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  1. Did they surprise you with prone, sitting and strong hand only stages in Pennsylvania?
  2. Tom E

    New Compensator ?

    Yep. My rimfire rifles have comps just so the timer can better hear them.There's not enough gas pressure/volume left at the end of a 16" barrel for a comp to work. On a 4"ish pistol barrel it's different. With Hi-velocity ammo you do have enough gas pressure/volume for a comp to do something. Lotsa comps out there that do nothing but add weight and look cool. Some actually put the available gas pressure/volume to work. Easiest "test" is to shoot the gun with the comp clocked normally, then rotated 180 degrees. If your comp actually works the difference is obvious. No hi-speed photography required. If you can't notice a difference you have a comp that's just a barrel weight.
  3. Tom E

    New Compensator ?

    This is a great example of a bad "scientific" test. It only "proves" that if you hang more weight on the end of the barrel you'll get less muzzle rise. IF you want to see what the comp does, or doesn't do, try this "test" with the comp "clocked" normally, ports up, and then with the comp rotated 180 deg. Ports down. Muzzle weight will be the same so you'll see the ports' effect, or lack of effect. A comp with effective porting is also pretty amusing to actually shoot (no ransom rest for this) with the comp rotated 90 degrees so it pushes the muzzle sideways...
  4. Tom E

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    I have old eyes. C-More railway or slide ride with a 16 min dot, same as I have on my RFPO and OSR.
  5. Tom E

    Volquartsen 6" Upper - RFPI

    ??? I have the same Maddmacs' 2245L013 comp on my LLV upper that I ran on my 22/45 Lite uppers. http://maddmacsprecisiontactical.com/lite-comp-2245l013.html
  6. Tom E

    Volquartsen 6" Upper - RFPI

    LLV uppers are a good way to go. I would suggest to be sure to get one with their "sport" chamber instead of the match chamber. You just request it. The (silver) NP3 finish makes clean up easy Same with their coated bolts. I have one with their DLC coating and nothing sticks. You literally just wipe it off. I started out shooting a Mk3 22/45 Lite for RFPO and it's slowly morphed into a "built from parts" Scorpion.
  7. Tom E

    617 -Recommend sights and speed loaders

    DS-10 speedloaders. The Speed Beez guys stole Dave's (DS-10) design. Then a .160 height equivalent Bowen rear sight, I like the WO, and a .200 tall .100 wide front FO from Protocall Design.
  8. And they're the weekend before World's.
  9. And each stage can have 5 to 7 plates and you don't know the stage layouts 'til you get there. It is a ton of fun.
  10. I have motel reservations.
  11. Tom E

    NEW SCSA Rules ?

    All round targets, except for the Pendulum are 5' high to the top of the target and all rectangles are 5'6” to the top of the target. Pendulum has two round targets that are 6’ to the top of the target. Use of a transit, laser level or similar method is encouraged for setting target heights. Targets heights are relative to the shooting box.
  12. Tom E

    NEW SCSA Rules ?

    It was that way. Not any more. You just got a classification system up and running in SCSA. Just like USPSA and others.
  13. Tom E

    NEW SCSA Rules ?

    What's "safer"? The only time you were allowed to have your finger in the trigger guard was when the gun was pointed down range where a rd fired wouldn't be a DQ unless it was before the beep. The "safety" argument is/has been flimsy at best. The only problem was they added the "off the trigger" wording.