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  1. Do modern 2011's not have firing pin blocks?
  2. Ive been told you have to modify the SV 140 tubes to keep rounds from passing past the tube and into the pad when using the 7mm pads. Was told you had to tune the ribs near the bottom of the mag. Anyone else experience this?
  3. Lets say there are 100 active classified users (i dont know what that number is as of right now there are 550 users online), thats 1500 a month. If the hosting fees for this website are anywhere close to that then that should be resolved first. I imagine the hosting costs are currently around $600 a month, but they could be reduced by moving to a lower cost platform.
  4. A price per listing makes sense. Also have you considered moving hosting providers? Hosting is relatively cheap now days. I couldn't imagine the volume to these forums is very high.
  5. Hes talking about taking their mag and marching them over to chrono right then.
  6. I like this. Thanks Mike. Our chrono bay will be next door to a stage so this would work well for us.
  7. I will have 2 for staff shoot day and 4 for the main match at Chrono. Who normally collects the chrono ammo? Just any available help?
  8. Whats the most most efficient way to pull bullets at chrono? I was thinking 3 or so single stage presses setup with the hornaday bullet pullers. Or are the inertia hammers the way to go? Frankford pile driver?
  9. We ran chrono this weekend at our local match as a test run for our Level 2 match later this year. I found that if someone fails chrono it doesn't actually change their power factor. Is this something that scoring/stats does while the match is going on?
  10. Seems the countdown timer on the website was just off.
  11. I have a match set to open at 8PM this evening. Its 5 PM in my time zone CST. I have my club set for "Chicago" time which is CST. When I look up the match it shows to be opening in 2 hours. Do the matches run on a different time zone regardless of the club time zone setting?
  12. Ive been doing F45 classes for the last two months and I think its made a big difference in my shooting. I can stay comfortably low in an aggressive shooting position for much longer. I also dont find myself fading near the end of a long match like I did previously. I think short sprints, core work and squats/lunges have done a lot for me in only a short amount of time.
  13. I dont personally like Olympic lifting. But I have recently started going to an F45 Gym which is similar in some ways to crossfit without the olympic style heavy lifts. Im enjoying it so far and seeing a lot of results in only a 2 months.
  14. They are in all of my guns. It is good to have them fit by a competent smith. I had 75k on one before the hook sheered off. They just work for me.
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