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6 Creedmoor

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Had Advanced Weapons Technology re-chamber one of my rifles to 6 Creedmoor. To say the least I’m very impressed.


Factory 108 grain ammo 2970 fps, .462 100 yard groups. First attempt hits on 922 yard target.


Pleasure to shoot, and very rewarding.



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I have a 6 Creedmoor in an RPR and a new GAP. They both shoot really well with Berger 108s as well as Hornady 108ELDMs. I've also tried Sierra 95 TMKs and 107 MK's also with good results. Groups typically open up a bit with Hornady 105s. I've not tried the Berger Hybrids. The Ruger barrel shows some serious fire cracking as it's still on the original barrel from 2017 but still shoots under moa at 200. My best groups was with RL17 pre-Covid powder shortages.

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