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  1. Bkreutz

    1911/2011 pre travel setting

    I find proper pre travel is critical, too much and I end up not getting to reset at times (and too little ends up with the hammer not catching the sear ?), I kind of ignored it for a long time but now I set it at around 0.010" and it's goldilocks for me (just right). It's all about your comfort zone. ?
  2. I'm wondering if the 3 newbies being talked about are the same person? They all joined at appx the same time (5-6 hours ago at present) and have posted 10 times right after each other in the same topic area. I find that curious.
  3. Bkreutz

    2011 turned into a single shot

    Thanks, I've been thinking about getting one of those, you just gave me a good reason to keep the old system. I can continue to carry a paper clip in my tool kit. ?
  4. Bkreutz

    Locator Pins storage

    HAHAHAHA, I've had to dig a few out of there. Luckily I have a mini shop vac that's dedicated to my handloading setup.
  5. Bkreutz

    Help with 9mm major

    I don't know of anyone shooting 9Major who is using that heavy of a bullet. Typical is either a 115 or a 124, I use a 124 with 7.2 gr of Autocomp at 1.165, gives me ~ 1380fps for a 171 PF, no signs of overpressure in my gun (STI Trubor). The 115 guys load theirs to almost 1500 fps (and there are a lot of them). If it was legal (USPSA has a minimum bullet weight for Major), I'm sure some would try an even lighter bullet to get more gas (which is the secret of getting a comp to work correctly)
  6. Bkreutz

    DVC 38SC tumbling

    It is possible to find plated bullets that don't "keyhole", but you have to do your research. I found that RMR "supermatch" and Rainier 38 super TCP work well most of the time. Ended up settling on Montana Gold 124 FMJ for consistency, to me the minimal saving wasn't worth the risk.
  7. Bkreutz

    Marking your own brass

    Haven't got a clue, never asked ? (Maybe I'll do that tomorrow)
  8. Bkreutz

    Quarterly Forum Hosting Donations

    I did the reverse this month (look up 3 posts), must be karma working. ?
  9. Bkreutz

    Why no love for WAC?

    I love WAC, it's all I use for 9 major.
  10. Bkreutz

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    I don't worry about it, every 2011 shooter I know of lets the slide drop on an empty chamber at the end of every stage when the RO instructs him to "unload and show clear", then "if clear, hammer down and holster", I've never seen anyone NOT let the slide slam forward. That's an awful lot of slides slamming on an empty chamber. You're overthinking it.
  11. Bkreutz


    Same here on military movies, I only spent 10 in the Army, but I sometimes stare in disbelief at what I'm seeing. Now air brakes, I've been a mechanic since my time in the Army and that mistake about how air brakes don't work drive me nuts.
  12. Bkreutz

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    Ask first, a lot of matches here are "lost brass" matches. Typically all level II or III matches (USPSA) are lost brass because that's the compensation for the match staff. I know of a couple of clubs that have a posted "Lost Brass" policy that states if you pick brass without permission, you will be disqualified and escorted from the range. Best to ask first.
  13. Bkreutz

    Double Alpha X mag pouch issues?

    Could you take a pic of the ball bearing, I'm having trouble visualizing where they would put it. I think I had a problem with mine because they weren't tight enough, I blame the cheezee allen wrenches they send with the holster. I replaced them with Snap On allen sockets from my old work toolbox (i'm a retired mechanic) and a 4" extension and a 1/4" ratchet, I can get some torque on them now, haven't had a problem since the last tighten (knock on wood ?)
  14. The bullet feeder is lower than the case feeder, with a 1050 you should still have an empty position for a bullet feeder. You could also mount the bullet feeder on the wall behind the press. It's pretty adaptable. I didn't think the bullet feeder was such a big deal, until I got one. Now I can't imagine loading without it.
  15. You can tell the MBF funnel because it has a "step" in the middle of the funnel, the stock funnel just has a gradual flare with no visible "step". The step can be felt with a fingernail if your close vision is getting as bad as mine has become.