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  1. I've never shot a match like that, but it looks pretty interesting. It's kind of hard to tell much from the diagrams, but I do like movers and ispc targets. Mostly because I don't see them very often here. I never really thought about comparing the match entry fee to the round count, but I do like matches that have a distinctive style, so I would probably go if I could.
  2. It’s actually a choice within your color options. Black heavy duty I think it is called. I did the thinner version which may have been a mistake, but it seems ok.
  3. I just did the r/c owb quick ship holster from JM Custom Kydex for $42. Nothing fancy or double layered, but it seems to work well.
  4. I managed to get a box. $66.90 to my door......Yikes! Oh well.
  5. Did a little mallet testing of my own with primed cases and the springs and FP I had on hand. CZC extended FP with rami FP spring - ignition with mallet. I can confirm that, with the 11.5lb mainspring, the hammer rests on the slide, and the tip of the FP extends past the hole. Stock FP with rami FP spring - NO ignition with mallet. This might be the best scenario, as the tip doesn't extend past the hole, but the hammer is still resting on the slide with a 13lb mainspring. This setup lit off CCI with a DA pull. Stock FP with stock FP Spring. - NO ignition with mallet. The stock FP spring does hold the hammer off the slide however (if it matters). Even with a 15lb mainspring. This setup lit off CCI with a DA pull. DA pull was 8lb.
  6. Just sharing some Sport Pistol info from my chrono session this morning. Felt soft and the 25yd freestyle group was all in the head of a USPSA target (not the A box, but I'm not that capable). CZ Shadow 2 RMR 124gr FMJ Round Nose 1.097 OAL 3.8 Sport Pistol CCI Small Pistol Primer .378 Crimp Mixed range brass 52°F Avg PF: 132.37 # FPS PF 12 1043 129.33 11 1070 132.68 10 1076 133.42 9 1083 134.29 8 1066 132.18 7 1060 131.44 6 1063 131.81 5 1060 131.44 4 1070 132.68 3 1073 133.05 2 1060 131.44 1 1086 134.66
  7. Sapoutfitters has the receivers.
  8. I just buy 10/22 receivers from S&P Outfitters.
  9. I like my Berger Precision one a lot. I ordered through facebook.
  10. I think that is the 507C.
  11. Maybe.... your stiffest belt $0 2 RLN pouches $35 Safariland 5197? $35
  12. I use ACME. I like the new profile version 124, and their shipping is real fast.
  13. De-cocker is fine for make ready. I've never had an RO make me lower the hammer by hand. After the stage, I'm pretty sure you have to pull the trigger.
  14. The CZ-USA P10F's seem good to me. I don't have a ton of rounds through mine (maybe 800), but no problems yet. I got my optic plates from czcustom and they are working great so far. They might be out of plates at the moment, but I think they are making more all the time. I did the email notification and ordered right away.
  15. I have that combo and use it in a P09 shooting limited minor. I can confirm 23. I reload to a 22 just to make it easier to seat the mag during a stage.
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