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  1. No failures with the green monster yet and the loading port is huge compared to my jm pro.
  2. That’s good to know. Thanks for that. I’m gonna start getting ready for a falling steel match shotgun only. I’m 62 and 1 year of 3 gun. I need to speed up transitioning. For some reason when I view film of a match, I seem to pause after a load up and fist shot. It’s very frustrating. I hate the way it looks and I’m not even aware of it. I did advance from the bottom to just short of the 50% level. My advantage to shotgun falling steel is practicing quad loading till the cows come home and a private range to get my sight acquisition and transition speed. I love this sport!!!
  3. Ok, Ryan I’d love to exchange info with you. Didn’t know about parts falling like you said. Do you shoot 3 gun?
  4. Damn. You’re right about Remington. The gun store I bought from returned the first two. Three times a charm. Then Benny made it sing. Quadloading is wonderful with that huge loading port. I called and asked him what lube he uses because 1 1/2 months later, my bolt is still shiny and I haven cleaned it yet. Synthetic 10w-30 motor oil!!!!!! He’s been doing that with all guns. The oil doesn’t evaporate from extreme heat. UNBELIEVABLE. Lol
  5. That’s not mine. I had Benny Hill Friday Triangle Shooting Sports do mine. He did a great job and the gun runs great. No hiccups even when I mag dump 13+1 4 or 4 times in last month.
  6. Yes you’re right. I added a +5 to the Stock 8 round tube giving me 13 in the tube. No barrel clamp needed and no strikes from bird shot or any other load.
  7. Adamge, sorry for delay. This form would not allow pictures from my cell phone so I gave up. I’m going to download an app to resize and will give you pics. I can tell you that Benny Hill of Triangle Shooting Sports made my Vm Competition sing. Best money I ever spent
  8. Ok I’ll start. I’ll put some pics tonight. Running from party to party
  9. Is there a Barrel/Magazine clamp that fits over the carbon fiber schroud of VM Competition. I really need one.
  10. Thanks Adamge, I’m hoping to make this a central location for VM info. Triangle polishing and filed mine. Also I can quadload without a speed bump at the mag tube entry. Never heard of the fastener on shell latch. I will post pics.
  11. I have made the following updates thus far. (1) Triangle Shooting Sports for loading port, C-Rums lifter, Radius Extractor cut, Shell stop tweeked and polished and Hand-guard trimmed at loading port area. (2) Truglo Pro series magnum gobble dot sights added to rail without removing the OEM sights. (3) Nordic extension but have choice between +4=12 or +5=13. QUESTION 1) there is no mag clamp to fit VMC because of schroud on mag tube. I am trying to find a spacer or clamp. No Joy My quadload is so easy now and haven’t even put in daily practice yet. Trian
  12. Hello everyone, I decided to go over all modifications and also ask questions for the year 2020 (just around the corner). Almost all subject matter about VM is 2011-2015. I want to create an up to date topic for all people looking for good info on Versa Max Tactical and Competition. Especially Airforce man that provides great info. However I am going through the start to finish of a VM competition as we speak with new products and issues.
  13. I’m trying to decide if I want 12 or 13 shells in versa Max Competition. I had 13 in JM Pro.
  14. So my versa max comp is at Triangle shooting sports. Can’t wait to get it back. question. I looked up the Nordic MXT nut for a +4 and the They call for the mossberg nut. It’s good news because my other gun is a mossberg with the nut. I’m concerned on why and is the thread gonna fit ok. Has anyone else done this?
  15. Actually, that’s a good question. I think the newer lifters are different than the older ones. There is a hump on the end that I don’t want but the leading edge of the lifter is straight across. I think the C-Rums lifter has no hump but not sure if he extends it. Can anyone out there chime in please.
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