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  1. I can leave the walls in the bay all the time. Just looking for a wall design that easily allows one person to move the walls around in the bay to setup stages. Unused walls would likely be stacked at the front of the bays. I ordered some off road casters and once I got them in I dont see a good way to design a wall with wheels that would work very well. Like these?
  2. I have an option to build semi permanent walls at a private range. Meaning I dont have to remove the walls from the bays after a match. I need the walls to be movable by one person, but also prefer to not have to stake them down. Current walls are built out of metal square tubing and require two people to move around. Im envisioning some sort of design where the bases are stable enough to not require staking, which also makes them heavy, and then mount casters to one end of the wall somehow so it can be moved around. Single walls that would not be a problem, but when joining walls together to create various configurations the wheels and the fact that all the walls are attached to their own base might be a problem. I have access to a welding machine and a budget to pretty much do whatever I want. I am just having trouble coming up with a design that will function well and allow one person to move everything around. Google has not been any help thus far. In one bay we plan to build a permanent shoot house type structure.
  3. I exchanged emails with the MD for that match. He said they are a private range without general membership and can setup whenever they want. He said they have 8-12 volunteers that do the setup in exchange for comped matches and access to the private range for their training purposes. Probably a similar direction that I will go in.
  4. We have tried that. This last round the shotgunners took over and spent a million dollars on a new shotgun range. Still havent sold the old one so they are sitting on a 900k loan. Its harder to get people to go to the meetings to vote than it is to get stage builders. FML.
  5. Thats pretty cool. Our range could care less if we have a match. They would actually prefer we dont because that would give more bay time to the members who come to shoot their silhouette at 3 yards. Then there are us paying range members who would not go to the range if it wasn't for the matches.
  6. I have a buddy that lives a few hours away. He runs a 3 gun match and recently started up USPSA. The range is on a private ranch and this guy is coming up on retirement from the military and has some free time. They run their match I guess you could say for profit since they are not associated with a public gun range. He sets up his matches himself and doesn't require setup or tear down. I assume this dawg valley is similar, but I emailed them to ask for clarification.
  7. I used the ruler to try and get my range template to scale but I have not seen or messed with the grid. I will see if I can figure that out.
  8. Perhaps my comment was taken differently than intended. Our PCC shooters dont find it fun to just stand and shoot a bunch of targets at distance, they offer recommendations to change the stage to eliminate what could be for them just standing and shooting a stage like memphis stated with the removal of rear fault lines. I would imagine everyone de-games their stages a bit before the start of a match. As a shooter whats the fun in just standing in two positions and clearing a stage that was intended to be shot differently. Might as well have just not built a stage at all. YMMV
  9. They sometimes find ways to shoot the stage eliminating some positions since its easier for them to take targets at distances most pistol shooters would not. We only have a few pcc shooters and he would generally prefer it be changed instead of hearing people bitch about PCC all day. Its usually just moving a barrel or two or scooting a wall over a bit.
  10. In the mornings as soon as our top pcc guy shows up...here we go moving stuff around.
  11. Interesting. Im trying to visualize when this would be useful. I guess you could use this when you were starting the shooter somewhere other than a rear uprange fault line.
  12. I agree. Even setting up the day before I am the last to get my gear on and "walk" the stage while im in the hole or on deck. I understand that reality. Its just worse when we setup the day of. With family priorities I only have time to shoot one local match a month and then my major match schedule. All other level 1's are about 2 hours away from me. If setting up the day prior is unfair to my volunteers then that is something I need to address because I dont want it to be that way. Im considering an idea that if I move the match to the private range having a weekly practice session/build day. Where on one day a week in the evening we build a stage or two and then have a practice session together at the range. Since I can leave the stages up as long as I want there. That might motivate some to help because the range is not accessible to them at other times. Our current range does not allow anyone to use any steel or props in the bays outside of match days. The private range discourages some shooters I think because our current range has covers/shade, covers over the bays themselves and running water/bathrooms.
  13. I suppose for me it was somewhat selfish. When we attempted a few times to build the day of, by the time it was go time I was so tired and stressed out I didnt even want to shoot my own match, which goes back to your statement about killing yourself for essentially nothing. Im not the type to sit on the sidelines and direct traffic. Im going to be swinging hammers as well as making sure every stage is as good as it can be. Ive been told I need to delegate but I dont feel right giving people orders. I need to have a talk with the few dedicated guys that I always can count on and see how they feel about trying to make the morning of thing work, since it seems like thats the consensus.
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