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  1. I'm building a dedicated .22lr trainer and I'm trying to decide which upper to buy or build. One main concern is that I want to use S&W 15-22 magazines and the Redi-Mag adapter as I really want functional bolt-hold-open. 1) Are all three options (Nordic, Tacccom, and CMMG) compatible with the Redi-mag and S&W magazines? 2) Is a build it yourself Taccom or CMMG more reliable and or accurate than the Nordic? 3) If price were not a concern, what is the ultimate .22 Trainer upper for accuracy and reliability?
  2. I've had my STI 5.0 Tactical with the full length dust cover since 2006. It has been the finest handgun I have owned. I believe the STI Tactical was designed and intended to be used with FACTORY length cartridges. Most Edge shooters I know and SVI shooters load their cartridges LONG, however my Tactical had serious issues with excessively long "gamer" cartridges. I was given a case of Armscorp .40 IPSC ammo, and it was not reliable until I reseated the ammo to the Over All Length of Winchester White Box .40 S&W. It then functioned without issues. I am not a fan of the STI Recoil Master recoil spring system. It was not reliable in my gun. A previous poster warned that the full length dust cover would add too much weight to your gun. I think this is a silly concern. The 5.0 Tactical slide is available with the full length and a slightly reduced length frame. It has to be about 0.5 inches in difference. I bet that the difference in weight in those two frames are LESS that the weight of a single .40 cartridge!! Now that small weight may help slightly with recoil (especially since it is at the muzzle end and helps increase rotational inertia), but it certainly does NOT make a difference in the "loadout" you are carrying on duty. I believe that the difference in the two 5.0 frame lengths is mainly cosmetic. Mounting a full size pistol light on the frame will monopolize the entire rail on both frames. All the extra half inch does is theoretically allow you some extra room to mount an accessory. That said, you will almost always want a light mounted as close to the trigger guard as possible. With regard to holsters: I had my holster made by Hillsman Holsters in Texas: http://www.hillsmanholster.com/ They were pretty quick, two weeks, but that was in 2006. This holster is as good as any I've ever seen or used. I got a drop-offset model, but they will make anything you want.
  3. This was by far the best, most challenging, physically demanding and most fun 3 gun match I have ever been to. I've never met a better group of ROs. Great ROs really make a big difference in a shooter's perception of the match, and these guys were awesome. I RO for big matches back home and know how much work they do, they have my respect! The Parma range is a tip top facility to begin with. Then the MGM guys put forth a hurculean effort by setting 11 hard core stages! Nothing can prepare you for the large scale of this match and the stages. The course designs were great. They had a huge variety and kept things interesting. My favorite stages were Firefight, where you had to carry a pack the entire time (trooper), rescue a dummy, shoot under a car, breach a door, and shoot an attack target, all the while not leaving any gear behind! The props for that stage were perfect. I also really liked the blind stage! I love blind stages. The only way I think you could significantly improve the Ironman is for all the stages to be surprise/blind stages. Trooper class was really cool. Thanks to the crew from Cav Arms for making that happen. Its a great concept, making these matches more physically demanding, as well as demanding more reliability from our guns and gear. If you think you and your gear are ready for anything, you won't find a better way to put it to the test. Many thanks to everyone involved and to the sponsors.
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