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  1. But anyways, as far as keeping it clean, I have observed people who actually buy the gun and just go out and shoot it without cleaning the large amount of grease in all parts of the shotgun. I’m convinced that these are the people who then make entries in the forums about all the failures. I have never dealt with any failures with 1000s of birdshot 7.5 and keep the dram at 3. I have had a couple of failures this year with Remington slugger 1600 FPS. But I just rack the gun and next round runs fine and doesn’t repeat the failure. It happened on jungle run stage. I need to to fiddle with various slugs to see what it likes. Could anybody out there give advise please? Also, LikesToShoot, I have just contacted Jeff from c-rums and ordered the extended welded lifter. Can’t wait to try that out. I’m giving the jm pro a 2nd mod and lifter as a continued usage of the gun till the timing is right (wife) to buy the Remington VM Comp. I was at the gun store today and held some Turkish duck gun that had a 3.5 inch chamber and WOW. Can you give me a rundown of problems with VM. I thought the barrel not being straight was just typical forums BS. Also, what rear sight do you use for JM Pro. I have been running it with just the front for a year and was enjoying how quick and easy I acquired my sight picture. well that was a lot of typing, hope you take the time to help a fellow competitor out.
  2. Hey Likes to shoot. i know when you hit the bolt release it lets the next shell from the mag tube. I actually like that feature when I’m practicing quadloads. I hit button, get round and put it right back into my caddie x8. Now that you told me what happens if I hit it with a chambered round, I’m gonna be spooked. So I guess the round comes out of tube and gets caught above the lifter. Can you just pull charging handle to remove chambered round and then on forward movement of bolt loads the round sitting above the lifter??? im guessing that won’t clear the problem because I read your posts and you know your stuff.
  3. Hey LikesTo Shoot, What do you use for shotgun and who mod’Ed yours. I’m just trying to get more matches with JM. But I am going to move up to VM competition. 1) The loading port, when properly modified looks extremely better for quads, 2)my neck needs a soft gas gun and VM Is the softest.
  4. I’ve been lucky about pinching. The reason I wanted the cut around the mag tube are more aggressive is so the shells latch into tube much easier without needed to stick my thumb in there. I just thought that the lifter being a little longer would also aid my thumb sweeping the rounds into tube. by the way I see that Jerry Miculek has a website that offers an after market lifter also.
  5. My buddy just opened up the follower area. This is going to greatly improve stuffing in shells for quad load. Notice how much shell is exposed. my question is does c-runs also extend the lifter or is that necessary? There is more space between the follower and lifter now than there was before. I have looked at many many port mods and I never felt that the follower was exposed enough. Not lite this one.
  6. Does Benny Hill use a CNC on the port. And does he open up the front of receiver so I don’t have to bend my thumb. The picture doesn’t seem to show that.
  7. Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I would like to bring my shotgun to a local gunsmith
  8. I am buying a Versamax for 3 gun. I have the JM Pro and load it well. However, the loading port (which I modified) is too small to allow for fast Quad-Loading. I don’t know the best options, but I will send it to the professionals to do it. I am looking for names. Also, I wonder if some companies sell the shotgun already modified. Would love advice.
  9. I shoot 3 gun and I use the Mossberg 930 JM Pro. I opened up my loading port and quad load. I let a great 3 gunner try quad loads and he had a great deal of difficulty. Instead of buying a great shotgun with much longer loading port (Versa max or Breda). He suggested Roth Performance makes a receiver “Quad Vacuum Port” which is a custom receiver that you install. Unfortunately, it is only for Benelli or Breda. Bummer!!!. Now I am just looking for a stock receiver and then send it out for modification. How do you buy a shotgun receiver only? fyi, the loading port mod wasn’t botched in any way. Advise was to file down between trigger and port to allow less steep insertion of shells and to open up on each side of magazine tube. I’m attempting this instead of buying a new shotgun.
  10. Sorry for off topic, I have to get an umbrella attached to my 3 gun wagon. The sun in South Carolina is brutal. I have the ozark trail folding wagon. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I need to getter dun “South Carolina slang”. Lol, not bad for the Bronx
  11. Hey Guys, South Carolina 95 degree weather knocked the ?$&@ out of me. Mag holders were fine. Ran with them and they never gave me a problem. I took 25th out of 43. Did take 8th on long range AR and pistol. I made some dumb decisions from delirium (forgot to hydrate on last 2 stages). I changed out pistol mags and holster for shotgun caddies and forgot to load them all. LOL. Ran out of shells on jungle run. Came in 40th. Learned my lesson.
  12. Hey Gentlemen, This is the first time I ever used a forum and it’s really great how many answers there are for me. I want to thank Igolfat8 for his advice (with pictures). I think I annoyed him with my barrage of questions. LOL. I think there are times when people give bad advice that can be costly if acted upon. In this case, I ordered right away and am set for match on Saturday.
  13. Hi Obsessiveshooter, yes I wanted 771’s but they were out of stock. I just received the 773’s and they fit. I can tighten them down to the point where I can’t even get them out. So we’ll see. I’m gonna order the 771s when the are available. Hi Superpipe9, I went with the Carbon Arms Ratchet belt. I can hold both ELS and TMMS. Plus the ratchet works great.
  14. Hey Buddy, thanks, I ordered 773’s fit for STI and getting them Wednesday. I wanted 771 but out of stock. Thanks for pictures.

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