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  1. My Wife and I both shoot our Xdm's in our local matches for Speed steel and Action Pistol. They run and they run well.The only thing we have done is the trigger. I have too many other hobbies to chase the gun of the month fad that many seem to go through. There will always be something bigger, better and cooler looking to chase. these guns probably shoot better than I can shoot, so I see no reason to go after another gun & gear.
  2. Here is a helpful video if you haven't already found it.
  3. I’ve had a few of the Arrendondos explode on me as they hit the ground after a mag change. Ive been using Taylor Freelance Mag extensions and I’ve been happy with them.
  4. I recently went to purchase some new magazine base pads for my Xdm 9mm. They asked if I knew the date code on my magazines. I never new the magazines had a date code. They said they should be on the lower portion of the mag. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. I’m using the Blade Tech mag holders for the Xdm .45 mags. Love them. They fit snug with an adjustable tension screw.
  6. I occasionally get the slide to release if I slam the magazine in with enough force. I try not to shoot to slide-lock
  7. great idea. I'll have to give it a try
  8. I have put PRP triggers in all of my XD/Xdm's love the trigger pull
  9. Be advised if you return your firearm to Springfield for warranty work, they will remove your parts and return to factory specs. I woukd also think possibly a light a light spring. I have several Xdm’s with the Prp kits in them and haven’t noticed, but I haven’t looked super close, I’m usually shooting until the mag is empty. As as a side note, I know AR’s are notorious for doing this because of their floating firing pin
  10. Powder River Precision makes a great trigger for these guns as well. I own several XDm's and they all have their trigger installed.
  11. I see you are from Southern Ore. Medford or GP??
  12. Just be advised that when you removed the factory XDm sight there is a spring and detent that will launch. They are an absolute pain in the A$$ to put back. Please learn from my misfortune.
  13. Where did you find that bolt release tab??
  14. If anyone is interested. Nordic Components has another batch of the bolt handles in stock. I just got mine ordered.
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