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  1. Thank you. This is what I was looking for.
  2. Where is this data from?? Can members of USPSA and Steel Challenge view the data??
  3. Is there anywhere that a person can look to see the number of shooters that have made it to each certain classification level, particularly GM status??
  4. Yep. Small, short, stiff spring. Might even just be out of position. Super easy to check it.
  5. I did 12-15 inch pounds as well with Blue Loctite. Similar to a scope ring base.
  6. The search on my phone found nothing but an improved search on my work computer found the answer in this forum. Thanks Question for you guys. Hopefully you can save me from reading through all the pages since my search didn't find anything. I have a standard rifle length Rock River fixed stock that I like the cheek weld on. Wanted to try it on the VR but I am not sure the rifle length 223 rated spring will be compatible with 12 gauge recoil. Anyone have any idea if this will work?
  7. Same here. T&N acts like it is no big deal.
  8. Ha ha. Was hoping nobody would ask. I lined the grip insert with 2" wide packing tape, sticky side down. Then i put some E6000 clear flexible sealant in and let it setup for a few minutes. Dumped the shot in and tamped it into the sealant making sure that it did not stick up too high to reinstall the insert then put another thin layer of sealant on top. After about two hours, the E6000 was setup enough that i could remove the entire thing from the insert without it "growing" bigger. I trimmed off the excess tape and then wrapped the entire thing in another layer of packing tape. Smashed it back in the insert and installed the insert on the gun. It took a bit of stuffing to get it in there but not bad. The E6000 is now completely setup with the shot embedded and the tape keeps any shot from coming loose and falling out. Easy, functional and also not permanent. Can remove and do away with it if needed.
  9. Finally got all my parts installed and got back to the range last night for a few hundred rounds. I added the CGW guide rod with the 15lb flat wire spring. This made the recoil much nicer than stock with my 130PF 124gr loads. Very happy with the flat shooting nature of the gun now although it wasn't too bad before. The Theta trigger is still nice and the internal parts must be wearing in a bit because the trigger has zero gritty feel now(1500 rounds). I added Springer Precision base pads and they fit great but I ended up going with the stock spring and follower. I order the Grams stuff with my base pads but Spirnger sent the non-P series kit so the follower didn't fit well enough to function and it caused nose down jams on the ramp. Went back to the stock stuff and it runs flawlessly. Can get 22 reloadable in them with the stock spring and follower. I also filled the grip void with 1.8 ounces of #8 shot shell pellets. This seemed to balance the gun nicely in my hand and took any front bias feeling away. Overall, I am pleased with this build and believe that it will perform well in the CO division for me. Now I just need to hold up on my end.
  10. That turned out looking really nice!! Who did the milling for you?
  11. I have the Theta in mine and it definitely shortens the pre-travel up. Other than that, not much difference.
  12. The bolt release is an angry piece of metal in a terrible place and has claimed several chunks of flesh from my hand while charging the gun!!
  13. This is good news. If Tooth and Nail doesn't ship my pre-order next week like they said, I will be cancelling the order and looking for something else.
  14. I finally found a P10F OR on the 4th of July at our local indoor range. Bought it immediately and finally got an optic plate so I could shoot it last night. Put the 507c on it and a Theta trigger but no other mods. Very pleased with this pistol in stock form. Recoil was easy to manage and the dot stayed parked pretty well. Shot about 300 rounds without a single malfunction. I want to get a different guide rod and experiment with springs to see if improvement can be had. Should I go tungsten or just stainless? Sounds like the 13 to 15 lb springs are working well for people so I will stay in that range. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread as it is very helpful.
  15. You should read through this thread. Tons of info on the VR80
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