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  1. CrashDodson

    Crash Log

    @Jake Di Vita I am definitely going to check out that mobility wod. This weekend I shot the Arkansas sectional. It was hot and a lot more humid than I am used to. I easily drank one bottle of water a stage plus a little extra. From my cycling days I have some hammer nutrition electrolyte pills and I took one of those every few hours as well. There was one point in the match were i started to get a flushed/tingling feeling. I dunked a towel in the cooler and wrapped it around my neck and it seemed to provide some relief. I went into the match feeling good. I had done a lot of practice since double tap on small steel and transition change ups from easy paper to hard steel. I think during the time of my wrist injury and loss of strength I have created some problems with my grip. On the first stage of the day which was a simple speed shoot I had some sort of malfunction, racked the slide and the mag fell out. Same thing that happened at double tap. I believe I am relaxing my grip and my hand is coming in contact with the mag release (which already has the smallest button possible and a high power spring). This issue cost me about 6 seconds of time putting me 13th on the stage. On another stage there was an interesting activator sequence with several options. One popper activated two swingers, with one swinger being considerably slower than the other. I took the option I saw some salty open shooters take on the stage, and from others match video the common way to shoot the stage. I had a mike on the slow swinger. After shooting the swinger you would shuffle to the last position. This was obviously rushing and not calling my shots. There was one quick stage with two walls angled to the inside of the stage (upside down V) with 6 square plates setup so that you had to create two positions to shoot them all, with paper on the outside of the stage. I shot the right paper and first 3 plates as well as I could and then the 4th plate, before the movement to the next position, took 4 FOUR 1 2 3 4 shots to hit. This was about a 4 second mistake. This was beyond frustrating since it was specifically what I had been practicing the week before. I adjusted my grip on the last shot and hit the plate. This may go back to the weakness in my support hand from the wrist injury. There were 3 stages with plate racks and I did not shoot any of them clean. I had one stage win, the last stage of the day which was a big field course with a seated table start. It had everything. Long distance poppers, a plate rack, tight partials and a swinger. I won this stage by almost 5% even with 2 makeup shots on the plate rack. I ended up 4th in limited, shooting 94% of the GM that won. This week I am really focusing on my grip in dry fire. I think I have been complacent with my grip since I got my cast off and I need to fix it. I have got to find a way to correct my trouble shooting steel. At this point I think its a combination of grip and patience but it has been an issue that comes and goes since I started shooting USPSA.
  2. Thats a good point. Im shooting High desert the week before nats too.
  3. I missed this and I didn't see an email Match shows full. I wait-listed, guess well see.
  4. CrashDodson

    Salomon Speedcross life? How much wear?

    Im pretty impressed with these altra king MT. They stop so much better than my Salomon or inov8. I'll be sticking with these for a while I think. The toe box area is really wide and there is just tons of traction. Dont know how well they will do in mud, hopefully wont find out.
  5. CrashDodson

    Electronic Ear Protection

    I used insurance with sound gear. You just need to find an audiologist that works with the brand you want and knows how to code it for insurance.
  6. CrashDodson

    No grease?

    When I was running slide glide I would mix one part slide glide light to one part oil and that seemed to work well, even when it was cold. I have had guns not run in the cold with slide glide.
  7. Both of my current limited guns are sight trackers, I had two previous there were also sight trackers and two that were not. Not that it means anything but I was still a C class shooter when I had my guns that were not sight trackers. I cant tell you if the front sight staying in place is of any real benefit. I think the benefit comes from less reciprocating mass and more weight out front. I currently have two guns one with a full dust cover and the other is a full dust cover with tac rails. They both track the same to me. I have not done as much testing, and its likely no one has, as @CHA-LEE has with limited guns. If you care about the looks of the gun I prefer the looks of a sight tracker over a island design. I have yet to break anything other than rear sights. In my experience the sight trackers I have owned like to melt off the front fiber bulb at about 400-500 rounds. This can also be due to the powder I am using.
  8. CrashDodson

    Electronic Ear Protection

    I have been very satisfied with my sound Gears. But I also have never tried any other brands. Before the sound gears I used some self molded non electronic plugs. The sound quality of the sound gears is very good. They are considered hearing aid quality electronics. They have easy to use volume adjustment and a button that you can use for a few different modes or to turn off hearing enhancement.
  9. CrashDodson

    Double undercut trigger guard? Yes or no?

    I have large hands and run double undercut on mine.
  10. CrashDodson

    SV non AET barrels

    For what its worth....I have had trouble with their AET/Tin barrels. The ones I have come across were not throated as deep as I would like for long loaded .40. And you can not ream them because of the TIN coating. The ones I had in AET/Tin would only run .400 sized bullets also. I sold one SV gun I had because of the trouble with the Tin coated AET barrel. I currently have two limited sight trackers. One with a Schumann hybrid AET and the other with an SV hybrid, not AET. They are both more accurate than I am but I had them both throated for long loads, they also both run .401's. Shooting .400's out of the Schumann actually resulted in bullet tumbling.
  11. CrashDodson

    Double Alpha Alpha-X holster

    I just got the thigh pad. Two practice sessions with it. Not sure I can tell a difference, but I dont notice it so maybe that means its working? I bought it just because, not really to diagnose any issue I was having. I imagine it makes the holster a little more stable. I have not tested it seated to see if it adds anything from that position. If I was running an alphax in 3gun I would want the muzzle support. I knocked my pistol out twice running a race master with my shotgun stock.
  12. CrashDodson

    MBX magazines

    I have had the best luck with SVI tubes, TT base pads and grams springs/followers. I check the feed lips before major matches, which you should do on any 2011 mag. I sent a mag to my gun builder and he tunes the gun to work with my mags. Keep them clean and feed lips in spec and I have no trouble.
  13. CrashDodson

    Crash Log

    Thanks Jake, I will work on this. I think I struggle with flexibility. Maybe I should start going to yoga with my wife.
  14. CrashDodson

    No grease?

    The Atlas guy is not a metalurgist. I ran slide glide for a really long time. For the last 6 months I have been using Lubriplate on my locking lugs and rails. I oil other parts that need oiling. My guns run and run. At the end of a match or practice session there is still grease. I dont roll my guns around in the dirt and I do a basic cleaning before every match. If you oil often I think oil is probably fine. Im not the kind of person thats going to oil my gun mid match or remember to on a multi day match. http://www.grantcunningham.com/2006/05/lubrication-101/ https://lubrikit.com/