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  1. Thanks guys. ..I'll figure something out
  2. Yes to the above pic...2 metal tabs that holds the belt
  3. Any suggestions on replacing the belt straps on a safariland 014 holster...Evidently Safariland will not. I sent them an email and about a week later they responded with a link to purchase some mounting items that did not have the straps in it... I cannot post a picture of it but it is the two metal straps that go on the Belt mount....
  4. thanks guys i settled for a 55" savior equipment bag off amazon for $85. had good reviews and was priced right.
  5. Looking for a 52" long multi gun bag....any good places to look?
  6. But my hold up is there are no big magazine extensions for Springfield armory mags like glock 57 rounders
  7. I have a pcc just been eyeballin this set up..lol
  8. Thanks for the info...im mainly thinking about using it in local club uspsa matches...no shots over 25 yrds usually....any info on places that sell them?
  9. My xdm's have powder river precision triggers in them. ..im just curious on how well they run..
  10. Thinking about getting one for my XDM pistol lower...
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