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  1. I really like this idea and I was thinking about doing exactly that until I found out about the dot requirement.
  2. Did you bother to read the original post? I'll go over the key point to save you the trouble of scrolling back to read it: I don't give a crap about the capacity restriction; make it 10, make it 15, make it 8... doesn't matter to me. However, since there are currently no other iron sight divisions where you can be competitive shooting minor and Production has been drying up a bit recently, 15-round Production seems like a pretty cool idea since it would probably help draw people back into the division. The "shoot Limited minor" mantra I keep hearing is kind of dumb since everyone knows that isn't competitive if you're competing against someone of equal skill who is shooting major. Now that you're up to speed, I'll let you get back to calling people snowflakes on the internet.
  3. Having to run weird nonlinear stage plans in order to plan around reloading every 10 rounds frequently does drive people away from Production to other divisions as soon as they can get guns that enable them to compete elsewhere. There are also way too many nationally competitive GMs shooting plastic guns for anyone to think that you need an expensive gun to win Production matches. I addressed the 10-round limit in certain states in my original post. If you live in a Commie state and you are involved enough in the sport to want to travel to matches in unrestricted states, then you are involved enough to figure out how a rivet gun works. A lot of the MDs in Commies state ignore the capacity limits anyway. Are there any 9mm Production-legal gun which have a capacity low enough to be excluded by a 15-round limit? Besides, if a newbie wants to run a .40 or .45 that only holds 12 rounds, wouldn't they be better served by starting out in Limited 10? I looked up your classification record and it seems like you shoot Production pretty often. I'm genuinely curious what aspects of the division you find most appealing (for me it's iron sights and minor power factor). Are any of those aspects directly dependent on the 10-round limit? As I said before, I don't really care about 10 vs. 15 rounds as long as people aren't jumping ship for Limited or CO, but the round limit does seem to make Production less interesting to watch; a well-executed 10-round stage plan doesn't flow very well or look all that cool, even at the highest levels. I honestly don't understand why a significant portion of the membership is so driven to keep things exactly as they are even if changes may improve participation in a division that seems to be drying up.
  4. I personally don't care about the division capacity and I definitely wouldn't be in favor of increasing the capacity limit if it caused more people to leave. However, I do know a lot of people who dislike reloading 3+ times during a long course and cite this as the main reason that they don't shoot Production anymore. Why not run a provisional 15 round division and see if it's popular? It won't drastically change how the dynamic of the division and it doesn't contradict the vision of Production as a place where you can shoot "stock" guns. To reiterate, my main concern is increasing participation in some sort of accessible minor-only iron sight division; if Production-15 can accomplish that (which I think it will), then I am all for it. As for shooting a Production gun in Limited... minor scoring isn't competitive when everyone else is shooting major. Pretty sure that one has already been beat to death.
  5. You must be referring to Gabe White. I saw him shoot at Area 1 this year. Pretty impressive.
  6. I really, REALLY like this. What would you do about gear placement on belts?
  7. It would be kind of cool to not stick every single new shooter who shows up with a Glock 17 in Limited minor. At least the winning stage HFs in Production would be less intimidating. Nick, you're classified in Production, right? What would it take for me to talk you into pulling out a Glock for a club match or two?
  8. Does Sevigny still shoot? I haven't seen his name in any major results in 2 or 3 years. Did FN shut down their shooting team?
  9. I think the solution is that I should just move to Atlanta! You guys have something like 5 Production GMs there, don't you? 125mm mags sound kind of cool. Where did Foley say this? I agree that hi-cap minor-only iron sights would make for an interesting division to try out.
  10. It does seem like Yong Lee, Hwansik Kim, and Keith Tyler contribute a lot to the popularity of Carry Optics in WA and OR. We have a lot of other really good A and M class shooters in WA who have said they might shoot Production if the round count increased. Most of the M and GM shooters are in Open and Limited, though. I don't need more names under mine in the results. I just want to fill in the 10% gap between the first and second place Production shooters. I will probably end up in Limited someday, but I'm still trying to hold off loading .40 if I can avoid it.
  11. Maybe I haven't talked to enough people, but most of the CO converts I have spoken with have said they don't like the reloads. I'm sure it's also fun to shoot a division that puts you higher on the combined overall without putting in more practice or spending a lot of money.
  12. This sounds really fun, but it would DEFINITELY finish Production off.
  13. A lot of the replies I've seen boil down to "If you don't like the capacity restriction, shoot something else." As I stated before, I don't care about the capacity restriction, but a lot of other people seem to care since there has been a significant drop in Production participation after the introduction of Carry Optics. I don't want to shoot a different division. I like Production and I don't really feel there's anything wrong with it with 10 rounds; I just want to increase participation and Production 15 would definitely do that. As for "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," it clearly is broken or people wouldn't be leaving in droves.
  14. I really like cash for top finishes. It offsets costs for the match which is a lot more useful than winning some sort of prize that you probably won't use and will have a hard time selling.
  15. Up until this last year I have been pretty indifferent to the idea of increasing the Production mag limit to 15 rounds; I don't mind the reloads and I only shoot the division because there's nowhere else where you can competitively shoot with iron sights and 9mm (I like both of these things). However, as CO and PCC have siphoned off more and more Production shooters in my section, I have found myself feeling increasingly favorable toward the idea since I think it will help draw more people back into the division. I will therefore list and address the three most common points which I have heard against Production-15. 1.) It isn't fair to the people who live in the Commie states. Limited and Open are both doing just fine in the Commie states. The MDs there have the option of either imposing a 10-round limit on their matches or (more commonly) they can just ignore the hi-cap mag bans entirely. Production-15 would not affect these shooters in any way. 2.) I like the complexity that planning around 10 rounds brings! I also really like reloads! Increasing the round count to 15 would only eliminate one reload on a 32 round field course. You'll still get in plenty of reloads. Also, if you're addicted to weird stage plans, Single Stack minor is a very viable alternative if you want the Production-10 experience with a much better gun. 3.) Increasing the round limit to 15 rounds would only be swapping one arbitrary capacity limitation for another. Why disrupt the status quo? This is the argument I usually hear from people who don't shoot Production. Have you ever planned a stage where you have to reload every 10 rounds? It complicated and time-consuming. Even though stage designers are only allowed to make a maximum of 8 rounds available from a single position or view, they still manage to force Production shooters to do standing reloads ("Technically, you can see those other two targets from way over there"). If you do manage to come up with a creative plan that avoids standing loads, it means you will be taking targets in a weird order which completely disrupts the flow of the stage. Since most people like to shoot the fastest division their wallet allows, more and more people are sticking dots on their Production guns and switching to Carry Optics ("You mean I can shoot Open/Limited HFs with a gun that can be bought with food stamps? Sign me up!"). The weird stage planning and lack of make-up shots also makes Production one of the least newbie-friendly divisions even though it is supposed to be the entry-level division where you can be competitive with a stock gun. Production-15 would go a long way toward increasing the division's appeal to both newbies and the aforementioned flat-broke, go-fast types. So... how do you feel about Production-15? Did I leave out a reason why you like the 10-round limit? How would you go about making Production the most popular division again? Let me know! I really like this division and I don't want to see it to go the way of Revolver and Limited 10.
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