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    Send me a bag full of crap, please. I have a kiln.
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  1. mike cyrwus

    Benelli M2 lightened Bolt Carrier Work

    just drag it behind a car for a few hundred miles, knock a few oz off lickety split
  2. mike cyrwus

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    No. Contact them, they have dimensions of their tools. these tools wear, you know
  3. mike cyrwus

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    PTG, clymer
  4. mike cyrwus

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    my vote is for the Salient Arms Agency
  5. mike cyrwus

    2011 build help

    this should be at the top of your tool list. 361-241-1091
  6. mike cyrwus

    removing stripped 1.5 mm Allen screw

    yep thats the ticket on small set screws
  7. mike cyrwus

    Michael Voigt

    man, could he rip it. Hope theres cardboard in heaven
  8. mike cyrwus

    Basic Fitting Tools

  9. mike cyrwus

    Gunsmith? Local or mail off?

    right, they use the same trigger bow, have the same frame width, have exactly the same frame dimensions, including sear spring notch. thats sarcasm btw
  10. mike cyrwus

    Benelli trigger job

    ideal for those getting paid to do them
  11. mike cyrwus

    Missing the mag well on reloads

    do it in the dark.
  12. mike cyrwus

    Welcome to Big Panda Performance!!!

    Let me be the first to say welcome.
  13. mike cyrwus

    More permanent way to black SS. sights

    Make a sight out of a charcoal briquet. Otherwise put some sight black in your gun bag
  14. mike cyrwus

    2011 slide replacement questions

    Imo This is a discussion you should be having with your gunsmith, unless you are they.
  15. mike cyrwus

    m2 issue

    Hand cycling the bolt is not needed for operation of this firearm.its also not needed for unloading said firearm. If you are doing this to unload it, learn to manipulate the shell latch properly. but, If you want it to return to battery when doing this, be robust, you are not fully compressing the bolt rearward as it would happen when shooting appropriate ammo.