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  1. Thanks Miranda you may be on to something with the shell plate adjustment and I am going to look into that tonight. I ran some more rounds last night after pulling the seating die out and cleaning it. I don't have a bit small enough to fit inside the die opening to polish out the machine marks. I did get most of the brass shavings to stop though by setting up the die with a round in it. I took an existing round that measure 1.080 and put it in and screwed the die down till it just touched the case then backed it out a few turns. I then turned the seating plunger down till it j
  2. ML123

    Max capacity 140mm

    Im still figuring it out and appreciate the response lol The p09/p10 mags fit the larger tactical sport frame and not the S2 or SP-01 correct? I am planning to tackle this project again and would like to get 22 with a working slide stop by modifying the factory followers.
  3. ML123

    CZ SP01 Production

    I am actually doing that same swap, actually CZC is doing it. I lucked out and bought a complete Accushadow slide from Stuart. I ended up sending him the rest of the gun to mod and build and hopefully will have it back in the next few weeks. I asked him about converting it to a non FPB model and he said it was no big deal and all that needed done was removal of the firing lifter lever.
  4. Well from someone who has none, if I could buy them from someone here for $125/1k I would have happily done so. I am out of ammo. I wasn't shooting or reloading whenever we had these shortages in the past. I kept 1k-2k rounds on hand which was plenty for someone who only shot 1k-2k a year yet alone a month! But then I decided to try a 3 gun match, lol I bought reloading equipment this month to load for this reason otherwise I was perfectly happy with Fed syntech 135g for $234 shipped to my door!!! Even at $0.13/primer it is still less than .
  5. Good luck, I just got started reloading this month and bought my Dillon 750 at the beginning of Sept with plans to load 9mm and 223. I started collecting materials in August when I realized I was not going to make it through this season with my 9mm stocks. I am glad I did too, and have really enjoyed the experience so far other than trying to find stuff. Your list similar to mine. I also went with Lee Dies as they were the only ones I could find but I seem to be having issues getting the 9mm seating die to work correctly. I just ordered a Dillon seating die for 9mm which they l
  6. I am having the same issue with 147g BBI bullets on a DIllon 750 with Lee die set. I don't believe its the bullet I think is has to do with the Lee seating die and using a flat nose bullet. I posted about this in a couple of other threads looking for direction so please post what you end up finding.
  7. I am using Lee Dies in a Dillon 750 simply because Lee was the only 9mm die set I can find available to buy these days. I am having the same issue as OP with brass shavings everywhere and I did the same thing playing with the flare size on the dillon powder die to try and fix it. I am also having issues with OAL being nowhere near consistent which I don't understand. I called Dillon and was told 10-15 thou was acceptable when using mixed brass casings? I just loaded my first 100rds and my OAL is all over the place as low as 1.070 all the way to 1.094. My crimp will range .375-.
  8. I got 15 rounds loaded last night and took them to the indoor range today and fired 10 of them. All 10 fired and cycled without issue and are a lot easier to shoot than the factory Fed Syntech 135g. I did not get to chrono them at an indoor range and they had a CCW class there with all other lanes booked, fortunately a nice gentleman and the RO let me squeeze in to shoot the 10 rds so I was in and out fast. And of course I now have more questions lol! My current set up: BBI 47g coated bullets, mixed once fired range brass, 3.2g Titegroup, CCI small pistol primers, 1.
  9. I am just getting started in reloading due to ammo shortage and prices. The Primer issue has been a big one but even at ridiculous prices it is still way cheaper than buying factory 9mm at over sixty cents a round! I have been able to get small rifle and small pistol at a local shop at a little more than normal prices. You can only buy 1k at a time and I go every week when they get new supplies in. So far I have managed to get 3k small rifle mag, 1k small rifle, 1k small pistol in APS strips lol. I sold 2k of the small rifle mag at GB prices and turned around and bought 1k smal
  10. A new SP-01 manual safety will come with two 19rd magazines that are different than the 3 MecGar 17rd tubes that come with a Shadow 2. The magazines are interchangeable but if you plan to run aftermarket baseplates or extensions on them you will want the MecGar 17rd mags and not the CZ ones that come with the SP-01. The tubes are longer on the CZ mags and wont fit flush with the grip base if using an extension or aftermarket baseplate. IMO the MecGar mags are nicer than the CZ ones.
  11. How are you making out did you find any primers?
  12. I went back and re-read mos of that thread since I read it before I decided I was going to get into reloading. I went out and checked my Dillon and yeah if you only pull the handle 1/3 of the way it can reset and double charge. Thanks for the advice and I will probably only load one at a time on the shell plate. I may switch to N320 too, it seems to have good reviews and cleaner than TG plus much harder to double charge.
  13. Yeah, I read that post and his situation is very similar to mine. I was perfectly happy buying Fed Syntech!!! I am aware of the issues and thought about getting a different powder to start but already have the TG and it has been difficult to even find some of the other powders. I am loading on a new Dillon XL750 I posted a pic in my thread on asking advice. Honestly, I dont see how you can even double charge a round on an auto indexing progressive press? I plan to go slow and watch everything and individually feed the bullets. I am planning to only run 100 rounds t
  14. Thanks yes Darrell's (?) data is very handy! I hope to get a few rounds loaded this weekend and appreciate the advice.
  15. Thanks Muncie21, I do plan to chrono the rounds but I dont have one currently. I have a 3gun match tomorrow and was hoping to have a few rounds done to take with me to test and chrono since they will have one there but my schedule isnt going to allow that to happen today. I did get my presses mounted and the Dillon mostly set up on a bench in my garage/shop. I may build a dedicated reloading room in my basement this winter. I have to install the dies and adjust them. I am using Lee dies since the Dillon ones have been on BO for awhile now. I just read somewhere tha
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