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  1. Bkreutz

    Why are my bullets suddenly tumbling?

    You should be able to see if your barrel is fouled. If you have bad close vision, have some young whippersnapper look at it. Shiny bore with sharp edges to the lands is what you're looking for. In my experience, every case of bullet tumbling was from one of 2 causes. The most common is over crimping, you shouldn't be able to see a line on a plated bullet, back it off a bit and see what happens. (you could always measure the thickness of your case, multiply that by 2 and then add it to the bullet diameter to get the exact crimp measurement) The other case of keyholing was from crummy bullets (not actually crummy, but I was pushing plated 9mm way past 1500 fps for major PF, switched to FMJ and problem disappeared). Good luck.
  2. Bkreutz

    Reaming and Throating for 9mm Major

    Get your pistol and make some ammo before you start worrying about chamber reaming. I've never had to ream a chamber for 9 major. I load to 1.165 and never had a problem in any of my guns. If I had a problem with chambering, I'd have a machinist do the work. Buying those tools for a one time operation doesn't make sense to me. Worry about the problems as you encounter them, worrying about things that haven't happened yet will give you wrinkles and grey hair.
  3. My guess is that something went wrong during assembly and instead of identifying the cause, some excessive force was involved. In other words, poor workmanship habits. Don't know who the GS is but it's not something I'd let out of my shop (mushy trigger). It looks like it's bent in 3 different places.
  4. Case gauges are all different, you need to find a case gauge that is tighter than your gun's chamber. One way to find out is when you get a round that won't chamber in your barrel, check your gauge, if it goes in, throw it away, it's useless. I have a hundo "supermatch" which is at SAAMI minimums. They stopped making this because people were complaining about the number of failures. (go figure huh?) What I use it for is when fails the Supermatch, I check it in the chamber, if it passes, it gets used. I'm to the point where I can tell if one is going to pass or fail. The ones that pass the Supermatch don't even get checked a second time. Speeds up my process immensely.
  5. Bkreutz

    Ear protection

    Contact your health insurance company, mine paid for electronic hearing protection for my wife and myself.
  6. Bkreutz

    Hearing protection for Open

    Very cheap and "Open" are mutually exclusive terms.
  7. Bkreutz

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    Practice with your existing gun will help more than buying a tricked out gun. It's up to you but I think you'll find that your splits will be about the same with the new gun.
  8. Bkreutz

    Organizing and marking springs

    If you put the nick in the middle of the spring, it would be easier to see. . . . maybe that's not such a good idea.
  9. Bkreutz

    Trubor Replacement

    Are you shooting major or minor PF? The T1 is designed for minor, the T2 for major. There is also a Trubor barrel with an uncut compensator so it can be custom milled by a gunsmith.
  10. Bkreutz

    What size dot for open Gun

    I think so, I've used Delta Point and C-more, the DP now lives on my wife's gun. I use a 6MOA CMore on mine.
  11. Have you checked the voltage output of the outlet you are plugging into? I had a similar situation (not with a case feeder, but an electrical appliance. Plugged it into a different circuit and it ran at full speed. There were loose connections in the outlet box that increased resistance and dropped the amperage.
  12. Bkreutz

    Safariland 014 Holster Works For CZ Czechmate?

    Call Safariland Customer Service, if they say it fits, make sure you get the name of the person who told you that so if it doesn't fit, you can send it back. I find it's always better to ask the manufacturer of a product if it will fit rather than rely on people I don't know on the internet.
  13. Well you've done everything that I have to cure that problem, mine responded, yours did not so the next step is determining where that problem originates. This would be my diagnostic plan. 1: Take everything apart, I realize you've already done that but you need to eliminate what's not causing the problem. With the die completely disassembled, does the inner dropper part slide up easily and then drop completely out of the die with no sticking? (this is done with no balls or bullets in the die), if so, you've eliminated the inner die to the outer body as a cause. 2: Next put the balls in the holes and reassemble the die. Put a bullet in, when it stops against the balls, push the inner die up until it releases the bullet. If it falls out, you may have eliminated a cause, but maybe not, I'd do this a bunch of times. When you're satisfied that it's working 100%, put it all back together and see if it's fixed. One problem I has was the spring feed tube wasn't adjusted correctly and it put sideways torque on the inner die. I was also getting intermittent bullet drop because of bullets going into the die nose down, that'll jam it every time. I finally got the shim pack adjusted up top to eliminate that problem (almost, but 1 out of a thousand I can deal with). Hope this helps. Change one thing at a time, if you change more than that you will never find the cause. Good luck.
  14. Bkreutz

    Who would you have take the shot?

    This is the key part for any soldier, sniper or rifleman. We give them the best, most realistic, and difficult training, but until they aim at another human being and have to take the shot. None of them will know for sure what he/she will do. The jump from a paper target to a living human being with families and plans for the future is so long that many people just can't do it. Back to the original question, if I had to pick someone who could complete a mission that would probably require the demise of an enemy, I'd choose the one who has already done it. I hate sending a backup team in to complete the mission and try to find what's left of the original operative.
  15. Bkreutz

    STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    I must have good Karma or something. When I got my STI a couple of years ago, it would jam sometime on every mag. I sold the STI mags that came with the gun because they were the old style with the inserts that I kept forgetting to put them into the mags when cleaning. I bought all MBX, but was still having the problem. Took it to my local gunsmith who is known for correcting stovepiping. He worked on it for a while and told me that If I wanted consistent ejection patterns I would have to use identical headstamped brass (screw that, I went to 9 major so I could stop being a brass chicken after each stage. My gun came with the original horizontal mount c-more so I changed the mount to a 90 degree one (the old mount was peppered with dents from the brass hitting it. I've run probably close to 90K rounds through that gun with ( no, nada, nic, zero) failure to eject problems. I did have one failure to feed issue last week. Looked like your picture. I'm thinking it somehow got past the crimp station. Other than that, I clean my gun every couple of matches, clean my mags every time I drop them into the dirt. (or every month if they don't need it) My lube is Mobil 1, 0W20 (same stuff that goes in both our cars) Wish I could give you a magic bullet that would cure your malfunctions, I really hate watching people screw with guns over and over for the same problem. Good luck in your quest, I mean that sincerely, not being a smart ass.