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  1. No problem. I am sure it will probably show up when i am at SHOT so will put it on when I return. Might not help a lot but paired with the MBX buffer I am sure recoil will be low. Just replacing the buffer the other day at the range helped quite a bit and I didn't even start to play with it to tune it.
  2. Yup I understand that. Getting ready to head out there myself.
  3. Well I guess we will see when they show up. Must be backlogged if not delivering until 2/21.
  4. Interesting about shipping. I picked free too. Did you get an email with tracking before it shipped?
  5. Got out today with the MBX buffer and it was night and day to the standard buffer the lower came with. I left the red spring in and used Hornady Steel match 125 HAP ammo and it worked great. Dot barely moved. Recoil was smooth and not a slam. I am happy with it and plan to test the blue spring and see how it works compared to the red spring.
  6. Thanks. I use it for other loads but new to PCC. I have at least 16 pounds of it so I plan on using it and will just give a quick clean after the match. Usually do in pistols anyways.
  7. I ordered on on Saturday myself. I also figured for the price I will see how it works. Just have a A2 flash hider on there now so has to be better than that. LOL If not it's only $20 and looks better.
  8. I ended up ordering an MBX system so we shall see how it goes. Won't be able to start testing until after SHOT though.
  9. Thanks for the info. I was planning on getting the tuning kit too.
  10. Wondering myself. Anyone? Also anymore users of the MBX? Most likely will be getting one soon.
  11. The weight, once mounted, is a non issue. I replaced similar powered S&B scopes with the Razor IIs and can not feel the 10 ounce difference on the rifle.
  12. The Mark 6 3-18x is a $2200 scope so I hope it's a better optic. LOL You can go with a Vortex 3-18x50 Razor II at that price point and get illumination as well as solid clicks and tracking. Razor II glass is on par with S&B scopes too.
  13. If you can afford the Razor II then get it. It's a great optic. I have 3 of them and have had one of the first 4.5-27x on the market and it has never let me down in 2 year and running matches.
  14. Yup the Razor II 2C reticle comes in both MOA and Mils. I have had the mil version for a while now and it works great for holds. I have one in a 3-18x and one in a 4.5-27x and a 4.5-27x with the 1C.
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