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  1. You could probably get through a stage ok but I shot three 45 round mags on drills and had to put the thing down.
  2. My buddy has the Taccom ULW barrel with the carbon fiber handguard over it and it does not take very long before the handguard is almost too hot to handle!! I think a handguard is mandatory for sure!
  3. Yeah, I think the barrel has to stay. My plan now is to incorporate the gold into whatever scheme i dream up. Or...i could just put the money toward ammo to practice and quit being a poser!! Ha ha
  4. Wow!! What a change in looks. I really like the hard chrome look... just not the gold barrel.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I may have to change my plans and either incorporate the gold into my plan or go with chrome or black.
  6. Looking for advice and or ideas for changing the looks of my DVC. Don't get me wrong here, I love this pistol and it has performed very well for me this year but I am not a huge fan of the yellow/gold color on the barrel. I would really like to change the color to blue if possible. I know that cerakote will alter the tolerance on the barrel fit so I am looking for other options. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Ha ha. figured that out on the first reloading session. At least it washed off easily though.
  8. Follow up on this. I got some 180 grain Blues in and loaded them up over 4.5gr. of WST at 1.18 for the STI to eat. Too snowy to try the poppers or spinner still but they crush the knock down plates!! Thanks again to all who commented on this. Much appreciated. I think these are going to work very well.
  9. I ordered some up yesterday and used the BENOS code. Thanks guys for the replies!!
  10. Thanks for the replies. I figured this would be the case. They tend to throw a lot of spinners and such at us around here so just wanted to make sure.
  11. I am going to start loading some 180 grain Blue Bullets to shoot out of my STI DVC Limited 40. I shoot a bunch of USPSA and 3-gun. I am curious as to how these bullets work on knock down steel targets or spinners that we often find in 3-gun. Will they perform just like a plated bullet?? I don't see why there would be much difference but did not want to find out the hard way so thought I would see if anyone has any experience smashing steel with these
  12. Pat, did you have the dovetail cut in or did you do it yourself??
  13. After a match this weekend where they had some longer(out to 100 yards) shots with slugs, I began thinking how nice it would be to have confidence walking up to those. I can hit them in practice but the time it takes to get lined up is unacceptable in a match under the clock. I am shooting a Stoeger M3K and have been looking at the Truglo Pro-Gobble turkey sights. They look simple and seem like they are perfect for lining up on slug targets. BUT will they hamper my quick shooting on all the steel and possible flying clays that a majority of the match is about. I did a search and was not coming up with much for answers. Please feel free to recommend other systems...10/22 rear, XS etc. Really wanted to try something before I modded the gun but am pretty open to suggestions. Thanks
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