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  1. UFO, if we can’t get it to work, PM me your email address. I can try to send it that way.
  2. My pictures came though on both my PM and forum post (as far as I can see). Maybe I’m doing something wrong???
  3. UFO, here are the pictures of the modified boyd evolution for NY. No longer a “thumb hole”.
  4. Thanks for posting! Im going to place my order today!!!
  5. I just got off the phone with the guys from Wilandusa. They told me when I order my barrel, to include the type of ammo that I use so they can check the chamber with it. My my only concern was that he said the muzzle end of the barrel (shroud) is wide open, and looks like a 12 gauge barrel. If at all possible, could you take a picture of the muzzle. PM sent. Thanks!!! -George
  6. Ahhh...very interesting. Technically, you would be turning a thumbhole stock into what looks like a Magpul!?!?! I will talk to the guys at the range about that one. I wish I could speak to someone more official, but NOBODY (state police) can or will answer that question. Thanks for the insight!!
  7. If you’re not from New York, you’re probably not going to believe this, but thumbhole stocks are off-limits as well. They treat thumbhole stocks and traditional pistol grips the same way.
  8. Do you know how that compares to the Magpul hunterX22 in terms of weight??
  9. I would love something like that, but in NY, the law states “no grip that conspicuously protrudes below the action”. That leaves A LOT of ambiguity as to what that means. The problem right now is that you cannot call the state police and ask specific compliancy questions. I tried asking them about the “NY legal” AR15 grips, and they just told me it would be for a judge to decide.
  10. Hi everyone, Living in the People’s Republic of NY, stocks with a pistol grip are not an option for me. I’m looking to build the lightest 10/22 possible, and need opinions on non pistol grip stocks. Thanks! -George
  11. Was that off hand? What are your overall thoughts on that barrel. I’m thinking of picking one up and putting it in my Magpul hunterX22 stock. It’s going to be a steel challenge gun, but living in NY, I can’t have a pistol grip, which severely limits the stock options I have.
  12. Wow! Have you put any rounds through it yet?
  13. Hi everyone, in in an effort to build the lightest 10/22 possible for steel challenge. I am looking for the lightest barrel possible. I would imagine it’s possible for a barrel to weigh less than 16oz. Some say the magnum research ultralight weighs in at 13oz. Can anyone confirm? The website does not list weight. Any opinions welcome. Thanks!! George
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