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  1. Wouldn't be grounds for a DQ even if they were live rounds. Sounds like a couple of RO's need to brush up on the rules.
  2. Why would inert rounds be a DQ? Unless they were handling them at a safe table.
  3. I've got over 100K rounds on an original Deltapoint, I don't think the new Pro's are as reliable from what I've heard. I just keep putting batteries in the old one.
  4. To add to your cleaning procedure, a .177 bore brush fits the small primer tube perfectly. When I suspect a problem, I clean it with the brush and then push patches through until they are clean. I haven't added any wax or lubricant (don't want to attract dirt)
  5. You need the rotational motion to wet clean, the vibratory cleaners work because the media is abrasive and cleans while vibrating. Using a vibratory cleaner probably wouldn't be any better than just soaking the brass in a bucket with the solution. I quit using pins over a year ago and find that my brass get clean enough in my cement mixer. This way I don't have to separate the pins, just rinse.
  6. How often do you clean your mags, I mean really clean them, not just running a brush through them. I find that when I neglect to clean them on a regular basis, I will start to get jams. If I clean them regularly, I'm at 100%. I clean them by spraying a paper towel with silicone spray and then pushing that through the mag body until it comes out clean. I've started to do this before every match and have not had a jam since then. I used to go a couple of practice sessions and then shoot a match. The jams usually happened on the last stage, even though I was cleaning the mags out with a brush between stages. I'm figuring the carbon buildup was dragging on the follower/spring/rounds, or a combination of the three. Good luck with your diagnosis. Edit: I use MBX mags, couldn't get the STI ones to work reliably. BTW, I'm in the middle of packing up the house to sell and will soon be a neighbor, gonna get out of this crazy state.
  7. Cost should be the last factor in picking bullets for open guns. You've already invested a bunch of cash in the gun, why cheap out on the bullets. I've had some success with plated bullets (the ones that are described as double or thick plated), but if I use the standard plated bullets at 1400 fps, they are all over the place, including oblong holes indicating that they are tumbling. Rocky mountain has FMJ bullets that are as cheap as every one elses plated bullets. I use them pretty much all the time, I can't tell the difference between them and Montana Gold (except the price).
  8. Pretty much. Didn't hurt to ask if they would cover them, and they did. House of Hearing did all the paperwork. Won't know if you don't ask.
  9. I still prefer the railway Cmore over the micro dots, seem to be clearer for me. I asked a friend why he switched from a Cmore to a Vortex, his answer "They sponsor me!" Enough said. I don't think there is a big difference, both work well with the proper practice time invested.
  10. It's more important that it be installed correctly than what brand it is. A stock trigger, properly fitted is infinitely better than the most expensive trigger just slapped into the grip.
  11. Never got a prescription from my Dr. Not sure how they got it covered, but they did.
  12. I gave them my medical insurance info, the submitted a bill to the company and they paid the bill. Nothing mysterious, they also do hearing aids so maybe they know how to fill out the forms correctly (or maybe they're one of the few that try) I didn't think it had a snowballs chance in hell, but I also figured the worst that could happen is that the would deny coverage. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  13. Soundgear, they're so good I forget they're in. I got mine from House of Hearing [houseofhearing@mac.com], They are in Utah, ran into them at the 2016 Area 1 match. They billed my medical insurance company (who picked up 100% for both my wife and myself). I could never go back to muffs.
  14. That's what I use mine for. The biggest "do"'s are 1. Use a metal formula solution concentrate, works much better than any homemade recipe (IMO) 2. Make sure you dry it as soon as it comes out of the tank and oil the surface, especially if it's blued. 3. I don't put assemblies into the tank for cleaning, too hard to get it dry and oiled (see item 2) 4. I don't put plastic items in it, even though there is a temp control on most of them, the sonic activity will heat up the solution very hot. 5. You still need to physically clean carbon and dirt from the parts, the ultrasound doesn't do it all. (I actually scrub the parts before putting them in, then the ultrasound washes it away) Good luck.
  15. There's one thing that I haven't seen mentioned here (or maybe I'm blind, that's possible too ) I've had the ejector wire (the one that guides the finished round into the bin) work it's way up and that will prevent the case from getting completely inserted into station 1, I use a flat blade screwdriver to push the back end of this wire all the way down into the hole.
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