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  1. Tanders

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    If you care about the reset, they also sell a short reset kit that will get you really close to the reset on the S2 without removing the FPB safety.
  2. Tanders

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    The hammer in the S2 is significantly improved compared to the factory SP-01 hammer which is absolute trash. If you don't want to pay for a full Pro Package from Cajun Gun Works, just pick up an adjustable sear and hammer kit from them for less than $150. It isn't that hard to install and it really improves trigger break (it will be even better than the factory S2 trigger when you're done).
  3. Tanders

    Extractor issues TSO

    I had this exact same problem with a brand new SP-01 Shadow. The extractor spring was just out of spec. Swapped it out for a different (factory) spring and the problem went away.
  4. I started with bullets forward and then switched to bullets out 'cause Stoeger makes it look cool. Stuck with that for about a year, then switched back to bullets forward because I found it more difficult to get the base of the mags to contact the same spot on my palm every time with bullets out. This would occasionally cause the mag to not seat properly and fall back out of the gun after a reload. Haven't had that problem since switching back. I don't notice any difference in reload speed between the two setups. I think it just comes down to whether you prefer having your index finger or your thumb contact the mag first.
  5. I don't want to change Production because I have any problem with the division in its current state. As I have mentioned multiple times, I do not give a crap about the round limit in Production and I am fine with the rules the way they are. However, participation in Production has been falling off since the introduction of other minor-only divisions. It therefore seems logical that in order to stay relevant, Production needs an identity that allows it to compete for participation with PCC and CO. "The iron sight minor-only division" sounds a lot more attractive than "the minor-only division with the lowest hit factors and all the reloads."
  6. Seems like a pretty cool setup. Looks like a .40 75B SA top end, right?
  7. I realize you posted this a long time ago, but I'm really curious what kind of capacity you got out of that setup. I've been thinking about converting a SP-01 to .40 to play around in Limited, but I couldn't find small frame 140mm basepads which could get the capacity above 17 rounds. What capacity were you getting?
  8. Ha! You think I can be taken in so easily? Your schemes are futile! I know better than to ever mess with the Mesa/Phoenix shooting scene. It is common knowledge that the entire greater Phoenix area has been endowed with unholy magic which enables even the "vested ones" to shoot with reasonable speed and accuracy. No, thank you, good sir. I do not hold with such devilry. I will content myself with crushing the dreams of local yokels and leave the darkness of Mesa/Phoenix to those of stouter heart than myself.
  9. I think a larger part of it was "Stegger" making DA/SA look cool. I definitely drank the Koolaid on that one. Oddly enough, "Stegger" doesn't do the "Flip'N'Catch", though.
  10. IDPA does serve a purpose. Anytime I'm depressed after getting spanked at a major USPSA match, I hit up my local IDPA club so that can I take out my rage on the vest-wearers. I feel like a shooting god in no time.
  11. I really like this idea and I was thinking about doing exactly that until I found out about the dot requirement.
  12. Did you bother to read the original post? I'll go over the key point to save you the trouble of scrolling back to read it: I don't give a crap about the capacity restriction; make it 10, make it 15, make it 8... doesn't matter to me. However, since there are currently no other iron sight divisions where you can be competitive shooting minor and Production has been drying up a bit recently, 15-round Production seems like a pretty cool idea since it would probably help draw people back into the division. The "shoot Limited minor" mantra I keep hearing is kind of dumb since everyone knows that isn't competitive if you're competing against someone of equal skill who is shooting major. Now that you're up to speed, I'll let you get back to calling people snowflakes on the internet.
  13. Having to run weird nonlinear stage plans in order to plan around reloading every 10 rounds frequently does drive people away from Production to other divisions as soon as they can get guns that enable them to compete elsewhere. There are also way too many nationally competitive GMs shooting plastic guns for anyone to think that you need an expensive gun to win Production matches. I addressed the 10-round limit in certain states in my original post. If you live in a Commie state and you are involved enough in the sport to want to travel to matches in unrestricted states, then you are involved enough to figure out how a rivet gun works. A lot of the MDs in Commies state ignore the capacity limits anyway. Are there any 9mm Production-legal gun which have a capacity low enough to be excluded by a 15-round limit? Besides, if a newbie wants to run a .40 or .45 that only holds 12 rounds, wouldn't they be better served by starting out in Limited 10? I looked up your classification record and it seems like you shoot Production pretty often. I'm genuinely curious what aspects of the division you find most appealing (for me it's iron sights and minor power factor). Are any of those aspects directly dependent on the 10-round limit? As I said before, I don't really care about 10 vs. 15 rounds as long as people aren't jumping ship for Limited or CO, but the round limit does seem to make Production less interesting to watch; a well-executed 10-round stage plan doesn't flow very well or look all that cool, even at the highest levels. I honestly don't understand why a significant portion of the membership is so driven to keep things exactly as they are even if changes may improve participation in a division that seems to be drying up.
  14. I personally don't care about the division capacity and I definitely wouldn't be in favor of increasing the capacity limit if it caused more people to leave. However, I do know a lot of people who dislike reloading 3+ times during a long course and cite this as the main reason that they don't shoot Production anymore. Why not run a provisional 15 round division and see if it's popular? It won't drastically change how the dynamic of the division and it doesn't contradict the vision of Production as a place where you can shoot "stock" guns. To reiterate, my main concern is increasing participation in some sort of accessible minor-only iron sight division; if Production-15 can accomplish that (which I think it will), then I am all for it. As for shooting a Production gun in Limited... minor scoring isn't competitive when everyone else is shooting major. Pretty sure that one has already been beat to death.
  15. You must be referring to Gabe White. I saw him shoot at Area 1 this year. Pretty impressive.
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