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  1. I got one of these to replace my RF100 as I couldn't stand the tin sounding rattle the thing makes ALL the time when it's running. I've been pretty happy so far, it only came with the V2 plate though and it wouldn't feed ANY federal primers out of the box, after reading through this thread and tearing it apart I went with the shim mod, instead of using post-it notes I used pieces of blue painters tape to see if that would help any and it works like a champ now. I've loaded around 3500 primers in the last week with it and haven't had any issues. No upside down primers and no feed i
  2. Were you able to find a replacement slide that isn't a ton of money yet? I have one if you're interested. I'm not sure on the details of it but it does need some fitting to slide all the way onto either of my S2 frames, it drags just a little bit in the middle part of the slide. It's an odd slide in that it has a fixed front site that's actually milled in with the slide so I figured it would be great to just mill flush with the slide for a super smooth look running carry optics.
  3. I love my Lane can. http://www.lane-products.com/.
  4. I need to give you a "Like" on the proper use of the water bottle holder
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