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  1. You may want to seat your bullets a little more shallow. Slightly longer overall round it may give you the distance you need to allow the lock to work.
  2. Last year for the Postal match I shot two guns, Open and Limited. The gun I shot first on each stage was the one I was wearing at the time, So I would not get an advantage on one gun by shooting it second everytime. Ray would just looked at which gun I had one and that's the score card he would put for me to shoot. But there were no prizes to be garnered nor Cadillac for us to drive home. At the IRC's that I have attended The MD would let you shoot two "different" guns, but you had to shoot the first one for the prize table and placement so there would be no advantage of practicing each stage before you shot identified gun you wished to shoot.
  3. As everything else is practice consistancy, and you will be fast as needed.
  4. If you are getting the low threes, 3.1 to 3.3, It's ok depending on how the hits are. The low three will not spell a disaster as you can make it up with a good plan and smooth movement, not covering the same ground Twice. I learned on the speedloaders and can keep up with my moonclipped speed. One left out of the cylinder and other disaster factors are more to blame for bad times. I am not good with posting videos but will see if I can get it to facebook and link it, Wish me luck
  5. Never has been a lost brass match. How much effort do you want to put into getting your brass back?
  6. I get to shoot My 38 super revo once a month as there are a few revos come out for that. Sometimes I shoot my Open gun. 38 super Revo with a dot. And once in a great while I have a 38 Super Semi Caspian. It will fire 9mm, 9X21, 38 super and I have not tried the supercomp in it but believe the smaller rime would be a bit of a prob. That Caspian just runs..
  7. The one I would like to see more of is CS005 One lump or two. It is deceiving from the picture. Box B is one foot farther down the range. The one shot each at close range really makes you push real hard but it can come back and bight you when you don't come under control when you get to the two hits each. http://www.icore.org/classifiers/CS-006.pdf
  8. The first IRC was in a small town i California. The name escapes me now, Two or three years I believeit was held in Bakersfield at the Three Dog Range. Montrose Co. In Nevada, then to the Hogue Range, Fallon and now Frostproof in Florida. I wish to go but we shall see if it possble for me to be there.
  9. Hey Rich you will have our chance at the Rocky Mtn Regional...or are you skerrit... Hope to see you there so we can catch up on our lies and trade stories.
  10. Well it looks like I need to get into the fray. I would like a stand alone Revo match of a Nationals event, But we need to have someone do it. It is a big undertaking and the people that RO , plan, and administrate matches are pretty thin spread. Stage design is a key component. I like to be able to play on the edge sometimes so to push hard and contain enough to not step off into the precipice. It is a thrill ride, albeit short lived. Well I am rambling a bit much take for what it is worth. Roger Davis
  11. If you have any Dillon decapping pins /small / or any small decapping pin give them a try. Big hammer and mine worked fine....Well the small brass hammer actually. Just a thought.
  12. There is a difference between "Par time Stages and Pro Am stages" There is nothing in the rules about a Pro Am type stages, even though they have been used a number of years. On the Standards (Par time) Misses are penalized but FTE's are not. I hear that they are looking into it now and hammering out some stuff. The par time rule is covered in rule FTE shall not apply for any target not engaged due to Par Time expiration.
  13. Now I have had to remove metal from an aftermarket cylinder release, but let me wrap my head around this. It worked with the stock one on it? With the release latch off the side and with the bolt pushed totally forward there is still an fair amount of space where the the bolt can catch on the faceplate? It would seem that you would have to remove some material from the aftermarket release. But that is a best guess. There are two places where you could remove the material from.
  14. If cleaning a stainless 627 can be counted as polishing, then nope I don't do that!!
  15. Uhh!! Does not mean you are NOT insane, got an L frame to prove it.
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