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  1. GunCat

    Choke Madness (Noob)

    Carlson choke tubes are good. Here is another source of Tru-choke tubes: https://trulockchokes.com/. (By looking at that name you can probably figure out where this style of tube got its start)
  2. This little tip of the shell stop, is it broken off?
  3. Any variation in the tolerance of the trigger pin and hammer pin locations could cause the sear to release early or the disconnector to not hold. Take the trigger group out of the gun. Pull the trigger while restraining the hammer so the hammer goes forward. Now hold the trigger back and manually recock the hammer. Does the disconnector hold the hammer cocked as long as you keep the trigger pulled back? Slowly release the trigger and let it move forward. When the disconnector lets go of the hammer does the sear catch the hammer in the cocked position, or does the hammer go forward as in firing?
  4. GunCat

    Pro Am

    Co-Match Directors Brian Nelson and David Power
  5. The M2 and Stoeger barrels are not interchangeable.
  6. GunCat

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    MOA Lightning Lifter in my Benelli M2 https://youtu.be/vg5Sre5BB0I
  7. GunCat

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    I'll try to do a comparison of the two when I am in the shop tomorrow. As far as the 120 degree expansions on your mag tube...If that is a factory design it is recent change, I've not seen that on any previous M3000 tubes. (Thomas Hart at MOA Precision would likely know the details)
  8. GunCat

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Barrel mystery solved...this is a M2000 barrel. How do I know? Because we have a M2000 in the shop now with exactly the same lug recess failure. So Kurt, I don't how common this failure is, but we know it happened at least twice.
  9. GunCat

    "Benelli Click" Cause?

    Normal....just like easing the slide forward on a 1911 or slowly closing the bolt on an AR will keep those guns from going fully into battery The gun's action was design to work at a certain speed so turn loose of the bolt and let the springs do their thing.
  10. GunCat

    FN SLP not chambering

    If the feeding issues coincided with the lifter modification that may be a good plan. When that U in the lifter is filled in that changes the shell feed angle (raises the shell more) - so the modified end of the lifter is generally bent to accommodate. If you have CRUMS modify the factory lifter he will make the proper adjustments.
  11. GunCat

    FN SLP not chambering

    That bent lifter lip...was it bent / curved down ? With the trigger group installed is the lifter centered in the receiver? (Verify that the lifter has not become bent to one side) Have you changed the brand of shells you are using? Do your shells have a smooth, nicely rounded crimp - or is the crimp end of the shell slightly bulged like mushroom? (Avoid shells that bulge at the crimp) Does the extractor cut in the chamber have a sharp edge? (Lightly smooth off the sharp edge if present)
  12. GunCat

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    I've had a HK imported gun for years that has done stellar service on the range, field, and duck blind. The SBE should run decent quality 1200 fps 1 1/8oz loads. The SBE lifter is longer than the M2 part, the mag tube extension is the same as the M2. The usual 3 Gun mods (port, extended lifter, oversize controls, etc.) can be done on the SBE if you want to do so.
  13. GunCat

    Spare Parts?

    Part I have replaced for shooters while out on the range. (Over the several years, some only once in those years, some parts were just dropped or knocked off and lost) Magazine spring Magazine follower Lifter spring Shell latch Shell latch spring Shell latch pin Firing pin retainer pin Firing pin spring Bolt release button Bolt handle Front sight bead insert D clip spring from the trigger group bushing Trigger group pin Recoil pad 99.8% of the time a magazine spring and bolt handle will be the most used fix-it in your kit.
  14. And they must disintegrate in mid air cause you don't ever find them where they should have landed. ?
  15. A 10 round magazine is still longer than a 24" barrel, and not a problem...but I'm thinking you will really like the 12 rd capacity (unless your matches include a lot of tight spots to get into/out of)