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  1. Thanks guys. ..I'll figure something out
  2. Yes to the above pic...2 metal tabs that holds the belt
  3. Any suggestions on replacing the belt straps on a safariland 014 holster...Evidently Safariland will not. I sent them an email and about a week later they responded with a link to purchase some mounting items that did not have the straps in it... I cannot post a picture of it but it is the two metal straps that go on the Belt mount....
  4. thanks guys i settled for a 55" savior equipment bag off amazon for $85. had good reviews and was priced right.
  5. Looking for a 52" long multi gun bag....any good places to look?
  6. Trade you a nice go pro hero 3 and $100 cash for the upper can text pics of the go pro

    1. choppe


      Sorry. Not looking for any trades.

  7. And I'm not even gonna bring up the 12 year old sponsored shooters that are sponsored fir a reason. .lol
  8. Thanks I no more got this one typed and seen the other thread..lol. .but I do see myself trying to keep up with the higher classified shooters which hurts me in the end
  9. I'm a "C" class shooter...only shoot limited class...I have found when I am squaded with shooters above my class I tend to get intemidated and shoot poorly...but shoot a lil better when I'm with average shooters...anyone else?
  10. ive noticed this in other competive sports with me also....golf...3-d archery...ect....if im with people that do better then me ill do better...if im with people that don't take it seriously I tend to coast..lol
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