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  1. I've been using a Romeo 1 on a Brazos mount for around 15k rounds. No issues so far. The dot is a lot brighter than any other sight I've seen.
  2. Yeah, Binary comp. I like the 6moa dot in the Romeo 1.
  3. Fast turn around time, easy to work with, and builds some badass guns. Couldn't be happier with mine.
  4. I enjoy the props that make this match unique and unlike any other. If you cant step out of a 12" high tire or are scared to fall off a 5' tall roof with a loaded gun, maybe this match just isn't for you. Area 3 has had gimmick props and raised wood platforms ever since it moved to Grand Island. I'm not sure why people that don't like this stuff sign up for the match year after year, and bitch about it year after year.. A large portion of the DQ's were caused by pulling a rope to drop a hard cover wall. The rope was EXTREMELY hard to pull and caused most shooters that chose to pull it to fly backwards when the pin dropping the hard cover wall finally popped out. That is my only criticism of the stages. The speed in which the activator rope was pulled on the random swinger thing seemed to have an effect on how it was presented on the first "pass." That was in the shooters control, so I'm cool with that.
  5. All I shoot in limited is the MBX mags. They are awesome and I've had no problems. I've also had no problems with the old style MBX tubes in .38 super, its just the new tubes I'm having trouble with..
  6. Nice. Hopefully I can figure something else out, but I may have to go this route. I've tuned STI mags in the past with good luck. I just buy the MBX mags for the capacity. Thanks!
  7. I'll have to try some grams springs and followers in them. Thanks for the tip. My load is a 125gr Zero JHP loaded 1.235 long. I have sent the same pictures to MBX. They say its a stacking issue and recommend a 1.225 OAL. I'm skeptical that a .010 change in the OAL will solve the problem, but I'm going to try it tomorrow.
  8. What length are your rounds loaded to? I'm having trouble with 5 different mags all doing the same thing. About once every 25 rounds a round will get jammed up on the side of my feed ramp. I couldn't get a good picture with the c'more in the way, but the tip of the bullet is stuck between the sharp edge on the feed ramp and the frame. I've ran about 1500 rounds through the gun with STI mags with no issues. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone else had problems with the new style MBX tubes using .38 super? The top center of the mag tube isn't crimped in like the older tubes. It allows the rimmed .38 super cases to pivot side to side on the rim of the case, because the rest of the case is unsupported by the feed lips. I believe these mags would work with 9mm since the length of the rimless case would be contacting the feed lips. The old style tube is on the right with the crimped in sides. It works with zero issues. The new design isn't pinched in at the top, allowing the round to point off to the side, since the rim of the case is the only thing touching the feed lips.
  10. Is there a problem with the Practiscore link for this match? I'm having trouble with it..
  11. Couldn't have said it better. This is a sport. People want to compete.
  12. I still think a loose fitting slide (.003-.005/side clearance) with perfect squareness and ground/lapped surface finish will be the more reliable than a tight fitting slide. I looked through all the old posts in this thread and it seems like the majority of people think tight is better. Nobody seems to have a good reason why though.. I think the "a loose slide will wear out faster" theory is stupid. The increase in wear over what a tightly fit slide would get has to be extremely minimal, if any. I just can't see how this makes sense.. I'm starting to think the big name gunsmiths fit their work tight just because people that don't know what they are talking about assume a tight fit means better quality and accuracy. There are a few replies to this thread of people with loose guns that are tack drivers.. Am I just a stubborn conspiracy theorist? Its killing me not really knowing what the ideal fit is. Someone has had to have tested this before, right? I just want to build the perfect gun...
  13. Yep, I think if there was any less clearance I wouldn't be able to get the slide to move free. I'll probably end up loosening it up a bit, but I'm going to test fire it first once I finish everything up just to see what happens. Might be able to really figure out if a tight slide frame fit really is just as reliable as a loose one..
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