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  1. Thanks Charlie. Going to keep grinding until nationals. See you in December.
  2. Charlie on Stage one I came into the 45 degree targets first and shot out of the right side at the end. Did you look at it that way at all? I saw others run it like you did but couldn't determine if there would have been a big difference for me. Stage winner had a second on me on that stage, shot it like you except activated swinger first, shot 45's and plate rack then swinger last. On stage 2 I loaded and shot the entire right array then ran up...I realize now that the way you ran it likely absorbed the dead loading time better even though you had to come back to the barrel anyway to shoot the right array? On stage 6 I didn't even consider running to the right of the wall on the far right array. I shot the 3 targets inside out and then ran up, your plan there likely had a half second time savings in that movement alone. I didn't really know anyone on my squad so there was not a lot of stage plan ideas being bounced around. I seem to look at the stages more straight up than seeing the little things that can save a few fractions here or there. I had one malfunction that consumed 3 seconds or so. The match winner had over 10 seconds on me and I shot way too many charlies it seems. 154A 56C 3D 1M. Thats way too many charlies for shooting open I guess. So much work left to do and it seems like its really hard to find any gains this year.
  3. No...9mm. .40. 38SC currently. It is a problem and his revolution is back to Mark 7 for the 4th time I think. Its lighting off primers every 10th case or so. He has had so much trouble I think he just got a lemon....but M7 has not just replaced the whole thing. He just ordered 3 Ammo bots and a Alpha priming system instead of continuing to deal with his revolution.
  4. I have a friend who is loading commercially on the revolution with the electronic powder sensor. He is seeing .4 deviations.
  5. maybe i will stick with the metal....replace the lattice. Im also thinking about trying to come up with a easily removable brace for the current metal walls that I could use to leave the walls up for an extended period. I am hoping if I brace both ends, use a lag bolt to anchor the brace to the ground I could avoid having to pound stakes in each wall foot.
  6. What is the purpose of the tubes on the top? Just to hold two walls together?
  7. Currently they are covered in a plastic lattice. Open like snow fence but a lot more rigid. This is likely adding a little to the weight and maybe catching some more wind.
  8. I can measure ours in the morning. They are at least 3/4. They are heavy. We get 20 to 50mph winds. Really hard caliche ground the stands stay staked in legs bend about 18 inches from the ground.
  9. Im really tired of carrying around our steel walls and steel feet...setup is a one or two man show a lot of times. Considering making a few 2x2 walls as a test. I see in videos how the walls are supported/braced but I am unsure how the brace attaches to the wall. Are yall using some sort of hitch pin or quick disconnect of some sort? We have a lot of wind and if we leave our walls standing today that are made of steel tubing a strong wind will bend the legs of single walls which is another reason im looking to change. I want to be able to leave the walls up for weeks at a time.
  10. Ive beveled sanded polished rubbed begged pleaded and spit on. I have dozens of pins ive tried different things on. Didnt have the issue with other dies. The design of the die is great, no more jacking with tension nuts. But have a lot of issues with pull back.
  11. I received my powder measure that has been rebuilt for the second time now. I loaded about a thousand rounds last week and the measure seems consistent within 4.70-4.80 grains of ramshot competition that I use which is a flake powder and this was with garbage mixed brass that I didnt bother to clean all that well. I did not see any more issues with the powder measure sticking like I had before. I run mine at 2800 RPH with a few of the settings tuned such as bottom dwell and index getting an actual RPH of about 2600. My buddy just got his updated revolution with a newer edition of the primer colater and ran several thousand 9mm with little trouble. He did have a few flipped primers but is going to be getting a new bowl or something like that soon that is supposed to help. In the thousand that I loaded on my evolution the only stoppages I had were related to primer pull back which I guess I am just going to have to deal with. The decap sensor catches it, its just annoying with it happening 2-5 times per 100. This is using the first generation of the Mighty Armory decap die. Im unsure if it has been corrected since or if it just the brass I happen to have on hand. The other issue I would see is the bullet feeder dropping two bullets occasionally, no matter how many times I try to perfect the die. I had luck using rubber bands to hold more tension on the dropper but they dont last long. There is an aftermarket spring thing that fixes it but they want $30 just for shipping and I refuse. On the bullet feeder pro the brass piece is about twice the size and I imagine fixes this issue as well over the standard bullet feeder.
  12. also how did you activate the trolley by opening then window
  13. how did you get it to come to a nice stop?
  14. Garage door track is a good idea. I might give that one a go. Could offer some protection for at least the front part of the track with some angle iron.
  15. Very cool. Does weight alone keep the trolley on the track?
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