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  1. Sapoutfitters has the receivers.
  2. I just buy 10/22 receivers from S&P Outfitters.
  3. I like my Berger Precision one a lot. I ordered through facebook.
  4. I think that is the 507C.
  5. Maybe.... your stiffest belt $0 2 RLN pouches $35 Safariland 5197? $35
  6. I use ACME. I like the new profile version 124, and their shipping is real fast.
  7. De-cocker is fine for make ready. I've never had an RO make me lower the hammer by hand. After the stage, I'm pretty sure you have to pull the trigger.
  8. The CZ-USA P10F's seem good to me. I don't have a ton of rounds through mine (maybe 800), but no problems yet. I got my optic plates from czcustom and they are working great so far. They might be out of plates at the moment, but I think they are making more all the time. I did the email notification and ordered right away.
  9. I have that combo and use it in a P09 shooting limited minor. I can confirm 23. I reload to a 22 just to make it easier to seat the mag during a stage.
  10. OEM P09 on the left, OEM P10F on the right.
  11. It seemed tiny bit snappier than my P09, but it also seemed like it settled faster....like maybe the slide is lighter but moving quicker? I am also really used to the P09 grip shape, and might be dealing with the recoil better. Anyway, I thought it behaved very nicely and I was able to follow the sights pretty well for my skill level. I looked at the magwell a little closer. It is just thinned out where they scalloped the outside of the grip to allow people to tear out a stuck magazine.
  12. I have a P10F optics ready. I have not shot it in a match, but I have put about 300 rounds through it at the local square range. Keep in mind that I normally shoot a P09, so I don't have any way to compare it to any of the nicer metal framed guns. I am also a lowly C class, limited minor shooter, so my opinion could be suspect on all sorts of stuff. I think the fit and finish is amazing, but I have only seen my own. I tried 3 different bullet weights and they all shot fine. The chamber is still kind of short. 124gr round nose blue bullets loaded at 1.12 don't seem to plunk and spin freely. Accuracy seemed great shooting dots at 7 yards, and A zone at 15. That is as far as my local indoor range allows. Trigger is ok. 4lbs 12oz in multiple tests. If I pull really slow it has a little hitch in the short creep between the wall and the break. That is probably just my gun and I don't notice it when shooting with any kind of speed. I assume it will go away or I can polish it away. It might be annoying on distant difficult shots. The guide rod is shorter than a P09 and longer than a P07 at 3.4545 inches. Mine is metal with a flared front to capture the spring, and what looks like a removable rear that takes a 5/64 hex key. Spring diameter looks the same as OEM P09 and I use Glock 17 ISMI springs in that gun with no problems. Magwell is pretty thin on the sides. I think it might get chewed up pretty fast with reload practice. Over all, I like it a lot. I think it will be fun to try carry optics when they start selling the adapter plates. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  13. I tried some sport pistol with 124gr bullets yesterday. Results are below. CZ P09 (4.54" barrel) 9mm Acme 124 Grain RN-NLG Coated (new profile) 4.0 grains Sport Pistol 1.11 OAL WSP .377 crimp Temp: 48°F Altitude: 70.00 # FPS PF 5 1101 136.52 4 1097 136.03 3 1091 135.28 2 1088 134.91 1 1094 135.66 Average: 1094.2 FPS SD: 5.1 FPS Min: 1088 FPS Max: 1101 FPS Spread: 13 FPS
  14. I’ve tried most of them. Finally settled on the rockyourglock extended gen4 release with their reduced power release spring. Works great for me, and pretty inexpensive.
  15. I only just started using them, but so far, the Acme 147 FP-NLG has been real nice. It allowed me to increase my OAL a bit and is very accurate.
  16. Two. The first is an indoor range 5 minutes from my house. Kind of expensive, but very convenient. Lane shooting only. 50' max. No drawing allowed. The second is a nice outdoor range 20 minutes from my house. Inexpensive but single shot, slow rate of fire, etc... I am going to try and quit both and put the money into a membership somewhere with action bays.
  17. koteris

    RIP Aretha

    Such a phenomenal singer. When I was a little kid in the 70's, and my mother used to play her Lady Soul album all the time.
  18. These are my main shooting podcasts. PARAcast Shannon Smith Shoot Fast Podcast Short Course Practical Pistol Show Triangle Tactical Depending on the guest/topic I'll also listen to: Firearms Nation That Shooting Show American Warrior Show Primary & Secondary
  19. I've had pretty good luck by putting the seam, or the start of the griptape somewhere other than right where the most twisting pressure is going to be. If I have the griptape starting pretty close to where the meat of my weak hand thumb is going to be clamping and twisting, then it almost always moves eventually, even with careful prep. If I connect that section around the back to where my strong hand is clamping, it seems to hold better. That being said, I probably shoot fewer matches and don't grip as hard as some. Anyway, my point is that messing with the design pattern of the griptape, and where it starts and stops helped me a little, but it didn't solve it all together.
  20. Thanks. That is good info. I hadn't considered the height difference, only the distance from my eye.
  21. I'm a sucker for the P09. I will admit it is an acquired taste, and I have shot SP01s and Shadows that had better triggers. They just appeal to me, are very accurate, easy to work on, and with the large backstrap and some griptape, really solid in my grip.
  22. Thank you for posting the video. Nice shooting! I have one of these, but have not taken to a match yet. Do you like having the dot forward on the barrel instead of back on the receiver?
  23. My 550 is on the right. The cartridge bin is about 12" from the wall. Leaves me more room to do other stuff on the bench.
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