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  1. Bkreutz

    Apex Trigger Kit

    External trigger modifications are allowed in carry optics (new rule just enacted this year) You can find the latest rules at USPSA.org
  2. Bkreutz

    Double Alpha X mag pouch issues?

    I thought about putting the stud in that location but didn't like the shortness of the engagement area on the upper part, so I went around the corner on that slot so I could get full engagement of both slots. Maybe that has something to do with it. I'd suggest sending it back to DAA and see what they say. I'm thinking they'll replace it at the least.
  3. Good for you, I've had the organ donor endorsement on my license since the mid '80's, kinda wonder if my old organs would be of any use anymore, but I guess old ones are better than ones that don't work. Wonders of modern medicine, I'm a cancer survivor and just had a quad bypass this last March.
  4. Bkreutz

    New guy from Washington State

    I used a stock spring in a core with or without the optic, didn't notice any difference. I was using handloaded ammo at about 135 PF. I don't think a micro optic has enough weight to make any difference. Do you clean the inside of your mags? They get pretty grimy in normal use. Just my opinion tho. Good luck.
  5. Bkreutz

    New guy from Washington State

    Welcome, What are you looking to do with modifying your recoil spring? I shot a 9 Major M&P with a compensator and used a 15# spring, for everything else, the stock 17# worked just as well as any other spring I tried. I'm gonna guess you're at Ft Lewis judging by your signature line.
  6. Bkreutz

    M&P CORE

    I've had a Core since they came out in 2013 (I think, maybe 2014) I've had a Deltapoint on it the whole time, I don't even see the sights anymore (and the dot has never quit working, so having co-witnessed sights is overrated in my opinion)
  7. Make sure you have the press set for pistol cases. Reread your setup manual, it's possible to use the rifle setup and that's what would happen. I'd look it up for you but my manuals at home and I'm at a match hotel room running off memory. Good luck
  8. Looks to me that the grip safety was improperly made. That's not a part that the builder would normally blend into the grip. I would think that any attempt to blend it into fitting the grip would result in a goofy looking safety.
  9. Bkreutz

    M&P Magwell

    I have both the ESP and Limited magwells (both SSS) they are about 3-4 years old. They both work with TT 140's without any material removal. I'm actually going to be putting them in the classifieds when I get around to it, probably this week sometime. My wife is using an M&P in Carry Optics so no magwells allowed.
  10. Bkreutz

    Rules Question

    Grease rings are a misnomer, there is no "grease" involved, the ring that's left is carbon from the powder burning getting on the bullet, I can't think of a case where a bullet would not leave a "grease ring" (unless you are shooting sabot rounds)
  11. Bkreutz

    Hello from the other side of the ocean !

    Not a clue who Nolan is. Had to look it up. So the area of Dunkirk, never got there, been to LeMans many times (I used to work for Porsche in the '70s)
  12. Bkreutz

    Dillon 650 cover

    My wife modified a stock cover. No, she's not interested in going into business.
  13. Bkreutz

    Hello from the other side of the ocean !

    Welcome, what part of France are you from?
  14. If it's a disappearing target, then a mike is no penalty. If the WSB doesn't say that the target is disappearing, you need to find out where it is visible during your walk through. There is no need to ask if a disappearing target is a NPM. If it's a NPM, then it's a disappearing target. 12x12 is not a small shooting area, since the minimum requirement for a visible target is the upper A zone.
  15. Bkreutz

    Compensator Identity