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Found 19 results

  1. <This thread is under construction - it's just beginning, actually> I've quickly discovered that there is a LOT of good information on this forum pertaining to triggers and springs and dozens of other topics. Even moreso than for other brands... perhaps it's because these guns are still Unicorns to some extent. We only have each other to rely on to help set the gun up as best as possible. Unless I'm missing something, there isn't one centralized location on the forum to find all of the most important posts easily and quickly.So here goes... If you have a link to a vendor, youtube tutorial, or BEnos post which really helped you when building your gun, please post it in here so that I can add it! I'd really appreciate (and will fully credit) additions to the Tanfo bible. The Tanfoglio Bible Last updated June 09, 2016 VENDORS (list courtesy of Praetorian97's post here) Henning Walgren Ben Stoeger Pro Shop Jim Bodkin (Call - stocks items not on site) Last Round Armament (LRA) Numrich Hawktech Arm Eric Grauffel (France - International shipping) Springer Precision Patriot Defense GENERAL TECH Youtube tutorials: Tanfoglio Stock takedown video (total disassembly) Tanfoglio Stock reassembly video (total reassembly) BEnos forum discussions: Tanfoglio Glossary of Terms - read this if you're new! Small vs Large Frame differences Tanfo Chop Shop - Post your project guns here CZ SP-01 Shadow vs Tanfoglio Stock 2 How to extract a firing pin stuck through breechface FTF (Stock 3 wouldn't feed. Burr in firing pin hole on breechface) Henning Gen 4 vs Gen 5 firing pin Comparison of 5 common Tanfo firing pins GUNSMITHS (who won't butcher your Italian baby) Websites: Jim Bodkin (Shooter Ready) Jim Jones (J&L Gunsmithing) Richard Dettelhouser (Canyon Creek Custom - may not be accepting new work) BEnos forum discussions: Who works on Tanfo these days? IRON SIGHT DISCUSSIONS Stock 2 Front Sight height consensus .140 x .100 Dawson discussion GRIPS How do you keep your EGD grips tight? Thumb Groove in wood grips Sanding wood grips & applying grip tape Sanding & thumb groove in wood grips Grippiest option for Stock 2 RECOIL SPRINGS & TUNING Recoil spring for minor Recoil spring weight Stock 2 vs Limited Pro Recoil Spring Questions MAGAZINES (Basepads, springs, tuning, basepads/extensions) Stock 2/3 basepad comparison for Production - YouTube - Candice Juliano 20+ rounds of 40 in a tanfo - YouTube - Henning Walgren Henning's tech article - 40S&W Limited mags (video here) Henning's tech article - 38 super Open mags (video here) $22 9mm mags at Cheaper than Dirt Mags for Stock 2 DISASSEMBLY, REASSEMBLY & CLEANING Henning's tech videos - Limited frame - disassembly Henning's tech videos - Limited frame - assembly Henning's tech videos - Limited upper - cleaning Stock II hammer removal TRIGGER JOB & POLISHING Non BEnos-forum links: Smoothing the action - invaluable polishing guideBEnos forum discussions: Getting SA pull down (trigger job gold mine. Lots of combinations given by owners.) Sear Modification Guide KeelingAtlas's CZ tuning 101 (very similar to Tanfo's) Lightening Trigger pull & polishing internals Tanfoglio Stock II trigger work questions Rookie stock 2 trigger job EGD Light and medium hammer springs Fitting a T3 Disco Sear help on Stock 3 Tuning Stock II for reliability Extreme 'Titan' hammer Dual vs single wing interruptor (aka disconnector or "disco") My stock 2 trigger job DA 5 lb, SA <2lb Sear fitting and Titan hammer questions Just did a trigger job on first Lim Pro (breaks down changes in weight for each trigger mod) HOLSTERS & MAG POUCHES Which holster for Elite Limited? Preferred holster and thumb rest for Limited COM Holster for Stock III PRODUCTION DIVISION INFO Pimp my Stock III - Praetorian97s build thread It's official joined the cool kids club (Stock 2 internals discussion) Stock 2 Essentials Stock II dry fire questions OPEN SPECIFIC INFO (Comps, Optics, Mags, etc) Thinking about a Tanfoglio Open gun... school me Thinking about an Open Witness (Also, search for any and all posts by kneelingatlas) PHOTOS OF TANFOS Tanfoglio Porn (30 pages)
