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  1. RIP junior, now NASCAR is truly dead
  2. Good news. I’m looking for a way to take some of the recoil out of my M3K. Only thing I don’t like about. It has way more recoil than my old M2 with the comfortech stock
  3. Putting together a M3K for 3 gun this year. Put a +6 Nordic extension on it, trimmed the follower spring a couple times, down to 12" longer right. If I put 10 rounds in the tube, the shell latch won't pull back after pushing the release button by the trigger. it moves a little bit, but not far enough to release the shell. I did trim the latch down on the shell side and polish it for easier loading, but didn't shorten it or change the angle. Sometimes you rack the bolt and it will release a shell, sometimes not. Works fine up to around 7-8 rounds, but not after that. Any ideas?
  4. I alway used a CR speed or Double alpha competition holster for my limited guns. Blade tech for single stack or production as they will mar the finish.
  5. Never used titegroup for major pf. Used it for 9mm minor and thought it was way too dirty. Went to N320 and never looked back
  6. Bringing this thread back from the dead! I always use N320 for all my handguns. My .40 cal load is 4.8 to 5.0 gr. N320'with180 gr bullets at 1.185 OAL. That worked in my XDM, but plunk test it for overall length. Rich may have reamed the chamber
  7. I had a Ruger SR 762 that ran the Gen 3 mags flawlessly. Later model with the magpul furniture and the updated 4.5 lb trigger. I also have a DPMS G2 Hunter and the Ruger is a far better rifle than the Hunter in my opinion.
  8. I would have considered a Colt, but no one anywhere had one in stock. Even looked at the DPMS 3Gun rifle. No where to be found. When the Armalite popped at Bud's, I figured I better grab one.
  9. I just picked up an Armalite M-153GN with the 18" barrel. Twice to the range with a couple hundred rounds thru it, and so far I'm quite impressed. Timney trigger, Luth stock, adjustable muzzle brake and gas block. Very accurate, Pretty much ready to compete. Under $1500 delivered from Bud's. My old rifle was a JP CTR-02, so I've had a good rifle before. Worth a look.
  10. Marv Z

    Grip for Sig 226

    I had a 226 with the factory E2 grip and thought it worked very well. Get them at Sig's Pro Shop. All the newer Sig's use them, so you should able to fondle one at your local gunshop
  11. Marv Z

    PC 16.40 build

    I have not installed it yet. Figured I'd better grab one while they are still available. As with most Para parts, I fear when they are gone that's it. Did you have to modify the trigger bow to work? I have one of those for another build I'm doing. My current PC has a Dlask trigger, but the mediums are no longer available .
  12. Marv Z

    PC 16.40 build

    Numrich has the Tomasie bull barrel for $150 right now. I got one for my PC 16.40 build, which is the same as yours. I'm very happy with the pistol so far for the money invested in it.
  13. I bought 2 140's for my Para PC 9mm and they have run perfectly. I'm going to try some 140's in .40 for my limited gun also.
  14. I did the same thing once. Loaded up a couple hundred rounds that way. Only problem I had, was while seating Rem 7 1/2 primers the case would pop out of the shell plate occasionally. Other than that, no problems loading or shooting them . The dies keep the case aligned during the loading process and the base of the press determine the OAL, not the shell plate
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