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  1. Any pros or cons I should know about for the different manufacturers?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a new rifle, and I'm hoping for some recommendations on an matched billet AR-10 receiver set for .308. (Bonus points for ambidextrous control slots.) Thanks!
  3. I would imagine it has more to do with where you shoot. Out west, you're likely to see a lot more sandy berms and wind, which can really get a open gun dirty quick, even if you're covering it between stages. I field strip and clean my gun after every match, and fully strip it and clean it about every 2000 rounds. Would it work fine with less cleaning? Sure. Would it bother me if I let it go longer without cleaning? Absolutely.
  4. Make bullets? Or reload ammo? FYI - Lead bullets are typically not recommended at open gun velocities.
  5. I didn't have high expectations, but I saw it last night, and liked it. Visually it was stunning, the plot was sort of a montage derivation of 5 or 6 different sci-fi movies. There was definitely some plot twists along the way.
  6. Yes, but how reliable it is will depends on how the extractor is tuned.
  7. Try it before you change anything. May need to tune your extractor. I also had the feed lips tuned a bit on my mags when I switched.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the info, I didn't know that. One more dumb question. Is that belt attachment ambidextrous? It looks like it can be reversed at the hinge point for a left handed draw, but I wanted to make sure before I ordered one.
  9. So at a local match today I brushed up against a wall during a stage walk through, and as a result my Ghost Holster basically broke in half. Fun times. Anyway, I'm traveling for a major match next week, so I've already ordered/over-nighted an emergency replacement left handed holster. In the mean time however, since it's only a broken piece of plastic, I would like to replace that broken piece to get this holster fixed as a backup. I went to the Ghost website looking for a support point of contact, but didn't have much luck. I sent them an email using their online email form, but I was hoping someone on the forum might have contact information for the right person to talk to at Ghost Products to order a replacement for the broken plastic piece? Thanks
  10. So, any chance we can get a response to this, one way or the other?
  11. +1 on Larry. He also makes a custom palm-swell grip, with pretty much any other option, if you want a thicker 1911 grip.
  12. I'm looking to get my hands on some +2/+3 base-pads as well!
  13. It can make indexing and dot acquisition difficult to get used to. (But it kind of depends on how far offset the dot is from center.)
  14. My personal opinion is that the Trojan has a better fit and trigger out of the box than the SA Loaded.
  15. This: http://www.brianenos.com/pages/dillonfaqs.html#accdillon Brass is one of the most expensive components to buy new, so buying brass and only using it once doesn't make much sense. You will need to clean it. Not counting the press, off the top of my head. Dies Calipers Case Gauge Powder Scale Primer Flip Tray Primer Tubes Vibratory Case Cleaner Media Separator Brass Cleaning Media Case Lube (not "necessary" but recommended)
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