  2. I just finished a 4 part series on YouTube totaling 48min 25 sec in length. Take a look at tell me what you think. For the newbies to the platform, this gun seems intimidating at first. Hopefully this series will change that - they're no harder to work on than your Glock or M&P, there are simply pins to drive in and out... and more steps to the process. For those of you familiar with the platform - let me know what I might have left out, or what you do differently! Tanfo Tuning Part 1: Disassembly Tanfoglio Tuning Part 2: Polishing Basics Tanfoglio Tuning Part 3: Polishing and Assembly Tanfoglio Tuning Part 4: Final Assembly & Testing
  3. Hello, Recently, I sent a brand new Tanfo Stock II over to Patriot Defense for their patented tuneup and barrel reaming. They also installed the extended firing pin, titan hammer, bolo, one piece sear, and Xtreme trigger. Out of the box the trigger was PHENOMENAL, both in DA and SA. Unfortunately, the first range trip was plagued with failure to feeds, and a weird "ca chunk" whenever the slide cycled. After perusing the forums here, it seemed I needed to chamfer off the breechface edge and polish the breechface. I got in contact with PD and they confirmed it was probably the breechface edge issue and gave the go ahead to chamfer the edge while also telling me Tanfo's need a 1000 rounds to break in. They even stated there were no issues when it was test fired at their facility? I chamfered off the edge and breechface little by little like everyone suggested until the failure to feed issue stopped, but the "ca chunk" continued. Thinking this issue stemmed from the wolff 8lb standard recoil spring, I tossed in a wollf 10lb standard spring to no avail and a factory 14lb spring which yielded the same result. After noticing weak ejection with softer ammo and sometimes rounds getting stuck with the slide out of battery, I bought a new extractor with the (9) stamp and an XP extractor spring to cross this off the list (the original had a bunch of machining marks and no (9) stamp). Next range trip, the "ca chunk" continues and within 100 rounds two were somehow stuck in the chamber while the slide was 1/8"- 1/4" out of battery. I had to take the gun apart to get the rounds out since the slide was stuck. This makes me think there is something wrong with the barrel after it was reamed, maybe. The mags I am using are brand new K9s. The issue happens with all mags (12) and all ammo. Everyone that has seen it in slow mo and shot it agrees it's not cycling right. Any thoughts??
  4. Who’s excited? In the wake of the shadow 2 OR tanfoglio have realsed a stock II OR to go head to head in the optic divisions. Looks like it will use plates like the shad2 OR.
  5. Today I spend 8 hours disassembling and polishing my Stock 2 Xtreme following Memphismechanics super video's (he is great). After the usual struggle all went well (I will never become a gunsmith....) Improved trigger... All smooth. Only, safety does not engage at all when hammer fully cocked. If half cocked it functions. Changed sear but sear doesn't touch safety?... What did I do wrong? regards, Henk
  6. Just got my new Stock 2 with all the Xtreme goodies. Gun was prepared by Eric Grauffel (Sebastian). No PD parts yet but trigger already on par with my Xtreme Stock2 with PD springs... Love it!
  7. Gents; here is a quick guide if you receive your Tanfo with a Gen 2 trigger bar, and you've ordered a bolo/titan/1-piece sear. You'll only need to remove .020", so go slow and measure often. It doesn't take much using a rotary and diamond bit.
