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  1. mike cyrwus

    1911 weaknesses

    Slide lock reload over insertions. I know all the tricks and prevents. Nothing can stop a ham fisted operator and his need for an unplanned reload
  2. As a D shooter that tanked a few classifiers off the get go, if you shoot a clean match, you will do very well in your class. guaranteed. You'll have to tell yourself this before every stage. make it easy for yourself. no fancy nancy stage plans. shoot it straight up and collect A's
  3. If you want to do well, and assuming you aren’t A class or higher; realize that you will very possibly place in your class if you keep malfunctions and penalties to a minimum. Good luck.
  4. everything is much more robust and held to more consistent tolerances on any benelli vs stoeger, but that horse is beat to death
  5. mike cyrwus

    Removing shell latch on left handed versamax

    those clips fly pretty far, eh, Steve?
  6. simple green, toothbrushes, hot water, compressed air, rem oil. shoot, repeat
  7. mike cyrwus

    Drilling frame

    have you measured and checked the position of the holes relative to each other as well as from a reference point, ie slide stop hole?
  8. mike cyrwus

    Draw speed

    Economy of motion and consistency. Dryfiring at a mirror is a way I learned and practiced a fast draw. Also, think of the start of your draw stroke as a “twitch” and practice twitching your hand onto the gun more than any other part of the draw stroke, except maybe the press out
  9. mike cyrwus

    TIG welding

    Another vote for Innovative. Saved me from buying a Miller Dynasty several times over
  10. oh my goodness, thats horrible! better get it battleworn cerakoted
  11. Sears have specs too. FYI. Not hard to burn em up playing w angles.
  12. mike cyrwus

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    looks like you could shave with that front end