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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have a S2 on the way will now have two CZs lol. The S2 just really fit my hand well and honestly think I will like the thin grips. I cant wait to get it and shoot it. I am probably going to keep the SP-01 too and may modify it and do the CGW pro kit with trigger upgrade. I will try and post some pics of the differences with my hand and how they fit. The gun shop I went to had a SP-01, S2 and TSO and I had all three to handle at the same time and the S2 really fit my hand that much better.
  2. ML123

    CZ 75 SP-01 trigger pull

    Thanks, I have small hands and ended up finding a Shadow 2 to get my hands on and bought a new one, lol. It just fits my hand that much better than the SP-01 ever will. I am able to really grip the gun and the trigger location is perfect. On the S2 I don't have to break grip to hit the mag release which even with the S2 mag release in the SP-01 I think I would still have trouble getting my short thumb around to hit it. The S2 is the best double stack gun I have ever had in my hands even better than the Walthers which always seem to fit well for me. I also looked at by the time I added Dawson sights, CGW pro kit with trigger and shorten reset etc, S2 mag release and extended safety, I was going to have the same amount of money into the SP-01 as a new S2 but still not have the ergonomics of the S2 frame, the longer slide or the lack of a FPB. So it just made sense even though as a new shooter I wasn't looking to get into a full blown competition gun and wanted to stay under $1k on the budget. For the price of a S2 what you get seems like a real bargain IMO, at least that is what I am trying to convince my wife of along with the reason why I now need to have two CZ's lol! I still have the SP-01 and haven't even fired it yet. I may just keep it to tinker with which I do enjoy doing. I have spent a ton of time reading through your posts kneelingatlas thank you for all the valuable info you have shared.
  3. I agree I had one of those in my hands the other day and it does fit well with smaller hands.
  4. I posted about this in the CZ section. I got the SP-01 and yes it fits my hand much better than a Glock but no where near as well as a Shadow 2. I was going to mod the Sp-01 but by the time I was done with it I would have had the same money into it without the ergonomics of the S2 so I am again upgrading.
  5. I would be a size 7 too, but that is going by palm circumference. I have short fingers, I am planning to just use it mostly for 3 gun for now but would like to try a USPSA event at some point. Thanks
  6. Ben Stoeger has the Black/Blue in DA/SA for $1199, better hurry I am tempted lol https://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-shadow-2-black-and-blue-in-9mm/
  7. Where might I find 91254? I can find the Urban grey but not the black/blue with DA/SA, I can find the SA version and I have only seen one all black on Gunbroker for $1400.
  8. Hello, I am new and thought I would post this to get some opinions. Plus I have seen the issue come up a few times and maybe this could be useful to another person with small hands! I am just getting started in shooting sports and have a Glock 17/22 I have been using. I like it but I have small hands and the bulky Glock grip doesn't fit real well. I wanted to upgrade without spending a ton of money on yet another gun so I purchased a new Manual Safety SP-01 which just showed up this week. The grip fits me well but the trigger is a pretty far reach in DA and I have to still break my grip to hit the mag release. See pic. The more I look into it the Shadow 2 frame has a undercut trigger guard and higher cut beaver tail which would move my hand higher and possibly fit better with the trigger? I found the answer to that question today when I found a gun shop with a Shadow 2 in stock and got my hands on one. They had blue grip SA one, a TSO and an Accushadow which I am in love with but is out my price range at this point. Bottom line is the S2 definitely fits my hand WAY better than the SP-01, I dont have to break my grip to release the mag and I can get my hand up higher and closer to the trigger with way better reach in DA. Plus I like the front slide serrations better and OMG the trigger on the accushadow is ridiculous. They also had a TSO which I did not realize has a different grip and it does not fit my hand as well as a regular S2 as it is larger and it to is SA. I would like DA for dry fire practice which I do frequently so the Blue grips S2 is out. Options and opinions? If I modify my new unfired SP-01 and put CGW prokit, S2 mag release and Dawson sights on it. I have $700 into the gun with Shipping and FFL fees, $370 in parts from CGW $120 for sights and I am $1200 into a gun that still does not have undercut trigger, higher beaver tail, longer slide and no FPB. That is about what a new S2 cost from what I am seeing on Gunbroker? My original plan was to put the Dawson sights on it with a spring kit polish a few things and be done with it until I get better at shooting and CZ releases the DWX which I think is going to be my must have gun. I already bought the gun, the sights and a Mcarbo spring kit and the grip on the SP-01 does feel better and fits my hand much better than the Glock. Plus I still need 40 more posts before I can sell it on the classifieds here lol!
  9. ML123

