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  1. Were you able to find a replacement slide that isn't a ton of money yet? I have one if you're interested. I'm not sure on the details of it but it does need some fitting to slide all the way onto either of my S2 frames, it drags just a little bit in the middle part of the slide. It's an odd slide in that it has a fixed front site that's actually milled in with the slide so I figured it would be great to just mill flush with the slide for a super smooth look running carry optics.
  2. Thanks sir, I've been meaning to call EAA about it since their website couldn't possibly be more vague in the description of what constitutes a "long slide" to them. Nice gun btw
  3. Quick question about the 9mm longslide conversion, is that a 4.75" slide?
  4. Since they have a 9mm version "coming soon" I would have to imagine that it is a roll sizing type setup they are currently using.
  5. I've been happy with the American Rifle Company rings. They are easy to mount a scope to and seem really solid.
  6. I love my Lane can. http://www.lane-products.com/.
  7. I would start with pulling the piston apart and making sure that it is clean and slides easily in the barrel ring, I found using a wire wheel is the easiest way to clean that, the inside of the barrel ring and the mag tube. Next, try removing the lifter from your trigger assembly and make sure that the two ears that attach it to the trigger group are straight and parallel to each other. The ears are quite easy to bend and to end up out of alignment which can cause some weird feed issues. The other thing to watch is the spring that is under the shell catch (the one behind the back of the catch that is between the catch and the receiver, it can get kicked off to a side which will cause it to feel kind of clicky when you push in the bolt release button when the gun is empty. If this happens you can reach in with a pick and get it straightened out.
  8. Not from what I saw. I witnessef 6 of them. 2 were from shooters abandoning their guns on a table instead of the dump buckets. One was from not fully abandoning their shotgun before grabbing their handgun from their holster. One was a safety not being engaged in an abandoned shotgun. One was a 180 violation, not a trap. One engaged a target after the marker stating where it had to be engaged from. They did spot check shooters shotgun load outs before they started a stage. I know there was one shooter that got dq'd before he even got to fire a shot because he was shooting tag ops and ended up counting out 10 rounds in his shotgun. There wasn't anything difficult and no real traps that I experienced. The stages were way better than the Kentucky match IMHO. --Bruce
  9. Previous regionals had 2 stages with long range, one is usually around 200ish yards and the other ends up around the 350-400ish range. I'm sure that this one will be more of the same. They also will run one shotgun stage that will have some slugs which at the prior matches were either at the very beginning of the stage or the end. Nothing too difficult for shots and the stages aren't overly complicated. Vegas gave lots of options as to how to shoot the stages and what guns to use, Kentucky was much more straight forward without a lot of options as to how to shoot the stages. It should be another smooth match with a great prize table. We can't wait. --Bruce Schmidt
  10. I just installed one on my rifle. It seems to be a high quality piece. I like the detent setup for the set screw so it will be easier to reset it for various loads and you don't have to use a threadlocker. There is a promo code (arfcom) to get $5.00 off.
  11. Let the hammer forward and you'll see where that piece will drop in under the cocked hammer.
  12. Bullpup, One other thing to check that I was also having problems with was when I would push the bolt release all the way down it would sort of click. I found that the front spring got a little out of place as it isn't retained where it contacts the rear part of the shell stop and would cause some binding. My 930 is the one what was having the issues that Bob was talking about, when I got it the previous owner had the same problems that you guys are having with full power slugs. It eventually started having the same problem with birdshot also. When I got it I went through the whole thing and cleaned it, polished up any wear areas and took care of anything that seemed to cause any binding. I saw that the gas system return spring was causing marring and scratching the crap out of the bottom side of the mag tube so I rebent the end of that, cleaned it up and polised the gouges out of the mag tube. Then when pushing the pusher assembly against the receiver against the return spring I found that it would slightly bind up on the spring as the spring was a little too large in diameter so I retwisted the spring at that point so it would fit tighter around the mag tube. At this time I also put a taper on the inside of the pusher assembly where the spring enters it to help guide it and to avoid the binding. I then focus'd on the shell stop assembly and I put a bevel on the rear shell catch at the top so if the lifter was able to make it on top of the shell catch the bolt would be able to push it past and back to the down position. I also polished the front shell catch that retains the shells in the mag tube knocking off any sharp edges that contact the shell. I also put a round profile cut in the side of the catch which made loading seem easier and now the shell releases just a little bit sooner. Now instead of the shell catch looking like | it now looks more like ( . The lifter arms were very bent as Bob was saying, they were twisted and not parallel to each other. I have wear marks on the right side of my trigger housing where it was rubbing for a long time and when pushing it up by hand you could feel it dragging compared to his Rythym so we had to do some tweaking to get it back into shape. The metal is really quite soft and it is very easy to bend so be careful. The other thing to watch is to make sure that the piston is clean and properly assembled. I had some problems with the bolt not quite going into battery, when I pulled the bolt back I could see the two pins of the pusher sticking into the receiver and when I took the forearm off i could see that the piston was bound up where it enters into the loop under the barrel. I pulled it out and pulled the seal apart on the piston and it had chunks of debris in it stopping it from sliding freely in barrel. After a cleaning at the range it seems to be functioning properly now. Now the only problem my gun is having is once in awhile I get a shell that gets cocked to the side and the front of the shell is hitting the right face of the barrel. I'm not sure if it is just the lifter needing some light adjusting or it if is caused by the radius on the top of the rear shell stop. Otherwise the gun seems to be running fine and I haven't had the bolt lock back or it not feed a shell after grinding, reshaping and tweaking everything I did. --Bruce
  13. I like the idea of 8 shot minor and would sure support it. One thing that bothers me though is the comparison to Single Stack and how the major 8 is still king. I sure don't feel that it would still rule the roost if the rules were changed to allow 10 shots per position instead of 8... ---Bruce Schmidt
  14. I need to give you a "Like" on the proper use of the water bottle holder
  15. Enders Game is one of my favorites as well, the other really good book of the series is Ender's Shadow, it tells the story in the same time frame but from the point of view of Bean. It is quite good as it offers a different perspective on the story that is fresh and entertaining. At the end of the audiobook for Ender's Shadow Orson Scott Card talks about eventually making Enders Game into a movie and he discovered that it would be possible to do a good film if he kind of combines the two books as the story in each one is pretty much from an individual perspective... "The enemy's gate is down"
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