  8. I see two different single side safeties in the Stoeger Pro Shop. They have the same picture, but one of them says 14.1. I have no idea what that means. The product descriptions are typical vaguery, totally unhelpful. What say you? I have turned my safety on many times by accident, and although it has gotten very rare, it really ruined a classifier recently that was an easy slam dunk for an 80-90% run. It's about time to get rid of the ambi safety on my guns.
  9. I started shooting 3 gun last year. I put together a nice M&P 9 Pro. No matter how much I shoot it though, I still shoot heavier guns better. This will be for 3 gun, some steel challenge, and maybe action pistol at my local clubs. I have no real desire to shoot IDPA or USPSA. I've narrowed it down to a few different guns. I have large hands so I like the Stock 2. I already own 4 CZ's, so the SP-01 Shadow is a real option. And Kneelingatlas now has me looking at the Tactical Sport. Here's where I'm at. With a Witness or the TS, I'm starting all over. Mags, holsters, etc. With a SP-01 Shadow, I already own a Tactical. So I'm already well stocked with CZ mags. I have holsters, mag carriers, etc. I'm also thinking of buying a stock SP-01 safety model and just upgrading it over time. I could convert it to SAO, change the sights, and I know it would also do more than I need it to do. So I'm looking at $650 on the low end up to $1175 for the TS. As much as I'd like to go all in on the TS, I don't know if that's actually the best route for me. HELP.
  10. After probably 10k rounds through my S2 it is starting to develop an issue where the trigger will get kind of stuck in the rearward position on a double action pull. It's really only noticeable when dryfiring as the cycling of the slide will reset the trigger. The cycling of the slide seems to keep it from happening. I'm thinking maybe the disco is worn down or something similar. I want to fix this before it actually becomes a bigger issue and I'm hoping someone has already had this experience and knows a solution. Here are a list of parts that are in the gun. CGW T3 Disco 1 Piece Xtreme Sear 13# Wolf Spring
  11. I have 2 stock 2s and they chamber different lengths. One of them runs my bbi 135gr 9mm at 1.110 fine but the second one will get hung up. Idk if it's tanfo consistency or what but it's driving me nuts.
  12. New Brochure now online www. tanfoglio.it Nice new Limited Custom and nice new color schemes
  13. I've gone through a ton of the Tanfo threads and I see a lot of people upgrading a lot of parts and a lot of polishing. I'm not interested in tearing the gun apart just yet with only 50 factory rounds through it. Very simply, I've worked some test loads today, and just need to know what recoil spring options I should be considering and is there anything that MUST be done in conjunction with a recoil spring change? 9 or 10lb recoil springs seem to be the best bet with my desired 132PF and 124gr projectiles according to most posts. Beyond that, is there anything I really NEED to do? I'd really like to run this thing a few matches before I start dumping more money into it.
  14. Got a Stock 2 a few days ago, and I learned three things on my range trip with my first Tanfoglio. First, I need thinner grips. Second, the windage adjustment is a bear, I still can't move it. Third, it's going to take some practice to get back into a DA/SA trigger after shooting Glocks for so many years. Gun is really nice though, and really accurate, albeit grouping slightly to the right of POA. Looking forward to load dev and my first match with it.
  15. RickyH


    Load for a stock 2 with titegroup in 124 Montana gold. Does anyone have a starting point?