    CZ 75 SP-01 trigger pull

    Rowdyb, I love you tag line on Competition and have been following your posts. I am resurrecting this one as it is relevant to my search and questions. I am a total newb, just to throw that out there, so if I say idiotic stuff plz bear with me. I am however a total gearhead and have been wrenching and building hot rods for most of my life which is longer than it is shorter these days so I am somewhat mechanically inclined. I did my first 2 gun match in March and have become very interested in the sport. I just bought a new CZ75 SP-01 man safety to replace my Glock 17 which I have had issues with. The gearhead in me wants to tear it apart and upgrade everything and I havent even had it to the range! lol. My new CZ75 SP-01 has a remarkably light trigger pull especially for a gun that has never been fired!!. Around 7.5-8# DA and 2.5-3# SA. This is without a single shot being fired from this gun other than me dry firing it which I may have done 100 times or so. I decided to buy a Lyman Trigger pull gauge to get a base line on it. Unless the gauge is wrong or in accurate I am getting some pretty light pull wt from what I am reading on the net. Despite the light trigger pull wt I am also finding this is not what I dont like about the trigger, length of pull (creep?) and length the rest are excessive. The lightest/easiest pull "comp" trigger I own is in my AR15 it is a CMC curve and has next to no creep and a very short reset. Pull wt is 2-2.5#. You are right the other factors that make a nice trigger are what you listed in your post difference is the amount of travel that trigger has to make and the feel of the trigger at least to me makes a world of difference. My AR is so smooth and the distance the trigger travels is so short if feels SOO much "lighter" then the other triggers which are not that much heavier. It is forever and a day on my SP-01 to pull the trigger in DA and the rest in SA is pretty long. On my Glocik which is measuring less than 3.5# it is just a clunkly mess. Reading about all the mods you can to do to a CZ75 is dizzying. Do you have any suggestions on what to do for a new shooter with a new stock SP-01? I am not looking to make this gun into a high level comp pistol. It seems to me if I could shorten the trigger pull/creep some and the rest and put better sights on it I would be good to go?
  10. The company sent me a new barrel and a Rockslide to replace this one and they are pretty much done with it from what I can tell. I tried to contact them about it but they are no longer responding to my emails. I am thinking I can mill out the part that is contacting the barrel and it will be fine. I am just worried to much material will be removed compromising the slide integrity. I have a local machinist I may take the whole mess to and see what he can do.
  11. Few more pics of the slide and the gun https://imgur.com/a/BUaFH52
  12. For some reason I am having issues with pictures, I can only post one picture?
  13. I am having issues with a G22 with a 9mm conversion barrel and a custom machined slide I bought the gun from company that was advertising them on Gunbroker. The slide cuts on the top are tearing or catching on the barrel edges and causing me all sorts of issues. I noticed it after a match in May were I literally could hit any thing with the damn gun and it was really the first time I used the gun other than a few times at the range. I contacted the company I bought the gun from and they admitted it was a design issue with the way the slide was cut and the two cross cuts were not clearing the edge of the barrel. I did shoot the gun with the factory .40 cal barrel and saw the same marks starting on the factory glock barrel edges after just one 15rd mag and figured that was the issue? The company offered to send me a new barrel which they did along with a new Rockslide but without a RMR cut. I got the gun together and shot 100rds through it and it now and it seems to be shooting normal again. My issue is I would like to use the original slide which is a machined Glock slide that is also cut for an RMR. Plus I am not a big fan of the Rockslide, while it works it just doesnt have the same quality finish or feel to it a factory Glock slide has, and it not cut for a RMR. I am thinking about just milling out the two cross sections and leaving the center as one piece. Does anyone see a reason this can't be done and this slide work just fine?
  14. ML123

    Gen 3 17

    I have a TAC overwatch in my Gen 5 G19 and love it. I picked up one for my Gen 3 G17 and had the same experience as you and just pulled it back out in favor of the stock set up trigger with a 3.5 connector. I am going to be making some more changes and going to try the factory minus connector next. I am not a fan of the reset on the Lone wolf 3.5 connector.
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