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  1. I just started reloading last October and working on a load for my CZ S2. I am loading 147g BBI coated bullets 1.08 OAL with 3.2g or titegroup which seems like a common recipe on here. I have loaded about 3k rounds so far and ran about half of them through my S2 and a SP-01 S1. They all fired well and seem pretty easy to shoot compared to the factory ammo I have used in the past. I finally got a chronograph and tested a few of the rounds and found my PF to be a little high and would like to lower it some but have a few questions on what the best approach would be. I s
  2. What he said^^^ I too have a SP-01 Accushadow with a full CZC trigger job I had built for CO. I also have a box stock Shadow 2 I use for 3 gun. While the trigger on the SP-01 is amazing the factory S2 is still really nice. I am planning to do the upgrades 2morechains listed above this winter to my S2.
  3. I read somewhere the chambers on Gen 5 glocks are tighter than prior gens so make sure you plunk test whatever round you plan to load. I know the chamber on my Gen 5 G19 loads about the same length as my CZ S2 with a 147g BBI at 1.08 and the chamber on my Gen 3 G17 will fit that same round out to 1.012.
  4. I am trying to sort this mess out now with a 750XL and a Lee APP. If a 1100 is in you budget that is the way I would go for sure and would have probably gotten one if I understood the process better when I was shopping. I have the RCBS small base sizing die and like it a lot I sized 500 cases and every single one gauged correctly. Don't try it without case lube and One Shot is NOT case lube, I tried it despite reading about it and first case I tired got stuck. I then made my own with lanolin and 99% alcohol and ran 500 without one stuck case. Without supporting the shell plate
  5. The Beretta 1301 Comp Pro is a buy once cry once deal and really shouldn't be compared to the rest but that looks like a REALLY nice shotgun! If you are considering that level of a gun I would probably put the Benelli M2 on your list to at least take a look at. I think the recoil management on the 1301 is something to consider. Also consider you will still need some mods like an extended mag tube and possibly some work to further open up the loading port. At that point something like the $1895 Benelli from Hawkeye Ordnance would be a better deal IMO. That being said,
  6. Well considering I only got started reloading during this entire mess, and obviously did not stock up beforehand, I am making due even with the inflated prices. I got another 1400rds loaded this week with my wife and I plucking 100 SPP at a time from my LGS. unfortunately that well finally ran dry this weekend. It couldn't have come at a better time as I was down to 300rds. Considering I had to buy mixed brass and all my components since October I am still only around .20 a round to reload: .035 per case, .073 BBI bullets, .08 primer, .01 TG powder. With the cheapest 9mm factor
  7. It's still WAY better than $250/1k on GB!! I'm not bitching and unfortunately I believe it will be the new normal for awhile at least, especially after yesterday. I just wish I could by 10k and be done for awhile. I only started reloading in October so I am new to this. If we ever get to the point that you can buy in bulk online again I will for sure keep a good stock on hand. So they had 2 full racks like that when I took that pic they are down to just one shelf and most of the SPP are gone with just a few Federal SP magnums left. I have been going everyday and sending my wif
  8. So they did let me buy 100 SPP and 100 SRP and I will be back tomorrow lol. Slow process but I did get enough this week to load some 9mm this week which I really needed. I keep thinking they will be gone the next time I am there but they loaded up a third shelf full of them.
  9. I am not having much luck with swaging on the APP. I have run a few hundred cases through and I can get all the primer pockets to gauge with a BA tool but some of them are still tight and difficult to prime when you go to reload. The press is flimsy and the lower spring loaded swage part fills up with brass shavings and start to stick leaving tight pockets and having to stop take it apart and clean it. I am thinking of using the Swage kit upper die with anvil from Lee in the toolhead to support the shell plate and trying a swageit underneath on my 750xl. Anyone have
  10. Looks good and if I decide to keep using the APP it will be my next mod
  11. I have both the APP and a swage it and neither are working all that great. I am in the process of setting up a new toolhead for the 750 to process rifle brass with using a RT1500. I wanted to use the Swageit and avoid using the APP all together. I have tried both and using either of them is still leaving very tight primer pockets that are difficult to primer leaving a little half moon on the edge as a result. I am gauging all my primer pockets with a BA go no go gauge too and they pass. I am thinking of setting up the 750 with the Lee Swage it decapping die on station #1
  12. I thought about that today but I am good on SRP right now and don't want to be greedy. I have more SRP primers than brass and bullets right now and plenty of loaded rifle ammo to wait this out a little longer.
  13. This is today at my LGS! This is a restock too they started putting them out last week. They have everything on that shelf SPP LPP SRP LRP BR-41 Fed and CCI!! There was another shelf full of CCI No 500 SPP too! Still only 100/day but hey they at least have them. I have my wife neighbors and friends all stopping lol!
  14. CO is carry optics a class for guns with dot optics and hi cap mags. Loading data https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=89 Better yet this site is a great resource IMO http://www.natoreloading.com/9mm/
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