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  1. Just shot my first Steel Challenge match this weekend. I think I enjoyed it more than the USPSA match, probably because I was better at it . I plan to keep doing both, and look forward to improving at both. Thanks for all the tips.
  2. Well, looks like I overpaid by $25, but I got the TXG module in today. I was surprised about how much weight it adds, but it feels a lot better. Can't wait to try it out.
  3. Just tried it earlier and it did. You have to register an account first and be signed in before you can use the code.
  4. Sig has a coupon code NSSF2019 for 15% off all non-sale items in the Sig Store. Wish I would have seen it before I bought one for $275.
  5. Nope, a local match right over the border in NC.
  6. Do they have a site to order from? Or do you just call?
  7. cdholmes

    P320 X5 Thread

    I already have the steel guide rod, and have been using a 15lb spring. What's the most common weight that's used. I shot Speer Lawman 124gr in my first USPSA match, but will probably by some of the competition loads from Atlanta Arms.
  8. cdholmes

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thinking about buying the Legion grip for my X5, as well as a tungsten guide rod. Do these really make a big difference? I am shooting CO.
  9. Definitely need to work on that too. I was lucky to be in a squad with some pretty good shooters, so I was able to watch them and plan accordingly. I pretty much just focused on counting the targets and making sure I got them all.
  10. Well, scored 39 out of 54 overall, and 8 out of 13 in CO. Time was pretty slow, but I had the most A hits overall. Had a great time and could feel myself getting more comfortable as we progressed through the stages. Looking forward to shooting more and getting better.
  11. I think what I'm most nervous about is stage planning and missing targets. What's the process of getting a walkthrough of the stages, and how much time do you have?
  12. Finally signed up for my first USPSA match this Saturday. I'll be shooting a Sig X5 with Romeo 1 in CO using Speer Lawman 124gr. Any advice, tips, tricks are welcome. I've shot timed courses of fire before during work qualifications, but nothing quite like this.
  13. cdholmes

    P320 X5 Thread

    I've been practicing with my X5 after putting a Springer Precision stainless steel guide rod in. With the 15 lb. spring, after my first shot, the gun doesn't even dip back down low enough to be on target, and I have to push the gun back down. Should I install the stock guide rod assembly, or invest in one of the tungsten guide rods? I've been shooting Speer Lawman 124 gr.
  14. Any difference you’ve seen between the X5 and FS with the X5 grip module?
  15. Why no RMR? Window size? Glass clarity?
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