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  1. Chuck what laser are you using, and how is it performing?
  2. Boy The Rolling Stones sure had it right, "what a drag it is getting old". Of course the alternative is not good either.
  3. Probably nothing. In my case I had a high end Sig scope left over from a gun sale. I thought the cartridge was interesting and decided to build a bolt gun around it. So far I'm very pleased with it. If ammo situation ever gets better and I get better weather I'll be able to stretch it out more. Your 6 Creed looks like it is doing what it's supposed to do.
  4. One results in a total capacity change. The other does not.
  5. Joe it's a shame you don't understand why, since I've explained my thought process on numerous occasions.
  6. Give USPSA a Christmas present, assign Virginia Count to the trash bin of history.
  7. I'm about 7 weeks into a calf muscle. About 90 percent healed. Only taking Naproxen twice a day and wearing a brace if I'm outside. Not too bad now. Good luck. Gary
  8. A wise man once told me you'll seldom go wrong by saying no.
  9. Got to the range today. Gun worked flawlessly no issues. First five shot group of handloads measured .468 at 100 yards. Had no issues hitting small plates (4 inch) at 400 yards. Color me me a happy camper.
  10. Got my 6 ARC project gun back today. Looks great. I'll try to post some pictures.
  11. I've been watching those. Pretty nice. I hope to get mine finished shortly.
  12. It did work, however I think this set up will be better. I'll keep you posted.
  13. Well the stock has been milled for the AICS bottom metal and the gun is leaving for the cerakote finish to be applied. Hope to have a picture or two shortly.
  14. 1978 and I believe unfired.
  15. Had an excellent day at a local pawn shop. Went in to buy some shoot-n-see targets and on the way out took a glance at a small viewing case where he keeps special guns. There was a "used" but as close to new as you can get, Colt Single Action 7 1/2 inch 45 LC. Blue with perfect case hardened frame. Just the faintest turn line on the cylinder. It's now joined a proud group of adopted playmates
  16. Had my first range day with my 6 ARC. I only had 13 rounds of Factory 105 BTHP to work with. The gun is not finished yet, but very shootable. After establishing a 100 yard zero, that was an inch. I moved to our 400 yard range. With some help from Strelok I hit small plates at 200, 300, and 400 yards. Ran out of ammo way too quick. The gun is a very pleasant gun to shoot. Now to start working up a few handloads and get back out before the weather turns bad. All considered, I'm very happy. Gary
  17. It is the AWT "Tomahawk" short action , which is based on the Remington 700 footprint, with a .440 diameter bolt face. We are waiting on my stock to arrive.
  18. I'm leaving that up to Don. He thinks he can use a Wyatt 308 metal mags because of their long feed lips. May require a bit of tweeking, but we will get there.
  19. Advanced Weapons Technology is building me a 6 ARC bolt gun. I am really looking forward to receiving it.
  20. I found this out the hard way, kinetic energy plays a part on how a popper falls. Light faster bullets versus slower heavier bullets.
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