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  1. 4n2t0 Thanks for the video. I just ordered one.
  2. Went with the 15/22. I put the jp yellow spring kit in. Put about 500rds in it yesterday. It’s a blast to shoot and ran 100% reliable. Next question. How much weight will I save with the volquartsen lightweight barrel? edited to add What optic do you guys prefer? Right now I’m running an eotech 512 that I had laying around.
  3. Looks like with the stock and barrel the 10/22 would still be over 3.5lbs before adding the receiver or anything else I’m just going to go with the 15-22 and add a lightweight barrel and handguard if it fatigues my son too much. We will see how he does with it. Just need to decide what optic for it. I am leaning towards a cmore right now.
  4. Is reliability going to an issue rowdyb? I have no clue that’s why I’m here asking. Is the 15-22 going to be more reliable? Will it still be reliable with a lightweight barrel? i know what it’s like to have one that’s difficult to keep running. I would say reliability is first concern then weight. Thanks
  5. This might be a dumb question. But, if I were to go with a 10/22 would I actually buy the 10/22? I ask because if I bought a barrel, trigger kit and chassis there doesn’t seem like there would be much more to buy. Maybe just the bolt and receiver?
  6. It is not quite as light as I need it to be. What type of weight savings can you get from a lightweight barrel and carbon fiber handguard?
  7. Hello. I am looking for suggestions for a rifle and optic for rimfire optics. I would like it to be as light as possible and have an adjustable stock. It needs to be reliable as well. My son will also be using this for plinking and would be a starter gun when he is ready for Steel Challenge. This is why it must be light. He likes shooting my ar with a conversation kit but it’s a little heavy for him and doesn’t run 100%
  8. That thing looks terrible. I’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to help you dispose of it. In all seriousness congrats. It looks fantastic.
  9. Yea. Found it dragging on the frame in several places. Sanded them all down and still a no go. I’m sure there is some place I’m not seeing. Guess I’ll try to find someone local that knows more than I do (won’t be hard). I just don’t want to mess up this one and have to buy another.
  10. The pin on the nitro fin is actually slightly smaller.
  11. The pin passed through the link. I am %100 certain of it. It’s like once in you can’t hit the slide release to make the slide go forward. I’ll try to take a video of it later.
  12. The shaft goes in no problem. Once in the gun is just locked up. Seems like something else is hanging up. I hate to sand on on everything without knowing where to actually sand.
  13. Pictures of what you guys are talking about would be great. I’m pretty clueless.
  14. What part am I sanding? The hook thing? Sorry. New to 1911 style pistols
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