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  1. Hello again all! Thank you for the suggestions. In the interim, I decided to just remove the powder check and run my old expander die. I want to order the M1 powder funnel so I can integrate the powder check again but I want to make sure I have the right part number. I am seeing that the powder funnel "C" SKU 13564 is labelled as M1 carbine. Based on RDA's pictures I think I've chosen the correct one. I'll probably end up calling Dillon to be sure, though. Thank you again!
  2. Hello All, I recently received my XL650 and have run into a snag when setting up my dies for 300 Blackout. I almost exclusively reload subsonic with cast bullets for the 300 blackout. Because of this, I need to bell the case mouth ever so slightly to avoid cutting into the bullet. On my old Loadmaster, I had five stations so I could fit an Expander die in slot 2 and run with it. On my XL650, my only extra station is taken up by the powder check so no room for the expander die. I need solutions. From my point of view, I have two main options: Remove the Powder Check(prefer not to since I bought it) or Run exclusively jacketed/plated bullets(not really financially feasible for me). I have been unable to find a powder funnel that would bell the case mouth for the powder measure (please correct me if I am wrong. At this point, I'm probably going to end up removing the powder check but are there any other solutions you guys/gals can think up? Thank you for any help!
  3. Hello from Pensacola Florida!! !! Just bought my xl650 from Brian recently and thought I'd join the forum. So, hello all !!!!
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