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  1. I did the same thing! To avoid taking of too much weight off the slide I estimated the weight loss I wanted and asked them to take off no more than that under the optic. I have no idea if they'll humor me with that request but we'll see. And I hope I did my math right. I'm playing with fire here
  2. Thanks Andy. Does anyone own a Shadow 2 with the CZ Custom multi-optic plate? If so, would you be willing to weigh just the slide for me? I'm trying to see how much weight is removed when using the plate mounting system. I got a few data points off a facebook group suggesting that the slide with mounting plate was actually lighter than the direct cut, even though the direct cut sits deeper. It could be because they cut deeper for the plate, removing steel, and replace it with lighter aluminum? Or it was just bad data. I ask because I might try to make 45 oz withou
  3. Who are you having do the lightening? Where are you taking the weight off? I read this thread about taking weight off in the front vs rear and it made me pause about doing this without a more informed plan.
  4. Thanks Andy. Now you've made me want to lighten the slide too and use it in IDPA CO instead of my Shadow 1. Haha. Does a lightened Shadow 2 shoot the roughly the same as before lightening? Just a bit more snap from the faster moving slide? Or does it start to shoot more like a Shadow 1? Because after lightening the S2 slide is now lighter than the S1 slide. Or does it still shoot basically like an S2 becuase it's the frame weight and grip that differentiate it from the S1? I ask because while I really love my Shadow 1, I tend to shoot the Shadow 2 a little better when shoot
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing that actually. Unfortunately I run extra wide LOK grips so that doesn't help from a weight perspective. If I go direct mount optic and SRO can I squeeze out another oz? (gulp)
  6. Thanks. Why do you prefer direct over the primary machine direct mill? What makes the OR superior? Isn't a direct milled lower than the OR with plate?
  7. So why does everyone chase after them? Harder to master, but once you do, it's great?
  8. I've come to the conclusion that it might actually be multiple factors. 1. DA: yeah, the Beretta is really long. No getting around it 2. SA: The SA on my CZ Shadow Custom has just a slight bit more of a rolling break to its feel than the LTT. The Shadow moves a bit and then breaks, whereas the LTT is solid until you put enough force, then it breaks (more glass-rod-ish). I think the LTT trigger makes it easier for the flinchies to know when to kick in, as the tension is building 3. The LTT trigger breaks back further, closer to your other fingers. I think I am bet
  9. Does anyone know if CZC's milling and plate system is legal in IDPA SSP if you put the dovetail plate w/ rear sight on? This wouldn't be for the shadow 2 (not legal regardless) but I have a Shadow 1 that I plan to use for IDPA and wonder if it'll still be legal if SSP if I remove the dot and put the rear sight plate back on. EDIT: To answer my own question - it seems the answer is no. IDPA SSP doesn't allow slide cuts for sights. Pfft.
  10. Right, I realize I don't need to do it to be legal. But adding weight to the slide changes the recoil behavior of the gun. Is the weight increase not enough to worry about?
  11. Thanks. No real down side? It doesn't sit higher or anything?
  12. I am thinking of putting an SRO on my Shadow 2 and trying to understand the pros and cons of the various options 1. Buy complete OR upper. Expensive, and I don't see any for sale right now. 2. Have CZ custom mill for their mounting plate system. Pros: Flexibility, and can re-install a rear sight. Cons: optic sits a bit higher (?) and it's a bit uglier. 3. Direct mount by CGW, CZC, Primary machine. Pros: Cheaper and lower. Cons: can never reinstall a rear sight. Or are there rear sight plates that would fit an SRO/Holosun mount? I'm leaning
  13. I'll give it a try tomorrow. However, in my experience, the faster I pull the trigger the more likely I am to flinch, because my body can better predict when the gun can go off.
  14. Haha, yeah maybe we just need to trade guns I have actually done quite a bit of that drill. It's very good. If I do it slow speed it no longer works because my subconscious as figured out that there's no bullet. I've moved on to full ball and dummy and it works pretty well. Another thing I found is that most of my flinch doesn't come from my wrists, but my arms and shoulders. If I keep my neck and shoulders relaxed, the flinch is less likely, and much smaller if it happens.
  15. Thanks guys. Which is the "thicker kydex"? It's not an option here, so I guess you're referring to a different holster? https://www.jmcustomkydex.com/p/Q-Range-Competition-OWB-Holster.html
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