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  1. There are many examples from Australasia. Some can be seen @ 49 seconds in the video. These are not regular banners and some of them are semi-transparent.
  2. Ping time targets makes the best stomp boxes
  3. The ones I am referring to are the decorative ones. Like Trees and animals
  4. In major IPSC match video I always see banners or something like a banner decorating their walls. They look thinner than a normal vinyl banner or sign. Anyone have any ideas what exactly these are and where to get them?
  5. I got our club setup as a steel challenge club and we are ordering the gear necessary (its expensive but should last a long time). For an introductory class what all do you cover besides USPSA safety and rules? Do you do classroom time and range time? I am not a teacher nor overly comfortable being the center of attention but could figure something out if that's what it takes. I'm sure I can get other seasoned shooters to help out. Im friends with most of the local gun shops as they shoot my matches. I asked one and they were willing to let me put up flyers. We have a facebook group with 500 or so members and a public facebook page for the club. Have not setup an IG for the club but that's easy enough. I guess I never considered the cost of a match fee to be any sort of deterrent but we could definitely do free for new shooters, would have to figure out how to set that up in practiscore. I like the idea of giving the person that brings a new shooter a free slot too.
  6. I thought about maybe making a flyer and seeing if local gun shops would set them out somewhere. Maybe offering the first match free. We don't have a new shooter orientation or program and that has been a consideration also.
  7. I have a FB page and we have a FB group with about 500 or so "members". Outside of that I am unsure how to reach more people. When I found USPSA it was by accident...I didn't even know what it was or that it was a thing. I am sure there are many other shooters like that. Since our USPSA club is no longer affiliated with a public range it reduces our footprint even more. Considered a FB advertising campaign, if I could get that to go through the facebook gun nazis. Thought about maybe getting local news to run a piece on competitive shooting. I am going to try starting up Steel Challenge this next year to maybe pull in a few more and give those not comfortable with running around with a gun a place to get exposed to competitive shooting.
  8. Anyone have any good ideas for growing your shooter base? Our USPSA club matches fluctuate between low 20s to 60's at the peak of the summer. Looking for a way to get more people involved. Word of mouth alone does not seem to be enough.
  9. They make robots for that now too. ROBOT EVERYTHING
  10. What do you mean by treat every major match different?
  11. Thats a lot of plastic....will be interesting to see how well these hold up and work over time. Ive been lucky and my RF100 is flawless but if it ever died I would look at one of these.
  12. Glad to have you Charlie. Thanks for the class!
  13. Wish they would let us trade in the garbage mechanical one for credit to a digital one.
  14. We did some testing and used a new sig x5 legion top end on the original x5 frame and the slide no longer hangs out of battery when slowly allowing the slide to return forward. We also tested a friends drop in barstow barrel and a drop in KKM barrel at nationals and the slide fully returns to battery along with more of the casing going into the chamber of those after market barrels. Using eyes only, as we didn't have any way to measure the barrel, the stock x5 barrel could be tuned to resolve the possible out of battery condition by removing some material from the lug (I assume thats what you call the lock up part of these barrels).
  15. These rounds were loaded by someone on a M7 Revolution with all the gizmos. Is an overcharge still possible...sure. Im just interested if anyone thinks it could be a out of battery issue/case support issue. I have never personally witnessed an overcharge, unless that is what happened here. I have had case heads separate in my limited guns shooting .40 before but they did not sound like this, they were actually quieter than a normal round and I was peppered with a lot more unburnt powder. It may be a situation where there is not a way to prove one way or the other. What I dont understand is these markings on the case.
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