get that image out of my head before bed. :sick::angry2: The NM DS-10 holder looks like the one item to get this year! (with no Cliff in womens underpants) Very cool Bob! :cheers:

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by the way Cliff, that does not look IDPA legal

What? The "Iowa Thong" not IDPA legal?

Depends... :roflol:

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