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  1. I would venture to say that firing the pistol a few days before a match just to make sure its operational is what I would want to do, maybe at a practice night at the range you will be on. Dry firing for muscle memory is good whenever, even watching tv!
  2. I like using rubber flange plugs under electronic muffs for outdoors. Both can be put in/on and removed quickly.
  3. I am familiar with retail-type pricing on new and used guns. I was able to scoop up what I consider a good deal on a 5.25 XDM in 9mm. I was searching for a production division pistol that I didn't have to buy new and regret. I was able to shoot the XDM before buying, and it was comfortable and the recoil was tame. I believe after doing a full teardown at home that there are no aftermarket parts in this pistol, so I have a truly blank canvas should I choose to upgrade parts. For now, I am really just wanting to stay bone stock (gasp!) and get my fundamentals back after a 10 year break in shooting competitively. I was able to score some Blade Tech pouches and a holster for a good price, and am going to shoot a steel challenge match this weekend. I will report back after that. sum out-
  4. Will the full sized xd 10 round mags fit the XDM 5.25 or are they too short?
  5. I got a pretty hot deal on a XDM 5.25 in 9mm from a local shop trying to move inventory. It showed minor use and I walked out spending $400. I think I will play with that in production for a little until I get a feel for how the local matches go. I haven't shot a match in a loooooong time, but I really want back in lol.
  6. Hello from Central FL. I can't wait to move over to Orlando soon so I can start shooting all those matches. We only have 2 matches at port malabar/ month. Maybe I'll see you out there soon.
  7. East central, Melbourne beach to be exact
  8. Hello, off and on shooter since 12 y/o, looking to get back into some SC or Uspsa. Longtime B.E. forums creeper, seems to be some great info out there, once you sort through.... anyways, I look forward to getting some good chats going and maybe I will see some of you out at a match soon.
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