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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I don't run excessively long ammo for limited (about 1.180") so hopefully I don't need to do any barrel reaming. From what I've read people have been able to chamber ammo of that length no problem. I'd rather shorten my ammo a few thousandths than ream the barrel anyhow
  2. Am I correct in reading that the .40cal Stock 2 or Stock 3 will accept 10mm mags? Thus allowing you to run longer OAL's in your ammo? I am going to pick one up to use as both a limited backup gun, as well as a production gun, but would prefer to leave my current OAL as is on the press. If something happens to my limited gun, I need my backup to be able to run the same long OAL ammo that I'll have on hand at the match. If running 10mm mags in the .40 Stock 2 or Stock 3 will solve this issue for me, it will be a huge convenience to say the least.
  3. there's an art to the balance of having a functional bench in my apartment and having my wife still love me.
  4. Just finished my setup in my apartment here in Colorado. If you are a true carpenter then you should be happy I didn't post any closeups. Functional and strong, not necessarily pretty.
  5. Anyone else use pivothead glasses to film their matches? I bought a pair maybe 3 years ago and so far I have always had a problem with the lens being angled downward, basically giving a crap view where you cannot see the targets I'm shooting at, and basically just see my hands and (most) of the pistol. I "remedied" this situation by padding underneath the nosebridge, but it definitely defeats the purpose of wearing safety glasses since it wouldn't be hard for a projectile to hit my eyes if the angle was right. Has anyone tried the new Pivothead models? notice any difference? On that note, are there any other wide angle glasses anyone could recommend?
  6. please delete. posted in wrong forum
  7. Roger that, I’ll definitely be checking since I am not a fan of making 2+hr round trip drives for nothing. then again back home I used to have to drive 5hrs round trip for my “local” matches
  8. Thanks for the info, I just joined the email list for the group. So so far I’ve been here for 5 days and I’m loving CO Springs, great area for sure. Is is anyone here going the the Sunday 2 Dec match at PSAC in Aurora?? Thinking about heading out there
  9. So I have a griffin Optimus suppressor that took a major beating over the past few months and hasn’t been cleaned as much as it should. Bought some carbon solvent at the LGS and began the arduous process of bronze brushing the hell out of the baffles, etc. the instructions recommended that larger parts should be submerged in the solution (it is a water based solution) and left overnight for best results, but the bottle is certainly not big enough for me to fill a container high enough to submerge the baffles in, unless I were to dump the whole bottle in there. TLDR: can I dilute the solution with water so that I have enough volume to fully submerge all suppressor parts overnight?
  10. Thanks very much, Sarge, can’t wait to get out there. If if anyone in CO Springs has access to a wood shop I’d happily pay in cash, beer or pizza to be able to slice up a few 2x4’s and sheets of plywood for my new reloading bench. I doubt Home Depot will be reliable enough to cut what I need accurately
  11. Yep, I've looked up the local clubs and was happy to see there are matches in the area on almost a weekly basis. I'll be headed to Peterson for my assignment,
  12. Just got my orders for my next assignment and am happy to say I'll be a Colorado Springs resident by the end of this week! Done a bit of research on my own as far as looking up the local clubs, seems I have plenty of matches to choose from on pretty much a weekly basis. Excited to get into the shooting community out here, and I've gotta imagine there are a few residents who frequent the forums here. If anyone wants to meet up at local matches feel free to reach out. I don't know the layout of the land at all, no clue where the good public shooting pits are to practice, and don't know if there are specific clubs that USPSA shooters prefer or avoid. Also I am going to be building a new reloading bench once I arrive, if anyone is handy with a square and a saw let me know! catch ya in a bit Colorado
  13. Recoil impulse and management changed drastically for me. When you have a steel grip (and in my case steel mag well) the weight distribution of the gun is entirely different than when you have a plastic grip. No longer is the majority of the gun’s weight sitting on top of your hands, adding to the pendulum effect of the guns recoil and the slide reciprocation. With a a steel grip the gun’s center of gravity is now much lower, and you have the weight sitting squarely within in your hands. Balance and impulse effect are much better managed. Think of those photos of guys who ride a unicycle on highwires between cliffs. They have those huge weights that hang below the line they are riding on and it balances them out and keeps them steady and less likely to erratically tip or shift weight. Same sort of idea w a steel grip and magwell, ideally minus the whole “1,000ft fall to your death” consequence
  14. shooting minor in limited is fine for two types of people: - People who are just getting their feet wet in the sport and already owned a 9mm (and maybe had a magwell on it or something that kept them from shooting production) - People who primarily shoot 3 gun and do not care about being serious in USPSA, they just want some extra practice for their main event and USPSA fills that gap for them If you want to get serious about shooting Limited you'll need to be shooting Major. I can't speak for the CZ world, but I love my 2011. I highly recommend either getting a gun with a steel grip, or adding a steel grip to your 2011 if it didn't come with one. Steel grips change up the entire game when it comes to 2011's, I won't ever own another 2011 with a plastic grip. Good luck, you will be able to find many good deals on Limited guns here on the forum classifieds.
  15. Just got a 1050, with bullet feeder... once I get to my next assignment I'll be able to finally get back into loading and competing again, cant wait to get started. I had a 650 previously that I sold to my buddy while I was away, when it came time to get a press again I just didn't see a reason to stick with buying another 650, the 1050 was just too intriguing
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