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  1. I used to play a lot of pool before I got into USPSA. The cost of entry isn't that high (you can get a decent cue and gear for a couple hundred bucks), there are pool halls everywhere, the tournament scene is pretty widespread, it's easy to get into recreationally if you get your own table or find a bar nearby that has a decent table, and (most importantly) you get to feel like Paul Newman. It's incredibly deep, you can sink a massive amount of time into it, and there are tons of learning resources online if you like figuring things out yourself instead of taking lessons. Sounds like it wou
  2. Are you getting the light strikes on the double action pull, the single action pull, or both? Also, how old is your firing pin spring? The lightened Cajun springs are pretty thin, so I've found they wear out pretty quickly. One other option is that you can throw a CGW reach reduction kit in there with a 13 lb spring. It shortens up the double action throw a fair bit, so you can run a heavier mainspring without it feeling heavy. This might be a happy compromise.
  3. I'm trying to mount a Romeo 1 to a SP-01 Shadow with the RDS plate cut from CZ Custom and I was wondering if anybody could share the torque specs they used when mounting the dot to the aluminum adapter plate. Thanks!
  4. For anyone who is confused by the lack of context given by the OP, I present the following (locked) thread for your reading pleasure: It starts to get really good on page 2. Enjoy!
  5. He shot Limited Nationals last year, didn't he?
  6. Primary Machine's nitride coating came out really nice on a SP-01 slide I had milled. They also precisely size the cut-out in the slide to the dimensions of your RDS (you have to send the optic you want mounted with the slide so they can measure the exact length) which is supposed to help with dot longevity if you don't have any recoil bosses on the mounting surface. Only downside is that turn-around time on the nitride is kinda slow (6 weeks or so) since they use an external vendor. If you aren't too attached to nitride, I also picked up a SP-01 Shadow with the RDS plate cut fro
  7. Anybody running the RTS2 version 5 in Carry Optics? How do the newer models hold up when slide mounted?
  8. Ordered 3 cases of 125s on July 30 and the guy I was in contact with was pretty responsive. Told me that the order was supposed to ship out over a week ago, but haven't heard anything since then or received a tracking number and now they aren't responding to my emails. Creeping up on 10 weeks now. Gallant always seems like they don't quite have their act together. I have had times in the past when they haven't shipped a delayed order until I called about it (kind of like they were overwhelmed and were prioritizing anyone who was complaining about delays). Seems kind of odd.
  9. You have a favorite out of the different dots you've tested?
  10. Yeah, that really is the impression I'm starting to get.
  11. Just picked up a CO gun and I'm shopping around for a dot to throw on it. The price on the Romeo 1 looks pretty great, but I keep hearing people say that the vertical zero can drift pretty badly. Anybody experienced this with a Romeo 1? Approximate round counts on your dots would be much appreciated. It also seems like Sig tried to iron out the vertical drift kinks with the "TruHold" zeroing system that they added to the Romeo 1 Pro. If you have both, how does the Pro compare to the original in terms of reliability? Thanks!
  12. You have any idea how many rounds you've put through the gun with that dot?
  13. Is anybody running a dot on a SP-01 Shadow with a CZ Custom RDS baseplate cut? If so, how do you like it and what kind of optic lifespan did you get? Any idea how the dot longevity compares to direct mounting? I have heard people say that mounting to an adapter plate on the slide of a metal frame gun is more likely to beat up a dot because the attachment isn't as solid as direct mounting, but I'd be interested to hear from someone who has run this particular setup if that is actually true.
  14. Tanders

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    If you care about the reset, they also sell a short reset kit that will get you really close to the reset on the S2 without removing the FPB safety.
  15. Tanders

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    The hammer in the S2 is significantly improved compared to the factory SP-01 hammer which is absolute trash. If you don't want to pay for a full Pro Package from Cajun Gun Works, just pick up an adjustable sear and hammer kit from them for less than $150. It isn't that hard to install and it really improves trigger break (it will be even better than the factory S2 trigger when you're done).
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