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  1. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Your asking mods who work for free to dig through the 58 pages of content they may or may not be interested in. How would they know what posts were beneficial and which ones were garbage? Even if they could they are probably laughing behind their keyboard. Feel free to put your technical content here
  2. It would have to directly correlate to the speed of the press and settings. But that would be the advantage. It should be able to adapt to speed changes in the press and keep the output similar across all speeds.
  3. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thats good to know, ive been waiting for them to release a evo light
  4. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    i havent run any rounds yet since getting my measure back but looking at the drum it looks like they have opened it up a little, there are some tool marks on it now that indicate it was modified. Perhaps that will help with that issue.
  5. CrashDodson

    Can't see hits or misses on cardboard

    Shooting competitive iron sights, I would say I shoot 90% target focused or less than front sight focused, unless its a really difficult shot 40-50 yard cardboard or small popper/plate at distance. I am not sure how maintaining a front site focus would assist your target transitions. Even if you were doing a front sight focus the typical method would be to shift your eyes to the target then transfer the gun to that spot. Trying to maintain a front sight focus while transitioning targets would be painfully slow. For 7ish yards and in I dont really even use the sights. 10-30 yards its a soft front sight focus. Past 30 yards it just depends. Some say its just as fast to get a front sight focus as compared to not, but this is what works for me. Because of vision issues getting a front sight focus for me is actually slow and confusing. I use tape to distort my non dominate eye for this reason.
  6. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    That's pretty close to the way mine is setup
  7. CrashDodson

    Reduced Size Targets in USPSA

    Because I know how to use the search tool
  8. CrashDodson

    Reduced Size Targets in USPSA Half-sized targets of either type are approved for use at Level I matches only and may be used together with full-size targets of same type on a course of fire. No portion of half-sized targets may be covered with hard cover or no-shoots; they must be presented as full targets. The opposite side may be used as a no-shoot target, as with full-sized targets, but they may only be used as free-standing no-shoots, and any half-sized target visually blocked in such a manner must be fully visible at some other point in the course of fire. Half-sized targets may not be mounted onto full-sized no-shoot targets or used as no-shoots on full-sized scoring targets. Restrictions on angle of placement still apply for IPSC targets.
  9. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thats a great idea. Will also keep random reloading supplies from showing up at your door from Amazon if your Alexa is too close to your press.
  10. CrashDodson

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    If I was to ever shoot PCC which is not likely to happen, I would want it in .40. Only because I dont want to change out a press setup to load anything else.
  11. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    The reason for the filters is to block interference created by the motor.
  12. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Know that the cheap desktop UPS's do not correct the sine wave. If your getting a UPS for cleaner power as well as protection you need a "smart ups". Here are some cost effective examples: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00429N192?tag=thewire06-20&linkCode=xm2&ascsubtag=AgEAAAAAAAAAASIZ https://www.amazon.com/APC-Sinewave-Battery-Protector-BR1500MS/dp/B0779LDRWZ https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/887781-REG/APC_smc1500_Smart_UPS_C_1500VA_with.html/?ap=y&gclid=CjwKCAiAgrfhBRA3EiwAnfF4tvERjF5ZR9kcssd1xlZBybkkZguuCghxOvzAvNx3YuWg5VvxD3YwyRoC42EQAvD_BwE&lsft=BI%3A514&smp=Y
  13. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Would also recommend ordering some different size syringes to get that grease and oil where it needs to be.
  14. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    Just recieved my rebuilt powder measure. The action is a lot smoother. Haven't been motivated to go put it back on and run some rounds yet but hopeful my issues are behind me. Now if I could get some might armory pins that the primers dont stick to I would be a happy guy.
  15. CrashDodson

    Mark7 Evolution

    I never had much trouble with my 1050 and mark7. Once I found the right die combo it ran great. I sold it because I needed the money at the time but last years taxes didnt F me as bad as expected so I went with the evo pro. I'm a gadget guy and M7 support has been good to me. The thing is brand new. Everyone that orders one this year is an early adopter and you should expect to have to work through a few issues. Do you think the first round of Dillon presses went out without customers having trouble? No. I'm receiving my fully rebuilt powder measure next week and will let you know how it goes. You cant go wrong with a 1050 and m7 I just like the new toys. With that said the evo is built like a tank compared to the 1050. Have not had a priming problem in 5k rounds. I had one federal NT brass sneak through which jammed it up but that wasn't the evos fault. I really wanted the primer collator but I'm pretty happy with the evo and the rf100.