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  1. Search for " 2019 Rockcastle 3 Man 3 Gun ". (The match is full and registration is closed)
  2. Gene, Your 590 barrel can be threaded for the standard Mossberg Accu-Choke tubes. More details sent via P. Message
  3. Yes, the after market bolt handles for the M2 will work in the SBE2. (the bolt carrier is the same part in both guns). Same with large bolt release buttons and tabs (some will require drilling and tapping the factory release - the RNT part does not require any alteration to the factory release)
  4. True. Good looks are important, but in this instance capacity is more importantner. Too much magazine capacity is rarely an issue in this game.
  5. Brownells is showing 1 +8B in stock tonight
  6. https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/shotgun-sling-mounts/remington-sling-mount-prod12519.aspx
  7. Contact Roth Performance (link in my first post) to ask if they can export the parts.
  8. The follower is starting to jam in the aluminum area where the magazine tube meets the receiver. Likely a bit too much metal was removed from the receiver when the port was opened, and with use more metal has worn away. If not corrected eventually the follower and spring will push into the receiver. Roth Performance sell a connector and captured follower that solves this problem. Other fixes include installing a set screw through the receiver and magtube to stop the follower before is exits into the receiver.
  9. Carlson choke tubes are good. Here is another source of Tru-choke tubes: https://trulockchokes.com/. (By looking at that name you can probably figure out where this style of tube got its start)
  10. This little tip of the shell stop, is it broken off?
  11. Any variation in the tolerance of the trigger pin and hammer pin locations could cause the sear to release early or the disconnector to not hold. Take the trigger group out of the gun. Pull the trigger while restraining the hammer so the hammer goes forward. Now hold the trigger back and manually recock the hammer. Does the disconnector hold the hammer cocked as long as you keep the trigger pulled back? Slowly release the trigger and let it move forward. When the disconnector lets go of the hammer does the sear catch the hammer in the cocked position, or does the hammer go forward as in firing?
  12. Co-Match Directors Brian Nelson and David Power
  13. The M2 and Stoeger barrels are not interchangeable.
  14. MOA Lightning Lifter in my Benelli M2 https://youtu.be/vg5Sre5BB0I
  15. I'll try to do a comparison of the two when I am in the shop tomorrow. As far as the 120 degree expansions on your mag tube...If that is a factory design it is recent change, I've not seen that on any previous M3000 tubes. (Thomas Hart at MOA Precision would likely know the details)
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