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    shadow 2 rear sight

    I tried every one in my tool box and out of 50 plus could not get one that would fit right. Crazy. Thanks

    shadow 2 rear sight

    Any idea what size allen wrench the set screws take? I have tried every one i have and cannot find one that fits.
  3. This is exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you for taking time to post it.
  4. Shot my new Shadow 2 last night for the first sight in. Load was pretty accurate out of my gun shooting sub-2" 15 yard groups offhand. I shoot 125gr RN Blue Bullets over 4.8gr of Ramshot True Blue @1.135 OAL. This load shoots great out of all my 9mm pistols and my Sig MPX. Seems to be pretty clean as well.
  5. I have been dabbling in the carry ops class with my XDM and am thinking sbout converting my Shadow 2 over to a carry ops gun. I know the rules state that any gun with an external hammer must be started in the hammer down position. Curious what peoples procedures are at the make ready command to get the gun to the hammer down status. Are you guys just manually letting it down (probably) or is there a better and safer way??
  6. Which slugs did you end up shooting here? Still Winchester?
  7. That is crazy. So the slower low recoil rounds actually fly flatter than the high velocity heavy slugs. Interesting. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Do yours seem to hit way low at 100?? I am shooting faster slugs than you(1500-1600 fps) and mine are at least a foot low at 100 yards after being zeroed at 50. Mine are also 1 oz and yours are 7/8 I believe so that may be the difference. Just curious if you were holding a little high on those long shots or not. Thanks
  9. So far I have tried the Xtreme slugs from Freedom Munitions (1500fps) and the Winchester Super X (1600 fps) through the stock mod choke with great results. Both shoot 3 holes touching out to 50. They are dead on point of aim out to about 65 yards but then start dropping out. At least a foot low at 100 yards but still a sub 6 inch group. I am going to get some low recoil Fiocchis and try them out when i find them for close in paper work on stages. Every shotgun I own shoots the above slugs pretty well. Recoil isn't terrible either. You might want to give them a try. Good luck
  10. Did you happen to shoot any at 100 yards? Mine stacks them at 50 like yours but isn't as impressive at 100. I shot the plain lead Xtreme slugs from Freedom. Are yours copper plated or plain lead?
  11. Ribbed...for your pleasure!! ha ha ha ha
  12. I have a 510C on my MPX and on my VR80 (AR-like shotty) and they are both perfect height as is. Can't see you needing a riser to use it on a JP rifle.
  13. I struggled to get my bolt to lock back in stock form. Ended up unscrewing the buffer tube a couple turns and it was a night and day difference. Might help your cause too.
  14. Still loving my VR. Got the 19 rounders in now and it is so much fun!! I have had a couple instances where i get my support hand about midway on the handguard and i get a little bit of a hot gas wake up call. ha ha. Thinking about trying to figure out a shield for the midsection of the guard. I think I saw that Tim from Taccom built something but I cannot find the pic now. Any ideas out there?
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