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  1. Sears have specs too. FYI. Not hard to burn em up playing w angles.
  2. mike cyrwus

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    looks like you could shave with that front end
  3. mike cyrwus

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    The horse might just need a new jockey!
  4. mike cyrwus

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    Thanks much
  5. Stoeger could win an area match with a 5 year old flip flop and 9mm blanks
  6. mike cyrwus

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    Been out of revos and organized shooting for some time now. I still have a sweet 4" 19 with modded jetloaders and pouches I shot some idpa with about 7-8 years ago.. In fact, it was a IDPA national champion gun in ssp circa 2004 or so. Should I sell it as a pkg here, or just dump it locally as a worn but sweet shooting k frame. looks like ssp has changed in the last few years.. any input?
  7. there is a reason this question is in the beginners forum
  8. i didnt read all the above, but it looks like a shell is slipping past the shell catch (your heavy loads may be helping that)AND the carrier is tight on the trigger group AND possibly the carrier spring is weak. good luck
  9. mike cyrwus

    Titanium Nitride on dissimilar metals

  10. mike cyrwus

    Benelli M2 lightened Bolt Carrier Work

    just drag it behind a car for a few hundred miles, knock a few oz off lickety split
  11. mike cyrwus

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    No. Contact them, they have dimensions of their tools. these tools wear, you know
  12. mike cyrwus

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    PTG, clymer
  13. mike cyrwus

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    my vote is for the Salient Arms Agency
  14. mike cyrwus

    2011 build help

    this should be at the top of your tool list. 361-241-1091
  15. mike cyrwus

    removing stripped 1.5 mm Allen screw

    yep thats the ticket on small set screws