  16. So, I know this has been discussed in other threads, but I am having trouble getting a consensus from everyone of which is the best option. I currently have the Henning 4th gen firing pin with the titan hammer with 1 piece sear and extended FPB (0.508" I think) in my Stock II (large frame). At a match last night I was having a bunch of light strikes, until I removed the FPB all together, then the gun ran 100%. The FP was also not reliably blocked by the FPB with the hammer cocked as it should. The light strikes would suggest to me that the FPB is still too short and that I may have to remove a bit of material from the curved surface on the inside of the cut out. (opposite of the tab that actually blocks the FP) Or I may just have to polish it better. My understanding is that the different profile without the flutes of the Henning Gen 3, as well as the extended EG Xtreme FP will both work, but which seems to work better for people? More reliable? Allowing the use of lighter springs and lower trigger pulls? I also love that the Henning firing pins are advertised as being made lighter and lighter, while the EG Xtreme, is advertised as being heavier than the OE part, lol. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  17. Many people lately have been arguing over the apparent price of Stock 2's. So I figured, hey I can make a post to show how much money down to the penny (minus tax I will be nice) that I have invested into my Stock 2. (I will consider just my 9mm because the .40 was slightly cheaper. Lets start at the top with the gun. I was able to get a pretty decent deal on my Stock 2 at $923.35. While I understand that many of you fell into the prey that is people buying them at this price and selling them stock for 1800, I will assume for this post that this is the price. Next lets look at the magazines. If you buy them from EAA directly (that's what I would do) single price of one item is $40. If however you buy them in a set they are $25 a piece. Which to me is a pretty fair price. I bought 6 of these, because I think thats a fair number for a long course production stage, and to have 1 backup. Having shot with basepads and no basepads I honestly don't think it made a bit of difference to me so thats my opinion. http://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/index.php/one-ea9m2005-18rd-101935.html I am assuming most people don't have a belt or holster set up for production. If you do, disregard this portion. If not follow this. I bought the Ben Stoeger BOSS holster and Ghost Mag pouch setup. This was $269.95. http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/BSPS-BOSS-DOH-Holster-Ghost-Pouches-DAA-Belt-p/boss-kit.htm Now we can get down to actual gun upgrades. I bought almost all of my things from Last Round Armament. I feel like they are the best company to do business with, have fair prices, and they ship quickly. · Backup Extractor 9mm (not necessary but nice to have a backup on hand) $25 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/eaa-11-1-extractor-9mm/ · Interuptor for 1 Piece Sear $8 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/eaa-4-8-interruptor/ · 1 Piece Sear $37 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/eaa-9-1-1-piece-sear/ · Extended Firing Pin Block (to make the gun Production legal) $14.95 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/egd-extreme-safety-firing-pin-block-extended/ · Eric Grauffel Firing Pin Spring Light x2 (I got 2 so I had a backup) $7.99x2 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/egd-xtreme-firing-pin-spring-light/ · Eric Grauffel Hammer Spring Light x2 (again ordered 2 so I had a backup) $10.95x2 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/egd-xtreme-hammer-spring-light/ · Eric Grauffel Red Grips (Must be red thats the only color for these guns) $118.95 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/egd-xtreme-grips/ · Eric Grauffel Extreme Titan Hammer $114.99 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/egd-xtreme-titan-hammer/ · 9 pound Recoil Spring x2 $9.95x2 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/wolff-recoil-spring-eaatanfoglio-stock-ii/ · Trigger Spring x2 (because you will lose one) $4.00x2 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/eaatanfoglio-witness-trigger-spring/ · Sear Spring x2 (same as above) $4.00x2 http://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/eaa-9-3-sear-spring/ · Extra Power Extractor Spring $7.95 http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-extractor-spring-by-wolff-gunsprings-w32010 · Henning XL Gen 3 firing Pin (To me its very important that this is a Gen 3. I haven't had good luck with the Gen 4) $24.95 http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/Henning-Firing-Pin-for-EAA-Tanfogolio-Witness-p/henning-lf-fp.htm Grand total to shoot a Stock 2 in Production $1768.87. Wyatt
  18. I just placed an order for a stock II upgrade kit from BSPS http://www.benstoegerproshop.com/Recoil-Spring-for-EAA-Tanfoglio-Wolff-49709-p/tanfo-kit.htm and I am in need of a good reference for installing these parts. I have seen a few threads here and there and the Henning video of the tanfo limited but I am looking for something that is more detailed like the CZ guide by professor atlas. If anyone knows of such a thread please let me know! Thanks
  19. So I finally landed a Stock II in 9mm and I'm happy. Problem is, if it goes down in a match I don't have a backup. So the question for those of you who have run Tanfos for a while is: what spare parts should I have in my bag?
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