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  1. also how did you activate the trolley by opening then window
  2. how did you get it to come to a nice stop?
  3. Garage door track is a good idea. I might give that one a go. Could offer some protection for at least the front part of the track with some angle iron.
  4. Very cool. Does weight alone keep the trolley on the track?
  5. Thats kind of the idea im going for. I would need it to survive a uspsa major match. Im guessing somewhat like a rollercoaster works. I would build one out of steel i imagine. Just need to find some pictures of such a contraption.
  6. Ive been watching a lot of ipsc stages on youtube lately to get a feel for IPSC stage design and I noticed a lot of their "open" targets are placed in a "C" shaped box of walls to make the target disappear once past it. I suppose a barrel would work just as well.
  7. In a lot of IPSC match video I have seen they use a sliding target. A target that moves from one side to another on a tract or something similar. Does anyone have some pictures/videos/details on these contraptions? would like to build one but not sure where to start.
  8. Very cool. Wish I had the tools and ability to make stuff like that.
  9. Going to try to load some this weekend and see.
  10. I've had a similar experience but they have paid for shipping. Not overnight but thats ok. My Powder measure has been back twice, each time for weeks. I had the same thing happen I got the powder measure back last week, no hopper attachment. I received the hopper attachment yesterday. I have not loaded but maybe 100 rounds since Christmas. I've not experienced the issue with the primer rocker but my evo pro has maybe 5k rounds on it. Keeping my fingers crossed there. They really need to get a better ticketing system, perhaps lyman can help in that regard. The support personal I have worked with have all been friendly enough. But it seems like they are not doing enough to make sure us early adopters, which are now the voice of the product, are satisfied and running smoothly. You in no way should have to pay to replace parts they know are defective. I am sure they are overwhelmed with orders and repairs but if your customer service is poor then it doesn't matter how great a product is.
  11. They definitely still sell .40. Let me reach out to them. I will message you. The longer loaded .40 is for two reasons. One is for more consistent chambering in 2011s and the other is to reduce pressure when trying to make major with hot powder. BCT's match grade .40 is loaded with N320 and precision delta bullets. They have a more cost effect option using blue bullets for practice type ammo. I am reaching out to the owner now to see why .40 is not on the website and will get you pricing. My 2011's will run sami spec or long loaded. They both run fine in mine. There are plenty of 2011's though that start puking when fed rounds shorter than 1.180
  12. What sensors would get installed at the factory? The only thing that would make sense to be pre-installed is the swage sense. When I ordered my pro I had to remove the stock swage and install my swage sense, even though I ordered the sensors with the original purchase.
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