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  1. I did end up going with the BladeTech, but I got the WRS model so that it has the hammer lock to make 100% sure this does not come out. I have only gotten it out to the range once, but so far I like it. The thumb break works easily and quickly, and after some small adjustments the gun slide out easily without catching. I am the type that will always keep my eye out for something even better, especially since this is a bit of an eyesore compared to others on the market, but it does the job well. My last big decision for three gun before I sign up for my first competition is if I am going to order an Armalite M15 Competition or stick with my Tavor X95 bullpup for awhile.
  2. Thanks Mont, but I guess I was not clear when I mentioned a retention holster. I meant that I was looking for something with more that just friction fit. I really want something with a thumb lock of some type like the Safariland ALS system, but they are not currently producing anything for the XDM 5.25 that I can find.
  3. Forum search really did not turn up anything so I thought I would ask the experts. My XDM has shipped, so just waiting on it to arrive. My plan is mostly for running the rig in 3 gun, but I may also do some other forms of competition. My original thought was to run a Safariland 014, but I was also thinking I might want something with a little more coverage while maintaining some kind of retention system. Of course even the manufactures of holsters can not seem to come up with a searchable method of finding everything that might work with a specific model or do a lousy job of showing the details of the retention system. So I am looking for some ideas from people that have run this in 3gun, about the only holster I have already ruled out is Blackhawk's models since I have both seen and heard of some NDs when using them. Extra points for recommending something based on personal experience running something in 3gun.
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