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  1. Be advised if you return your firearm to Springfield for warranty work, they will remove your parts and return to factory specs. I woukd also think possibly a light a light spring. I have several Xdm’s with the Prp kits in them and haven’t noticed, but I haven’t looked super close, I’m usually shooting until the mag is empty. As as a side note, I know AR’s are notorious for doing this because of their floating firing pin
  2. It’s the stock barrel. MOA Precision tapers their comp and threads the OEM barrel So that the slide & barrel have a tighter fit.
  3. My wife is running an XDm in 9mm with a custom muzzle brake from MOA Precision and a FF3. We have to hand load the Ammo to get the brake to work properly, but so far it is running flawlessly.
  4. Powder River Precision makes a great trigger for these guns as well. I own several XDm's and they all have their trigger installed.
  5. This is what i am using for 3 gun. My local club likes to make you crawl under things, and jump over objects, as well as shooting prone. I realize, it's not a retention holster, beside friction, but I've never had any issues with my XDm .40 that I shoot coming loose. http://shop.blade-tech.com/index.php?cPath=1_130
  6. I've been loading the 115 grain Extreme Bullets for my Wife's XDm. I haven't had any issues.
  7. I see you are from Southern Ore. Medford or GP??
  8. Just be advised that when you removed the factory XDm sight there is a spring and detent that will launch. They are an absolute pain in the A$$ to put back. Please learn from my misfortune.
  9. Both my wife & I shoot XDm's. We love them. She shoots a tricked out XDm 9mm in Open class and I shoot a Production Class Xdm in .40. They are easy to mod and clean and have never given us any issues. Personally I'd rather spend the money on ammo getting better with these, then jumping to the new Fad gun every 3-4 months and having to start over. still seeing quite a few of them at local events.
  10. I can vouch for the Carhartt Storm Defender line of rain gear. I have 2 jackets. One I had originally purchased several years ago, then another one that is Hi-viz that was bought by the company I worked for. I also have the matching pants and the bids. If you are going to spend some money on good rain gear that will last you a long time this is the stuff. Just like "36873687" I've worked out side all day long in monsoon wind & rain and stayed completely dry.
  11. what about using the Dillon 300 Whisper funnel would this not provide enough expansion for cast bullets? Dillon Powder Funnel - AK 300 Whisper 300 AAC Blackout [13015]
  12. I had a buddy of mine drill out the rear sight so that I could insert fiber optic rods. Just be careful when taking the rear sight off. There is a small detent and spring that like to shoot out of the sight.
  13. I've got PRP triggers in all of my XD's and love them.
  14. I'm running a Nordic components dedicated .22 upper for my son, so he can get used to the controls of the AR platform. We have run just about every type of Ammo through it, and He has even used it at several speed steel matches and it runs impressively well. I don't know about the magazine compatibility, we are using the black dog mags.
  15. I'm running a .300 blackout with a10 1/2" barrel. I chose the AAC 762SD. It's pretty darn quiet. I'm shooting 220 grain Sierra HPBT about 950-1000 fps using 9.5 grains of HP110
  16. I know this sounds really stupid, but apply some rubber cement to the inside of the waistband of the pants you use for shooting. It might take a couple of coats, but it acts like the gripper material in the waist band of 5.11 pants. Obviously you do this well before an event so it has time to dry. My mom showed me this trick when I was a we little one.
  17. Both my wife & I run Xdm's. She shoots a 9mm and I shoot a.40. Both guns have PRP trigger & various other mods. They are great pistols.
  18. Both my wife & I shoot Xd's and XdM's and have 1000's of rounds through them. We've never had any part failures that weren't human cause, i.e. Part installed incorrectly or spring not properly placed. Periodically you do need the clean the striker channel.
  19. I've got a few. How many are you looking for?
  20. I had my XD.45 Cerakoted do by Rogue Tactical Coatings in Medford, Or. They did an awesome job. Whom ever you choose, just ask to see some of their work.
  21. Bladetech is the only one that I have found that make a mag holster for the XD .45
  22. Where did you find that bolt release tab??
  23. I've been using a CZ 712 ALS 26" for a few 3 gun matches now. I've got the Nordic components +5 extension tube on it, with their charging handle as well. So far I love it. I broke it in with several boxes of 3" shells and the on,y issue I've had is a few old shells, the paper bodies came apart from the brass upper, but it was no fault of the gun, just crappy ammo I had laying around. Granted I'm no 3 gun master, but it does everything I need it to do, with out breaking the bank m
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