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  1. And how many are bone stock, running stock mags with stock ammo? We’re talking about LEO firearms in this discussion. Most departments are required to run their firearms in stock configuration; one for liability reasons but also because they don’t have anyone with the ability to truly work them over. That’s why I said pretty clearly “maybe custom or tuned 2011”. I’d never carry a 2011 by choice as my duty gun, mainly because of the weight and bulk. Having said that, I’d trust my custom 6” Limited gun with 1.180 ammo, my clean tuned STI mags with gram followers any day over my current duty weapon (even though it hasn’t given me issues yet). But a bone stock STI, with stock feed lip STI mags, and stock OAL ammo? There’s quite a few other more user friendly, reliable, easier to maintain firearms that I’d rather have.
  2. STI’s aren’t the mot popular gun in competition, maybe custom built/tuned 2011’s but not stock STI’s. There’s a reason why guys spend $4k+ on a custom built 2011, $125-150 on tuned magazines, load or order custom ammo with longer OAL, case gauge all their ammo (atleast for majors), throw new springs in the gun/magazines before majors, tear their mags apart and clean them after every stage, and many other small little things that comp shooters do that the average LEO just doesn’t do or even understand. There are threads upon threads, of people having issues with their stock STI’s, and quality control issues with their STI pistols or parts. It’s going take some time before the masses consider them a reliable stock pistol. And even at that, you have to consider the biggest issue. The weight and mass of a 2011. The coolness will start to fade the more 12 hour shifts you have to carry that extra weight and that extra mass fitting into an already tight patrol car.
  3. From someone that competes/loves my custom 2011 and carries a gun for a living. I don’t understand the desire to care a 2011 as a duty gun, but to each his own.
  4. If you were to machine the receiver to accept the Ethos oblong button vs the M2 round button, could you run a 2 piece ethos latch in a M2? I see in ROTH’s custom M2 receiver, you can run either, but not sure if there’s other mods going on.
  5. Can anyone else name a 3 gun dedicated/directed shotgun (factory or gunsmith built) advertisement that doesn’t show a picture of the loading port? Good job Beretta! “We have this much bigger and better loading port...... but we don’t we show you”
  6. jrbet83

    Shadow 2 Magwell

    Other than Springer, does someone make one that allows you to run factory length grips? I’d get the Springer, but they state it only works with their base pads and not interested in running their base pads.
  7. Still working on it, it’s headed back to him in the next few days.
  8. So spend $300 on a race trigger job and then turn around and spend another $170 on a hammer, sear and disco? So essentially paying $300 to put springs in it and a little polishing?
  9. So it looks like the consensus is, it’s not good lol. Now what do I do about it? The Smith wants to ship it back to him, which is commendable and the costumer service/communication has been good. My concern is that it’s pretty obvious (through messages) he thinks it’s a good trigger job and even referred to SA as crisp when he finished it. Being that when I sent him the gun, I asked for the best production gun possible, all the bells and whistles and put no financial limitations on him. I’m worried, if he’s already sent me the best he can do, why waste more time giving him another shot? I’ve brought up the idea of discussing a refund (minus parts), which I thought was fair. He’d be out no money, but he didn’t seem to keen to that. Am I being unreasonable? What would you do/suggest? Send it back, ask for some type of refund or eat the $300?
  10. Paid a reputable smith to do his top tier, full race trigger job, with my number one priority being a crisp SA. Here’s two videos showing the trigger. Personally I think it’s worst in person than in videos, but hope to get some feedback on realistic S2 trigger expectations. First video shows slow trigger pulls, second shows quicker ones, to show it’s not just when you’re babying the trigger. Also I realize that the first part of the trigger movement is the take up (which I feel is slightly more it should be with a hand fitted short reset disconnector, but’s that’s not much a concern for me). https://streamable.com/m0kql https://streamable.com/y8muc
  11. Any recommendations on someone who can remove the wearing factory finish and put a finish on my Ti carrier?
  12. Can some example the difference in these two set ups? https://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-sp-01-shadow-2-carry-optics-23-1-complete-magazine-kit/ https://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-sp-01-shadow-2-carry-optics-3-gun-6-magazine-kit/
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