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  1. Interesting. I wonder why the difference.
  2. Ha ha. Not fatter!! Started using it for 3 gun so accessories came on and off easier. Just kind of like the system.
  3. I recently switched to a ratcheting gun belt and am really liking it. I am headed to an Area match this year and want to make sure i am legal with this belt. I have read the below rule from USPSA and i believe that the ratchet tightened down constitutes being fixed at the waist. Thoughts??
  4. I am pretty happy with my T&N trigger. Massive improvement over stock obviously. Light pull weight with a tiny hint of creep. Makes shooting accurate slug shots much easier. Install was easy and it has simply worked. Just my opinion.
  5. My 320 Legion is starting to have wear spots on the slide from dry fire and shooting. Thinking about polishing it. Anybody done it?? Or would a cerakote job be better?
  6. Looks like that Taccom brake works very well!! What shells are you using? Do you have a specific brand or just any 1oz 2 3/4 dram??
  7. So a little follow up on this comment. I ended up buying a mil spec tube to replace the factory tube and a stock to go with it. I went to install the mil spec tube and it would not screw easily into the lower. It seemed like the threads on the new tube were the same pitch but deeper cut that the factory tube. I was about to get really pissed when i decided to see how tight the new mil spec stock was on the factory tube. Stock fit as perfectly as you could possibly want. So the outside diameter of my factory commercial tube was pretty much mil spec!! No wonder the commercial Magpul stock would not stay put. I had to laugh when i thought back to this comment. You were spot on with that one!!
  8. I had an RHT for my last CO gun but tried a Weber Tactical USPSA Gamer holster for my new 320 Legion. I think the Weber quality is just as good as RHT and very well thought out. Might be another option to look at.
  9. Good info. Thanks. I know what i need to do then.
  10. Stock tube. Commercial stock. Maybe i need to start over with a new tube and stock configuration. Cant hardly get through a mag without it collapsing, which usually results in a short stroke jam.
  11. I put the commercial stock on the stock tube.
  12. Question for you guys. I have a thousand or more rounds through my VR now but I have a reoccurring issue coming up and hoping someone can help. I put a Magpul MOE SL stock on it and under recoil the stock will collapse to its shortest position. Not very fun when your face gets that close to the upper of a 12 guage! Are these notorious for collapsing like this or what? I know this is the model without the locking lever and maybe I messed up getting this over the locking one. Anyone know of a fix for this...or do I need a different stock. Thanks
  13. I did 3.6 to make sure i make PF. It still shoots pretty soft.
  14. VU2AKILL

    23 round mags?

    I have stock 21 round mags with TTI +2 extentions on them and they will hold 23, although it is tight. Still reloadable, but tight.
  15. I am a recent convert to Sport Pistol. 3.6 gr behind a 135gr Blue Bullet. Soft shooting and ridiculously clean shooting in my Sig x-five Legion. I have not got a chance to run it in my MPX pcc yet but i'm sure it will be fine.
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