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  1. I struggled with mine when i first got it. It was skinning the shells sometimes as they went into the chamber. I broke the sharp edge of the chamber with some emery cloth and it helped a ton. Might be something you can check out.
  2. My Honcho likes 8.3 gr HS-6 @ 1.165 under a 124gr RMR jacketed HP. 170+ PF
  3. I know that if I do not unlock my DAA holster, I can easily pull my pants and belt combo over my head without the pistol ever coming out of it!! LOL
  4. I think the cutout looks good since the silver color contrasts with the holster. Nice job.
  5. I really like the race holster too. This is good info. Thanks
  6. Perfect!! I was on their website this morning and I figured that might be the one. Thank you.
  7. I have a DAA race holster for shooting USPSA but I am going to shoot some 3 gun as well. What holsters are you 3 gunners using with your Honchos?
  8. Be cautious when hanging longer shotty mags on the front of your belt. Works well unless you have to really get after it and run. Then the mag, well, kinda hits you in a spot that does not help your time. Ha ha.
  9. The Springer plates work great and are a well built piece.
  10. I am starting to realize this is how it is.
  11. I did a practice session last night. 2 shots with just my plugs in and the ringing started. Added the muffs and had no issues after that. I think I will be wearing the plugs all day at the matches and just add the muffs when it is my turn to shoot. Unless someone on here gives me an idea for the greatest hearing protection ever!!
  12. I kind of wondered if this was the case.
  13. I am transitioning from carry-ops shooter to open division. I have been shooting with the Sound Gear Instant Fit electronic plugs and they work really good...unless I have to RO an open shooter. When I shoot my new open pistol, I use the Sound Gear plugs with a set of muffs over them. This makes it very pleasant to shoot and I experience no ringing afterwards. Now that the 2020 Race Gun Nationals are over, I have been seeing a lot of video footage and a majority of the shooters and ROs are not wearing muffs. It appears that most folks are wearing custom made in-the-ear plugs. I have done some research through the search field and found lots of info on hearing protection but not sure if the people are actually shooting open guns or not. I would love to hear what the open shooters are using for ear pro so I am more informed before making the large investment into a custom set of plugs. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.
  14. Where did you find an Allen wrench that small??
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