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  1. GunCat

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    I've had a HK imported gun for years that has done stellar service on the range, field, and duck blind. The SBE should run decent quality 1200 fps 1 1/8oz loads. The SBE lifter is longer than the M2 part, the mag tube extension is the same as the M2. The usual 3 Gun mods (port, extended lifter, oversize controls, etc.) can be done on the SBE if you want to do so.
  2. GunCat

    Spare Parts?

    Part I have replaced for shooters while out on the range. (Over the several years, some only once in those years, some parts were just dropped or knocked off and lost) Magazine spring Magazine follower Lifter spring Shell latch Shell latch spring Shell latch pin Firing pin retainer pin Firing pin spring Bolt release button Bolt handle Front sight bead insert D clip spring from the trigger group bushing Trigger group pin Recoil pad 99.8% of the time a magazine spring and bolt handle will be the most used fix-it in your kit.
  3. And they must disintegrate in mid air cause you don't ever find them where they should have landed. ?
  4. A 10 round magazine is still longer than a 24" barrel, and not a problem...but I'm thinking you will really like the 12 rd capacity (unless your matches include a lot of tight spots to get into/out of)
  5. Its been a while since I looked inside a left handed VM, but IIRC its just like the left handed Benelli M2. Take the bolt and trigger group out of the receiver. Look inside the receiver and you should see a slot in the receiver wall near the bottom of the pin. The slot contains a clip that retains the shell latch pin. Remove the clip with a small hooked wire or pin. Push the pin down and out (bent paper clip worked into the bolt raceway)
  6. https://www.mackspw.com/Nordic-MXT-Benelli-20-Ga-Extension-Nut
  7. Which coupling nut do you need?
  8. I don't know what the supply issue "was"...but now Brownells and Midway (only places I checked) have all lengths of tubes in stock.
  9. GunCat

    Benelli failure to feed

    At this point its hard to tell without the gun in hand. Try that new trigger group and let us know. Being a HK M1 the original could have some wear given the guns age. We once had in a HK SBE with enough wear in the aluminum trigger group that the hammer spring cap was occasionally get past the tab on the drop lever. (That gun exhibited A LOT of wear and use all over)
  10. GunCat

    Benelli failure to feed

    Can you post a video? Make sure the gun's chamber is empty. Cycle the bolt to cock the hammer. Load a shell in the mag tube. With the gun pointed in a safe direction (yeah its unloaded, but we aint taking chances) pull the trigger to let the hammer fall and lets see what happens with the cartridge drop lever.
  11. GunCat

    Benelli failure to feed

    Kurt, He mentioned that he can trip the Cartridge Drop Lever manually and shells will exit the tube. If assembled incorrectly (which happens frequently) it would not feed any shells from the tube would it?
  12. GunCat

    Benelli failure to feed

    Part #19 on this schematic. When the hammer falls the hammer spring cap should engage that little protrusion of metal on top of part 19 (Cartridge Drop Lever). This causes the same movement and release of the shell latch that is going on when you manually depress the lever. Perhaps your Cartridge Drop Lever is damaged
  13. GunCat

    Flush mount QD sling mounts for shotguns

    We use the Noveske QD sockets: https://www.noveske.com/products/flush-qd-sling-mount These require a 1/2" hole. Fitting into the forearm may take some modification.
  14. The hammer spring bushing should not be able to get beyond the cartridge drop lever with the pin bushing and D spring installed. That may the cause of the lifter timing and letting the shell rim hang (shell lifter movement delayed as shell exits the magazine tube). I have seen this issues once before, but in that case it was a well worn, well used SBE with the aluminum trigger group housing. The hole for the hammer spring and bushing had worn to the point that the spring bushing was moving side to side allowing the bushing to move past the tip of the cartridge drop lever when the the hammer fell. A new trigger group housing fixed the issue....but I do not expect your housing has worn to that extent. Try the new hammer spring bushing when you get it and lets see if that fixes the issue of the parts getting past the tip of the cartridge drop lever.
  15. GunCat

    TTI Bolt Release Info

    Not “required” per se, but the larger bolt release will stay in place (tighter) better and sit a little closer to the side of the receiver if you remove that small dome on the factory bolt release button. You will also need to remove a small amount of material is from the trigger group housing to allow the TTI safety to fully engage.